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Opposites - I Still Believe

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Story Title: Opposites

Story description: Jack, Martha, Sam and others.

Type of story: Undecided.

Main Characters: Jack, Martha and Sam

BTTB rating: A

Does story include spoilers: YES!!!!!

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: Iany occur will warn at beginning of the chapter

Summary: Jack finds out Martha really was there to meet him the day of the wedding rehersal and that she showed up at the wedding.

Jacks fist went flying through the air before finally colliding with Tony’s mouth making a cringe worthy crunching sound.

“How dare you interfere like that” Jack yelled at his father who was now on the ground.

“I was only trying to protect you” Tony tried to explain himself.

“Dad, you basically told Martha that she couldn’t make me happy, I have to get out of here I’m too angry” Jack said as he exited the Hunter/Holden house in a fury.

Jack sat down on the rocks staring out to the ocean when he heard a presence behind him.

Jack waited for the person to sit down next to him before turning his head.

“How’s your lip?” Jack asked his father numbly,

“Oh I’ll live” Tony said

“It’s just when I heard that she was meant to be here that day, I, I just can’t help but wonder what would have happened” Jack said looking down to the sand.

“Jack you have to get over this” Tony told his son “Your married” Tony said,

“Yeah ‘bout that” Jack said “Turns out Reverend Hall wasn’t a legit Priest hence why we’re not legally married” Jack said, placing his head in his hands and letting out an exasperated groan.

“How could you possibly think Sam could make me happier than Martha?” Jack asked, his head lifting from his hands.

“Jack you have a clear future with Sam” Tony started but was cut of by Jack,

“If you could only understand how Martha makes me feel” Jack said “If only you could understand the way she makes me feel by just the thought of her, she can make all my rational thoughts fly out the window, I still remember the way I felt when I pulled up to the rocket club that day”… “I knew she was in there and I knew that if I went in there I would be risking my own life, but If I didn’t try to save her and something happened I wouldn’t of wanted to live anyway because… I can’t live without her” Jack said standing up and walking away from his father.

Jack stood by the water, the waves lapped around his feet; he closed his eyes as he let his thoughts engulf him.

He felt another body come into his presence; he opened his eyes and was surprised when he found the person standing there was ‘Martha’,

“Hey” Martha said softly

“Hey” Jack said not moving

“What’s up?” she asked him with caution,

“I had a fight with Dad” Jack said bluntly,

“Really? What about?” Martha asked concerned,

“He told me” Jack said which caused a puzzled look to form on Martha’s face,

“He told me about that day, the day of the wedding rehearsal, how he came to talk to you before I showed up”,

Martha let her head bow as he spoke those words

“He was right though, I couldn’t have made you happy” Martha said sadly, letting a tear fall down her delicate cheek.

“What would have happened if….”

“Jack” Martha groaned trying to prevent the ‘what ifs…’

“Martha?” Jack asked “What would have happened?” Jack asked, looking at her longingly.

“I” Martha started, biting her lip.

“I was going to tell you that I’m still in love with you and that in answer to your question, yes” she stopped “There was a chance for us” Martha said keeping a firm hold on her lip with her teeth to stop the sob that threatened to spill from her eyes.

Jack looked at her; he looked at everything he had given up…

“I came to the wedding” Martha said softly

“What, why?” Jack asked,

“I wanted to tell you how I really felt, that I made a mistake, that I wanted you back” she finished, tears now spilling from her eyes and trickling down her delicate cheeks.

“But then when I got there you looked so happy, just like your dad said, she can make you happier than I ever could”,

Martha tried to turn and walk away but Jack stopped her,

“No” he said “I wasn’t happy” Jack said adamantly “I will never be happy until your back right where you belong, with me” Jack said as he leaned into her lips but Martha pulled away,

“No” Martha said “Sam, Jack you have a wife” Martha said,

“No I don’t” Jack said “Me and Sam aren’t legally married” Jack let her know.

“What?” Martha started her questions but Jack placed his finger to her lips. Slowly removing his finger, she was left silent as he leant down and pressed his lips against her own.

Her knees felt week as she succumbed to his mercy, all of a sudden it started to rain, they pulled away from each other looking at each other through the rain they leant in once more letting passion overtake them…

The pair burst through the door of the diner flat, completely drenched.

