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BttB Secret Santa 2007

Guest sevenpuddings

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Here it is, as promised. The 'presents' thread for everything to be posted in!

Just remember, you do not need to post your presents straight away. You have until Christmas, and even then until New Year to have your presents ready!

Also, if you'd like to post some of your presents now, and some later, I don't think anyone would object to that!

If, however, you would like to keep your anonymity around until you've finished the second half of your presents - feel free to PM me & I would be happy to post them up for you until you're ready to reveal yourself!!

Enjoy everyone, & I hope everyone had a jolly Christmas!!

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Okay, I had Jen and I hope they're okay! :D I went a *little* bit crazy, so they probably won't fit in the one Post, so I'll post them in a few seperate Posts, if that's okay?

(I also had hege1986, but her presents aren't quite so ready yet)





^^ Wallpaper





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... And even more for jen!


That is all

Hope you like them xx

I hope we can comment here aswell!

These are really great!! especially the ones i quoted!


198.png << Love that Av, so Christmassy! LOVE the hat! :P

Thanks! :D I'm tempted to use it :P but i love the JM one too much! :P

Glad you like Tess! :D

and nice icons btw!

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