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Who should Maddie...

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Who should Maddie date next?  

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Now that Ric and Maddie have broken up, it's time to assess who should Maddie start seeing next. With lots of rife speculation over her relational future, this poll is to try and answer this question once and for all.

The four contenders are:-

Roman: There was speculation that they could have something for each other.

Geoff: Since Maddie decided to repeat Year 12, there has been talk of a possible relationship, and a few days ago, someone posted a picture of them in the spoiler section looking not only very close but it looked like they were filming scenes together

Aden: Some people have been wanting them to hook up.

Scott: Aden's best mate, they looked chummy at the booze party this week. It's obviously the outside bet but who knows.

As we obviously want her to get back together with Ric, we will probably have to face facts that they won't reunite, like Jack & Martha. So this poll is just to see if Ric & Maddie never got back together.

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