Martha jumped up, curling her legs around his waist, he pinned her up against the wall kissing her like he had never kissed anybody before.

He turned around and carried them both away to the bedroom.

He stopped when he reached the bed and gently lowered her down before lying down on top of her, being careful not to squash her he leant down and began kissing her again.

He slowly pulled away as the pair looked into each others eyes while they tried to steady there erratic breathing.

Jack smiled down at the woman lying beneath him.

Martha smiled back at him, lifting herself slightly from the mattress she slid her shirt from her dress from her body, she left herself completely exposed and at Jacks mercy.

Jack breathed in deeply before leaning in and claiming her lips.

He pulled away and roughly tore his shirt from his body, doing the same with his jeans within moments they were laying there completely exposed.

He cupped her face with his hands and leant down, there lips were millimetres apart when Martha stopped him,

“Jack” she murmured,

“Yeah?” he said looking into her eyes,

“If we’re going to do this, you have to take that off” Martha said gesturing to the ring placed neatly over his ring finger.

Jack tore his eyes away from her and placed them on his finger,

“Oh” Jack said before tearing the ring from his finger and roughly throwing it over his finger.

“Now, where were we?” Jack asked her before leaning down and proclaiming her as his.

“Mmm” Martha moaned as the morning rays hit her, she roughly turned herself over, unexpectedly landing on another body.

“Mmm” Jack groaned as his eyes opened to find Martha looking up at him.

“Hey” he smiled down at her as the previous night’s event flooded his mind making him smile.

“Hey” Martha said softly,

‘Last night was amazing” Jack said as he stroked her head,

“Yeah” Martha said deep in thought,

“You ok?” Jack asked concerned,

“Yeah” Martha said,

“No you’re not, tell me what’s going on” Jack said,

“I just don’t see how any of this is possible” Martha said, tears brimming in her eyes threatening to spill down her cheeks,

“You’re with Sam whether you’re married legally or not, are you seriously going to leave her?” Martha asked getting more visibly upset by the minute,

“Yes” Jack said seriously looking her straight in the eye,

“Yeah” Martha huffed “That’s what Ash said” she murmured softly looking down at her hands to prevent Jack from seeing her tears.

“Martha, listen to me” he said lifting her head by placing his fingers in her chin, he looked directly in her eyes and spoke,

“I have waited to long for this, I’ve waisted to many wished on us to let it go again and to tell you the truth I don’t think I have a choice, no matter what, Martha I am never going to stop loving you with all my heart. No one will ever make me feel this way and I do love Sam and Rory but when I put it into comparison with my love for you it’s nothing” Jack spoke through utter sincerity and it made Martha’s heart melt.

“I love you too” Martha smiled; leaning in she captured his lips. Jack responded quickly holding her around the waist he lowered the pair down onto the bed.

Martha held onto Jacks neck and smiled up at him.

“I can’t believe it, finally” she said smiling,

“Finally” Jack repeated her words as he lowered himself down and captured her lips once more…

Jack made his way up to the door of his house; he looked down and slid the ring back onto his finger before inhaling deeply and pushing the door open.

“Where the hell have you been all night?” Sam screeched at him as he entered the house,

“Out” Jack shot back as he flopped himself onto the couch and flicked on the TV.

“Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” Sam asked him,

“Sam” Jack started but was cut off,

“No Jack, I don’t understand what I’ve done” Sam sat down next to him and pleaded him with her eyes to let her in.

“It’s nothing” Jack lied through his teeth “I’ve just been really stressed lately” Jack said,

“Oh I know, the whole thing with the wedding not being legal was a big shock” Sam said,

“Yeah” Jack said knowingly,

“Which is why I think we should get it officialized,

“What?” jack asked her all of a sudden becoming interested in this conversation.

“Yeah, it’s what we both want right” Sam said “To move on with our lives ‘Together’”

Her last word rung in Jacks head as he pondered how to tell her.

“Jack, is something wrong?” Sam questioned him,

“Yeah, I ah gotta go” Jack stuttered making his way from the house,

“But you just got home” Sam said shooting up from her place on the couch.

“I know, bye” Jack said making his exit.

