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Summer Hill

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Title: Summer Hill!

Main Characters: OTH, and most H&A characters...

Type: Long fic

Genre: Drama...hopefully comedy, but I'm not brilliant at writing that.

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Perhaps spoilers.

Summary: Like every high-school, Summer Hill is divided into cliques. It was a non-dramatic place....and the students 'lived in harmony' until one girl arrived....changing everything.

I haven't been on in awhile, but I also have started writing a new fic, due to my obsession with One Tree Hill.

This includes OTH characters, but you'll catch on quickly even if you don't watch it. You don't have to know the storylines.

This will have most characters.

The basic beginning is Martha Mackenzie arrives in the 'Summer Hill', expecting to be Ms. Popular. It is a simple, boring town, after all. But this leads to fights with Peyton and Haley, a love-hate relationship with Brooke, her old friends turning against her, her mother showing up in the Bay, endless fights with her Grandfather, and when she finally becomes Miss Popular....she is then named the School slut within a week.

Other storylines include:

Jesse's secret

Rachel's shock surprise

Annie struggling at school

Lots of other surprises....

And clique wars!!!

I am REALLY hoping people enjoy this!!

Your reviews/thought & constructive criticism are very welcome!

First chapter has been written and will be up soon....:)

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FIrst chapter. The beginning is a bit slow so bear with me, but it will heat up by the next few chapters, promise!

Chapter 1 : A new beginning

So I’m alone again

Trying to find a ticket to the next train, to the next train

I'm on my own again, waiting in line

For a new, new beginning

New beginning

I know that we are better off

Still I feel that I've lost

When I look into your eyes

There’s nothing quite as sad as goodbye

∂αгℓin D: Hey Paige!!

рαigе вαве: Hi, DeAnna. Do u mind if I add Lucia??

∂αгℓin D: Please don’t!! She’s SO annoying me right now!!

рαigе вαве: Too late!!

{ Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα has been added to this conversation}

Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα: Hey, Paige!! Hi De.

∂αгℓin D: Hi.

Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα: Add Mac. She makes everything more interesting!!

рαigе вαве: Okay. But are you saying I’m not interesting!? :o:P

{ мαс_ѕtαя has been added to this conversation}

Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα: Mac!!! IMYSM!!!

мαс_ѕtαя: Hey guys!!! I miss you SO much already!! Summer Hill is so boring! And I’ve only been here ONE day!!!

∂αгℓin D: Oh, wow, poor you, Mac. I feel SOOO sorry for you. Geez.

мαс_ѕtαя: What the hell is YOUR problem??

∂αгℓin D: Whatever. Forget it.

{∂αгℓin D has left the conversation}

{Different Conversation}

Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα: DeAnna!! What was that all about!?

∂αгℓin D: Mac’s such a b*****! I’m so glad she’s gone!!

Ѕω℮℮t__ℓυcıα: But WHY!?

∂αгℓin D: Okay, okay. You won’t believe it when you hear this!

The wind blew loudly around them, but they paid no notice. Tonight, it was just them – together. He breathed slowly. Was this really happening? She was young, but yet she had such maturity!! The way she walked, talked, acted – just the was she was, brought light scatters of butterflies across his stomach.

Her lips edged towards his, but he wasn’t ready. While they were alone in the dark, he felt like millions of pairs of eyes were watching. He gripped her shoulders and gave her a gentle push a way. He breathed out, sighing.

“Oh, Mac....”

“What!?” She demanded. While she was mature, like most teenagers like her, she hated being blown off.

“We can’t...I...I....We’re.....” He stumbled around in his head for words. How could he tell her that he had lied?? Sure, he looked young enough, but he had sure had a lot more experience then she had. She would certainly find out tomorrow that he had lied when she couldn’t find him in school. He also held the fear that she would ask her Grandfather about him – and Alf Stewart certainly knew about him – he would laugh about the ‘high school student’ line!!

Mac rolled her eyes. “Fine... but you’ll still have to deal with me tomorrow. You can’t run from me forever!” She whispered in his ear flirtatiously.

‘Oh, that’s it!’ he told himself, and was about to tell her the whole truth. Though he knew she’d run off crying, he also knew that she’d have another boy by tomorrow. But, before the words left his mouth, she was skipping off gleefully into the moonlight.

“Where the bloody hell have you been!?” Alf Stewart demanded as soon as his wild granddaughter slammed the door and skipped in. She looked so happy, and although he didn’t want to fight with her or ruin her happiness in her first week, it was 2 am!!!

