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Neighbours - 2 stars leaving!!!

Guest simmins

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Neighbours beauty Natalie Blair has extended her contract with the long-running soap.

The Gold Logie nominee, who plays Neighbours Carmella Cammeniti, recently re-signed with the show and her contract will now see her call Ramsay St home until at least September next year.

Blair, who was showing her younger sister Nicole around Melbourne this week, is getting ready for her next big adventure.

The popular actor is heading to London at the end of November for her first British pantomime season. Blair will play Sleeping Beauty in the play of the same name.

Neighbours' co-star Dan O'Connor, who plays Ned Parker, has also recently re-signed with the show, committing until October next year.

But two other cast members are hitting the road. Ben Lawson, who plays Frazer Yeats, will quit the show at the end of the year.

Eliza Taylor-Cotter is also leaving to travel overseas. The talented blonde has made the most of her character Janae Timmins, a member of the unappealing Timmins family. She leaves the show early next month and will head to Britain, also for the pantomime season, and then to the US.


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Nooo...Fraser cant go, what about Rosie :( Maybe Rosie not wanting a baby causes a marriage split :( I like Frosie :(

Yay Carmella is staying, so we'll get to see her baby <33 And Ned too, but Janae is leaving. So Janae/Ned split too :( This show is breaking up all my fav couples :( Its getting worse than H&A

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I hope they kill off Frazer too!

He's such a well loved character along with his relationship with Rosie. Killing him off would bring out great stories and performances and would grab more attention to viewers then a marriage breakup.

Sad he's going though :(

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I'm gutted that Ben Lawson is leaving. I hope that they kill Frazer off though because i don't want Frazer and Rosie to be you typical soap couple who get married and after a few months together they split up.

I feel the same way, is a shame he's going. :(

Good luck to both Ben And Eliza, for the future, i don't get though if she was thinking of leaving in the first place, why didn't they just have janae go off with the other timmins then ?

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