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Ben Steel Appreciation

Guest The Cure

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Had to start this, even though he is long gone, because my word this man is beautiful.

Watching the "early years" episodes, I am remembering just why I adored Jude Lawson so much...his eyes are absolutely stunning and there is something so gentle, so honest and just so attractive him. I aslo remember having real thing about his arms...

Does anyone else appreciate him? He was my absolute favourite character of all time.

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I didn't watch this show during this period - lets say I was taking a break! BUT, I do know who you mean and I certainly think he is one of the finest looking me EVER! I must watch some old episodes on download just to see if I can add anything else to this thread!

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Oh, seriously? What did he say? I am mighty jealous.

I didn't like Jude's realtionship with Charlotte at all. He never felt anything genuine for her, as he was always deeply in love with Shauna. His behaviour throughout the Charlottte relationship was very out of character-he showed little regard for her feelings, which was a very un-Jude thing to do, as he was always the most gentle, kind, empathetic character they have possibly ever had.

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hey i just found that letter :)

he wrote the show is awesome to do because they have a lot of fun on and off set

and how could you not enjoy your job when you get to hang out at the beach .

and he was scared if i would get the letter because he couldn't make out my adress (my handwriting sucks)

and he also attached a fact sheet :) and he signed the letter and i got a signed pic :)

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Hooray! Another fan of Jude :D I had that avatar for a while cos there wasn't another one of him, but I decided it looked a bit sinister and changed it :lol:

Yes, I did love Jude. I was always going on about him and my husband got totally fed up with it :lol: And as someone said above, I hated that Shauna woman :angry: I was so disappointed when he went off with her, but they did seem to be In Love. When Jude left I kind of transferred my affections to Noah, but It Was Not The Same :(

Whatever happened to Ben Steel anyway?

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