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Home & Away star in pill sleepwalk

Guest Lilone

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FORMER Home and Away star Bryan Wiseman has been left embarrassed by a sleeping-pill related incident that resulted in the actor walking around London in his undies.

Wiseman was snapped by some amused Aussie tourists who wondered what he was doing walking the freezing streets of Convent Garden in the early hours of the morning.

The images reached Confidential's desk and we tracked down a red-faced Wiseman - who blamed his undies wander on a strong sleeping tablet.

"I had bad jet-lag so I took a Stilnox tablet - the next thing I know, I woke up in my hotel with dirty feet," he said.

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OMG! he's really FIT. Also, hilarious how he's reading a Julie Goodyear autobiography, hahahaha!

Yeah, he was seen quite a bit, dealing with pretty much every crisis from 1998-2002.....i think he was in it at the same time as Charlotte as well, they were colleagues.

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