Sam sighed as she flopped down on the couch. ‘She was losing him’

Hayden Panettiere

I Still Believe

Somehow i know i will find a way to a brighter day in the sun

somewhere i know that he waits for me

someday soon he'll see I'm the one

I wont give up on this feeling

and nothing could keep me away

Cause i still believe in Destiny

That you and I were meant to be.

I still wish on the stars as they fall from above

Cause i still believe, believe in love

I know whats real can not be denied

All though it may hide for a awhile..

With just one touch love can calm your fears

Turning all your tears into smiles

It's such a wondrous feeling

I know that my heart can't be wrong

Cause i still believe in destiny

That you and I were meant to be

I still wish on the stars as they fall from above..

Cause i still believe.. believe in love

Love can make miracles change everything

lift you from the darkness and make your heart sing

Love is a river when you fall it's the greatest power of all

Oh, i still believe in destiny

That you and i were meant to be

I still wish on the stars as they fall from above...

Cause i still believe.. believe in love

Yes i still believe.. Believe in love

I still believe in love

I still believe...believe in love

I still believe...believe in love

NOTE: Now that it is school holidays I have much more spare time on my hands so I have decided to start this fic. I will be continuing 'THE BEST MISTAKE' aswell as this. Thankyou and I hope you enjoy 'I still believe'


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Hay heres chapter 2.....

I hope you enjoy....


“Hey” Jack said coming up behind Martha as she stood at the shore.

“Hey” Martha said turning around with a large grin on her face,

“So how’d it go at home?” Martha asked cautiously,

Jack looked uneasy and loosened his grip around her waist.

Martha looked at him through hurt eyes.

“You didn’t tell her did you?” Martha asked him sadly,

“Martha” Jack said attempting to explain,

“Jack” Martha groaned “You said you would” she continued,

“I know and I will” Jack told her “When the time is right”

“It’s just like history repeating itself” Martha said softly,

“Hey, no” Jack said taking her hands in his as she looked up “I am going to leave Sam, when the time is right” he finished.

“Jack” Martha said shaking her head trying to remain strong.

“Please just give me a couple of days” Jack pleaded with her,

Martha looked at him before letting out a loud sigh,

“Fine” she said “Ok”

“Thankyou, now” Jack said tightening his grip around her waist,

“Kiss me” he ordered as he leant down and captured her lips.

Later that day,

“I’ll see you tonight” Jack told Sam as he reached for the door handle and turned it,

“Ok seeya” Sam called out from the bathroom,

“Bye” Jack called as he made a quick exit from the house.

Jack sat at his desk in a day dream, he was thinking about last night,

“Hey, wipe that stupid grin off your face and do these reports” Lara said dumping a pile of folders on his desk,

“Oh you’re joking” Jack exclaimed looking at her,

“Afraid not” Laura smiled at him “McGrath wants them on his desk by five thirty” Lara said sitting down at he own desk to do her own pile…

“Ahh, finished” Jack let out a sigh of relief as he dropped the last file on the pile.

“Lucky you” Lara said as she continued to work hard on the reports,

“How are you two going on those reports?” McGrath asked stepping out of his office,

“All done boss” Jack said rather pleased with himself,

“Oh well you can go then” McGrath said,

“But my shift doesn’t’ finish till five thirty” jack reminded him “It’s only four”,

“Just count yourself lucky” McGrath said,

“Thanks boss” Jack said grabbing his stuff and quickly exiting the station

“Does he seem overly happy today to you?” Lara asked McGrath,

“Mmm” McGrath murmured as he turned to return to his office.


“Coming” Martha yelled as she placed her magazine down next to her on the couch, stood up and made her way to the door.

She opened the door to find Jack standing on the other side,

“Hey, what are you doing here” Martha asked him,

“Oh I got off work early, had a couple of hours to kill” Jack said casually,

“Oh” Martha said “Well I have a couple of ideas how we could kill the time” she said smiling suggestively at him.

“Oh really?” Jack asked,

“Get in here” Martha said grabbing him by his shirt and planting a passion filled kiss on his lips.

Jack put one arm around him waist bringing her closer to him using the other hand to slam the door closed.

“Hey Lara” Sam said as she walked into the station at five o’clock that afternoon.