“Out.” She answered monotonously. She rolled her eyes. “This is the twenty first century, Granddad!”

His red faced expression made him look even older and he looked aged with worry. He sighed. He was angry and wanted to yell at her about tradition, safety, etc, etc, but his eyes softened and simply he said ‘Go on, off to bed now!’ and let her skip away.

She smiled to herself. She had the old man wrapped right around her finger – he was already playing the game.

She shut the door silently and was about to burst into hysterical, irrelevant laughter when she was interrupted by a loud phone ring. She panicked at her first instinct – her new man wasn’t stupid enough to call her home...was he!? He was the only one that Martha could think of that would call the house at 2 in the morning.

She opened her door a crack. “Hello!?” Alf sounded angry as he grabbed the phone, pressing it to his ear hard. He thought it was some prank caller, she was sure. Or a foreign caller attempting to make a sale to her Grandfather! Hah! Not likely. The sellers usually got an earful, about the timing of their calls, how annoying they were, etc. Martha had a lot more fun when she played tricks on them, her favourite line being ‘Sorry, I don’t speak English.’

“Ohh...hi Sal.” Sal!? Oh, Sally. Sally Fletcher, Martha remembered. Granddad had told her all about Sally. How special and wonderful she was, how close the two of them were, all the cliché’s. He also mentioned she had a foster daughter...Belle? No, that was some other girl. Uh....Brittany? No.....He had said, exactly, “Oh, quite the popular thing. An athletic boyfriend, lots of friends, and head cheer captain....”

Yeah, right!! Not for long, Mac thought. Martha would come through and show that girl exactly the meaning of popular.

“No, sorry...I haven’t seen her. No...sorry...”

Martha heard a ‘clunk’ as Alf pressed the phone back into the receiver. She heard his heavy footsteps in the hallway pacing towards her room. He knocked lightly. Before she said ‘come in’, he pushed the door open. This annoyed her. What was the point of knocking in the first place!?

“Ah, sorry to bother you love, but that was Sal on the phone. She was wondering if we’d seen Brooke ’round the place?” Oh, so Brooke was her name!

“I was just thinking, incase you’d seen her around while you were partying or something….” Alf continued.

“No. I haven’t met a Brooke.” Martha said. To ease Alf’s mind, she added “But I met heaps of other kids. I’m popular already!”

Jack Holden glanced into both his brother’s and father’s rooms before he slipper into his. “Phew!” He breathed. He was starting school once again tomorrow, and he had already received the ‘get a good nights sleep’ lecture about three times..

He couldn’t help it – he had to see her. Nobody knew he saw her, but the two of them. While he had an image to protect, he still felt as though he loved her. They met in private, hiding behind the buildings and run from tree to tree. They always met at night – and they acted like strangers at school.

He was in the ‘in’ crowd at their high-school. She was considered a loser. She hardly had any friends. She was a loner. The way the other students talked about her, he wanted to kill them. But he always kept his cool. He laughed along, and even made a few jokes himself.

It didn’t feel wrong. This was the way he liked it.

Kit heard their laughs from the back window – it was clear to her they’d had more than enough to drink. She had managed to keep herself sober that night, to stay healthy for the first stay of school. It’d been hard, though. All the guys ordering drinks, the smell of booze around her – it was hard to contain herself. She had gone to the party to get free, yet she felt more trapped than ever before.

The dancing lights flashed around her, and the bodies moved together, packed as one. She had needed to get out, she couldn’t breathe. But every where she turned there was another person pushing her back in, as though she would never get free.

Rachel, Leah, Dan, Sally, Flynn, Irene and Barry all sat around the table laughing. Their plates were empty except for small slides of food they were unable to finish. Leah’s meals were always the best, and with a little help from Irene, it was close to perfect.

“But seriously, that’s what happened!” Dan exclaimed as his friends shook their heads with laughter.

Sure it did Dan, sure!” Sally laughed.

“Anyway!! Who has New Years Resolutions this year?” Leah changed the subject quickly. She saw Rachel’s face fall and immediately regretted her words.

Rachel felt empty at the New Year. Everything had changed and she felt as though she had nothing to be happy for – to look forward to. She had one resolution – to be happy. But how could she explain that?

“I think mine should be to be a better husband....” Flynn said, putting his arm around Sally.

“Awww.....” Chorused the group.

