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School or TAFE??

Guest ~Rosey~

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Okay, so next year I'm in Year 10 in school, which is the year of the SC.

Not my point.


I'm thinknig of dropping out of school at the end of next year [2008] and gonig to TAFE, instead of continuing on to do Year 11 and 12.

Anyone done this before?

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Yes i did. This year i was ment to be doing year 12, but left half way through and started doing Tafe. If you also dont complete year 11 you have to do a test kind of thing to get into it, but if you do year 11 you dont have to. Im doing my via correspondense so i get the work sent to me and i do it at home, thats good if you also want to get a job. :) I dont regret dropping out, but you have to make sure its want you want to do. :)

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TAFE is a technical college ... it provides training for certificates and diplomas ... it's sort of like a cross between uni and school.

My mum is a lecturer at TAFE, and she generally finds that younger people struggle - it's really easy to feel like you don't have to do the work and such, and you don't get the kind of support you would at school. My advice would be to think REALLY carefully about whether or not you have the kind of discipline to sort of manage your own study. I'm not saying you can't do it, but it's reall difficult ... it's like going to uni, and I know of people almost twice your age that have struggled with the responsibility. But if it's something you feel you can do, then I'd say go for it.

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