“Hey Sam” Lara said, she had never really warmed to Sam for some reason.

“What can I do for you?” she asked,

“Oh I thought Jack worked until five thirty today” Sam said slightly confused,

“Yeah he was supposed to but he whizzed through those reports so fast that the boss let him off early” Lara told her.

“Oh” Sam said as she got lost in thought,

“How long ago did her leave?” Sam asked,

“Um, about a hour ago” Lara confirmed,

“Really” Sam said “Where could he be he was acting really weird this morning, he didn’t come home last nigh…” Sam stopped mid sentence,

“Oh my god” Sam said “Martha” she said through anger,

“What?” Lara asked confused by her outburst,

“I have to go” Sam said storming from the station,

“Damn that girl’s insecure” Lara muttered under her breathe as she got back to work.


“Martha” Sam yelled through the door.

“Oh my God” Martha said as she shot her head up from her its comfy position on Jacks chest,

“You have to hide, she knows you’re here” Martha said through panic as she pushed a naked Jack out of bed to hurriedly get dressed.

Martha quickly pulled on a pair of jeans and a top, quickly straightened her hair out and made her way out of the room.

Jack made a quick escape out the back door just as Martha opened the door to Sam.

“Sam, what can I do for you?” Martha asked,

“Is Jack here?” Sam asked getting straight to the point,

“What?” Martha asked trying to act oblivious,

“You heard me” Sam said pushing past her and started looking through the apartment.

“Jack didn’t come home last night, was Jack here last night?” Sam asked Martha turning around.

“Um no I haven’t seen him for a couple of days now” Martha said hoping to God she was being convincing.

Sam walked into Martha’s bedroom before walking out again looking embarrassed,

“Well this is embarrassing” Sam said looking at the ground,

“I’m sorry, I should have never suspected that you’d be having going on behind my back”,

“It’s fine, don’t apologise, please” Martha said as she tried to settle her heart from pumping out of her chest.

“Sorry” Sam said making a quick exit from the apartment through the same door Jack had left through just minutes earlier.

“Wow” Martha muttered under her breath as she fell to the couch….

Sam was walking down the beach embarrassed by her latest outburst when she spotted Jack in the distance,

“Jack” Sam yelled as she ran up behind him,

Jack cringed hoping she didn’t know the truth as she turned around to face her.

“Hey” he said,

“Hey, um don’t be mad ok” she said uneasily,

“Ok” Jack said,

“I kinda bombarded Martha’s apartment, I thought you two were together” Sam said,

Jack thought fro a moment wondering how he should react to this.

“Why would you think that?” Jack asked her mentally cursing himself for not just fronting up then and there.

“Well you didn’t come home last night and you’ve been really distant and you left the station early and you didn’t come home so…”,

“So you automatically presume I’m having an affair” Jack asked her wondering why he was getting angry at her for only presuming the truth.

“I’m sorry” Sam said,

“It’s fine” Jack said not really wanting to continue with this conversation.

“No it’s not, I trust you Jack, 110% and I know you’d never do anything to hurt me and that we’re going to be so happy” she said leaning up to kiss him on the lips.

Little did Jack know around one hundred metres up the beach stood a heartbroken Martha with tears streaming down her face…..

Ihope you liked it. More Soon.....


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awwww...my poor bubbles. I told you not to make Jacky hurt Martha :( Your mean :(

Fix it PINK, pleeeeeeeease *cries*

oh and the reason why Lara never warmed up to Sam was because she knew that Jack was in love with Martha and Martha was in love with Jack when Sam came back to town, and she knows that Sam is the obvious reason why Jack and Martha never got back together :P Just stating the obvious :P

Great chapter

More please :D

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awwww...my poor bubbles. I told you not to make Jacky hurt Martha :( Your mean :(

Fix it PINK, pleeeeeeeease *cries*

oh and the reason why Lara never warmed up to Sam was because she knew that Jack was in love with Martha and Martha was in love with Jack when Sam came back to town, and she knows that Sam is the obvious reason why Jack and Martha never got back together :P Just stating the obvious :P

Great chapter

More please :D

Tasha got why Lara never warmed to Sam exactly right...

Please update soon, I'm loving this fic. it's awesome...

Jack better leave Sam he can't be like Ash it's not fair.

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