“I really think I need to be cleaner. I mean, look at this place!” Leah laughed.

“I think I’ll put as many kids on detention as possible this year...” Dan said thoughtfully, and everyone laughed.

The whole table discussed their resolutions, but Rachel still stayed silent. By the time it was 11:00 (and Drew had been grounded for coming home at 10:59) she could finally trudge home to her empty, dark house.

She dropped her bag on the lounge and sat back. She felt her eyes burn and tears welled up. She blinked several times to make them go away.

‘Oh, what the hell. No one’s ever around to see me cry anyway’ She thought snappily and burst into sad tears. And she sobbed like that till morning.

Next time on Summer Hill....

The real story gets underway and the first day of school begins!

Thanks - Sarah

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CHAPTER 2 - Cheerleader

'Coz I'm a cheerleader

and you're not.

Welcome to my world I rule this school -

and I'm hot!'

“Ahh, I love a fresh new year! New, for once clean [/] uniforms, crisp new exercise books with no notes scrawled messily on the pages and they’re ready to be written in, and refreshed, ready children!” Sally said to Dan, breathing in the smell of a new year as they walked down the Summer Bay High hallway.

Students were pouring in, reluctant to begin their first day. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and a buzz of gossip flew around the school – who had hooked up, who hadn’t and who wanted to.

Sally, though excited about beginning the new school year, was still worried sick about her foster daughter, Brooke Davis. Although she was worried Brooke might be hurt or in danger, she was prepared to throttle her when she found her! She hadn’t even come home last night, which resulted in a sleepless night for Sally.

“I know that feeling!! Plus we’ve gotten rid of the old year 12’s, got some new, terrified year 7’s and some great punishment plans!” Dan joked. Sally smiled. She and Dan had always been good friends.

Barry Hyde walked past them briskly. “Mr. Baker, Miss Fletcher” he nodded to them both. He was so formal during school hours, though he practically transformed out of Summer Bay High.

A familiar brunette rushed past the teachers, waving to her friends Peyton Sawyer, Haley James and another one of Sally’s foster daughters, Cassie Turner. Cassie looked alarmed and relieved at the same time to see her, while the other two swept her up in warm hugs.

“Brooke Davis, stop right there!” Sally shouted, causing many students eyes to look at her. THe innocent Year 7’s all looked petrified – ‘Oh God, the Vice Principal is a nutter’ she could practically here them thinking. Brooke spun around, red from embarrassment. Several other students snickered.

Brooke Davis, Miss Popular, was just about to be told off – in front of the whole school!! And about half of those actually knew why – 99% of them being guys.

“Brooke….” Sally said through gritted teeth.

“Whatever, okay? Can we just do this later ?” Brooke snapped, and stalked off. The rest of the school lost interest in the fuming Sally Fletcher, and went back to their gossiping.

“Martha. Martha, love, wake up!” Alf nudged his granddaughter, urging her to open her eyes and get up. She groaned. Her late night and her few-too-many-drinks didn’t make her feel so hot that morning.

“Mmph! I’m tired! Go away!” She said sleepily.

“It’s time for school, love!” He said softly, disguising his anger and frustrating well.

“What?” Martha murmured drowsily. Her hangover caused a throbbing headache, a voice screaming in her head so much that she wanted to cover her ears and scream too. She felt confusion, but she didn’t want to be explained to, either.

“Your alarm didn’t go off. You’re late.” He said, louder this time. He poked her harder, pushing her onto her side so that she’d get up.

“Merde!” She cried, thinking he wouldn’t know what it meant. Alf looked at her disapprovingly. She rolled her eyes. He left the room to let her get dressed into her ugly Summer Bay High uniform. She dragged it on and ran out of the house without saying goodbye.

Martha trudged into school, knowing she was late for first period. She appeared at the door of what she found out was her first class. English. As she knocked, 27 faces turned around to stare at her. A few cute guys….a few girls she already knew were bitc*s, looking at her up and down, critically.

The teacher’s name was Mr. Baker. He seemed kind of corny, and his jokes were bad. One girl in the whole class laughed – her name was Miss. Hunter, according to Mr. Baker, but Martha realised her name was Matilda. ‘Teachers Pet’ Martha thought to herself, rolling her eyes. That or maybe she just has a terrible, terrible sense of humour.

“Now. I do remember giving some of you holiday homework?” He announced, and walked from desk to desk, skipping a few people’s, including Martha’s, holding out his hand to collect it.

“Mr. Hunter!! Your homework, please?”

“Sorry, sir, my maths teacher ate my English homework.” Robbie Hunter explained. The whole class groaned, except for Matilda and another blonde girl, who were giggling. ‘The try hard’ Martha decided. Thinking he was funny…but he wasn’t.

“What about you, Miss Davis?” He asked, holding out his hand.

“Didn’t do it.” She replied coolly. Martha knew, she just knew, that this was the ‘popular’ girl Granddad had talked about.

“Okay. Well, in that case, you can ‘didn’t do’ lunch today. See you then!” He said brightly as the bell rung.

Cassie led Martha down the hall, and out the front doors. In front of them was a courtyard with a bunch of guys and girls chatting and eating – and Martha knew this was where she belonged.

“Hey, everyone, this is Martha McKenzie, okay?” Cass announced

“You can call me Mac.” Martha added, sitting down, trying to be flirtatious at the same time – these ‘cool’ guys appeared to be very, very cute.

“That’s Haley.” Cassie pointed to a Blondie-brown haired girl. “Peyton” a blonde curly haired girl that looked like she had attitude “Brooke” The feisty brunette. “Nathan” Cute – brunette. “Jack” Oh. My. God. Martha’s heart skipped a beat – this one was by far the hottest. “Sam” A red-headed girl who looked as though she was flirting with Jack. “Belle” A rebel brunette, Martha could tell.

“Hi.” Martha said.

“Hey” A few replied.

“So, where’re you from?” Jack asked, trying not to sound too interested….but Martha could already tell he was.

“Just the country. Nice place, but I prefer the busy cities …parties, shopping…better guys, that’s for sure!” She explained. “But Summer Hill’s nice too.” She lied. “Oh my gosh! I love your bracelet!” She exclaimed to Brooke. It was a silver bracelet with different charms including a silver heart and a random guitar pick. It actually wasn’t Martha’s taste, but so what?

“You do? Oh, thanks! Jack bought it for me.” She replied, moving closer to him.

“Are you two….a couple?” Martha asked.

“Oh, yeah. From over the summer.” Brooke batted her eyelashes. Sam scowled. It was pretty clear that Sam had a bit of a crush, too. Martha smiled inside of herself – Brooke had no idea what was coming.

“Oh my god. Can you guys believe Robbie in English today!?” Brooke exclaimed. “What a loser!”

“What a try-hard!” Peyton added.

“And his sister !” Belle rolled her eyes. “She’s still trying to get me to join clean teen!! Doesn’t she get it that not everybody is perfect virgin like her!?”

Everybody laughed. “Yeah, you’re far from it, Taylor” Another boy…Drew….added, and put his arm round her.

So far Martha had discovered who was in the cool clique, but everything else was still coming together. And let’s see. Brooke and Jack were together (Though not for long, if all went to plan…) Belle and Drew seemed to be…everyone else was a bit hard to tell.

“Hey, Martha? Are you a cheerleader?” Brooke asked her, pulling her out of her deep thoughts.

“Oh, a bit. I dance a bit, too. So, yeah, I guess.”

“Oh, cool, us too.” She replied

“Yeah, everyone’s scared of us. Cheerleaders, oh god!” Peyton laughed. “We have try-outs soon. Come!”

“That’s how we adopted Haley. She used to be with the loser group, with Lucas and Kit and Gypsy and Kim, who, by the way, are total rejects….yeah, but then we discovered she could cheer!” Belle explained. Haley looked really uncomfortable, as did Nathan.

“Uh…guys. I have to go to the bathroom.” Haley murmured, running off from the group…

Some girls had no feelings whatsoever! Haley wanted to scream! Doesn’t anyone care that Lucas is her best friend?? She was dying to tell them what she thought of them. She was dying to tell them the truth about Lucas. About Nathan. About her.

Lucas belonged with them. He did. It was his feud with Nathan that ruined it all. He and Nathan were thick as thieves. They were all one inseparable group – Brooke, Lucas, Haley and Nathan. And then one day things changed. Lucas had been her best friend, Nathan had been her crush, and Brooke was her girl-friend. What was wrong with that?!

Haley never told anyone, but she had always secretly blamed Peyton for this. Peyton had liked Nathan. Nathan and Lucas liked her. Brooke liked Lucas. No one cared who Haley liked. Haley was sort of thrown out of it then, and just watched the group fight.

And then Lucas and Nathan found out the truth. It changed everything. And Haley went with Lucas, and they were excluded from the group. Peyton and Nathan decided to be a couple, which broke Haley’s heart. Brooke was a girlfriend to everyone. And Haley stood by her best friend.

But when she missed having real girls around unlike Gypsy and Kit, they discovered she could cheer and slowly pulled her away from Luc. So Lucas wasn’t talking to her. Nathan ignored her. And Brooke and Peyton were wrapped up in their social lives. Great.

When Haley got back from her 10-minute trip to the bathroom, which was actually a trip behind the school building where the smokers and alcies hung, where she screamed, (she could’ve stripped naked and no one there would’ve cared) the rest of the group were talking about a party at Nathan’s house that weekend. His Dad would be out and his Mum wanted a back-to-school-party.

“You’ve got to come, Mac! It’s on Saturday.” Brooke encouraged.

And then the bell rang.

Belle and Drew walked back hand in hand. Peyton and Nathan walked slowly in a close position. Jack and Brooke walked back together closely, too. Cassie, Sam and Martha linked arms and practically skipped back to class. Behind them, Haley trudged. Alone.

Rachel downed another glass of some form of alcohol. She couldn’t even remember what she’d ordered – who cared? It took part of the pain away, anyways.

“Hey. Mind if I sit?” A voice behind her said. Jesse was still feeling pretty down after last night, and company while drinking might help.

“Sure.” Rachel stopped herself from saying ‘the more the merrier’ because she usually just felt depressed in big crowds. He took a seat. She never realised, but he had nice eyes.

“So. What’s up?” He asked. He didn’t think this was a bad question, but she looked pretty surprised.

“Up? Nothings up. Why would anything be up? What could possibly be up? What makes you think something’s up?” She chattered. He laughed.

“Well, you are drinking at this time of day, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I suppose so. Just a bad day, I guess.” ‘A bad year, actually’ she thought bitterly.

He groaned. “Yeah, me too. I’m beginning to wonder whether the worlds just trying to bring me down. Josie, Mark, work…. my daughter being taken away from me from one of my best mates. What do I have to live for, you know?” Jesse was surprised at the words coming from his mouth.

He had thought a relationship would work. Martha was interested, and she took his mind off things. It just made things worse. It made him confused. She was 16 for God’s sake!!

Rachel’s mouth practically dropped open. This guy was like the male version of her! He felt exactly like her! “You know, I know you won’t believe me, but it’s like you took the words right from my mouth.” She replied.

And so they spent their whole afternoon, sitting, talking. Jesse smiled to himself, feeling better already, only ten minutes into the conversation. Thank God, he though, that there is finally someone I can talk to.

“Watch it, nerd!” A tall, ‘solid’ boy threw Annie out of his way and charged down the hall. She crashed against the wall in his efforts. ‘Ouch’ she muttered, rubbing her arm, but she was just one of the crowd to everyone else. No one stuck up for her.

Older kids kept pushing her out of their way, stepping on her and shoving her. She groaned. She was alone in the crowd, lost in the many groups among it. She finally found her second-last period room and ran in, away from the busy hallway. Other students were sitting on desks and chattering loudly, ignoring Annie’s presence.

She wished someone would run up to her, greet her, but they just continued with their social lives. A few people stared at her, though. Her hair was a mess, her dress was too big, her school shoes were dirty and she had big, dark circles under her pretty eyes. She took an empty seat and rested her head on the desk. Sigh.

She made an effort to pay attention all through Maths, but she couldn’t. She didn’t get this. And she knew soon the teacher would collect homework, bullying her and punishing her for not doing it. Oh, why did no one understand!?

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A familiar voice said ‘Annie Campbell?’ and immediately she remembered. Ever since she had come to Summer Hill High she had been made to go to school counselling with Mr. Baker, as the teachers seemed to think she needed ‘evaluation’.

“Gosh, what does she need, intense counselling or something!?” the girls behind her snickered. Ignored their comments, but her face flamed.

“Actually, Annie doesn’t really need counselling, though heaps of people do. And you can guess where you’ll end up, Pamela!” The boy next to Annie, Mitchell Ward snapped at their ringleader, Pamela Feria.

Annie’s face cooled down and she flashed a quick, shy smile at Mitchell and a devious one at Pamela before walking out, head high, with Mr. Baker.

You're reviews are wanted!! :D

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