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How Do I Breathe

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Story Title: How do i breathe

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack/Martha/Sam

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None really

Summary: As Martha tries to abandon her feelings for Jack altogether, one stupid little thing happens between them and turns both their lives upside down.

I know the first chapter is a bit short but i will try and make the rest i bit longer. Thankyou

Chapter 1

Everything was getting back on track until Sam came. Old feelings were starting to resurface. We were going back to the old Jack and Martha. All until that fateful day when jack was called to her rescue. Why was she so stupid? Why had she not realised they way she felt about jack earlier? The feelings were there just hidden.

Oh God here comes the happy family now. I thought I could escape them being at the beach so early and all. But there is no escaping them. They are just like a bad smell. Well jack doesn't smell that bad. NO! Back to criticising them. Yes they are everywhere. Everywhere I look I see them. Everything I hear is their voices. Everything I smell is their fragrance. Once again' Jack's isn't that bad. Well now it isn't seeing as I was the one who got him into the habit of using deodorant. NO! I shouldn't let my mind wander like this.

OH, NO! OH, NO! Here they come. What should I say? God Sam looks bad in a cossie. At least that's one thing I have over her.

" Hi, guys. What are you all doing out this early?"

" It was a nice day and Rory wanted to get out for a swim so we decided we would all go," Answered Jack. God he looked good today. I don't know what it is. He has such a good body. He looks like he has been working out since I last saw that luscious, smooth torso. "I was just about to ask you the same thing."

" Yeah pretty much the same as you and I was up early so I thought I may as well embrace the day." All I want to do is touch him. But I can't. I need to restrain myself. Self-control is the answer. But I can't. I can't take it any more. " Well I better be off now. I need to get back soon. I have to get to work."

"Ok well we will see you after then." Not we just you. I don't want to see them after. I just want to see you after. " Oh and Martha, he whispered, we need to resolve the divorce paper issue. So when you get a break from work just let me know and we can meet up."

"Yeah, sure, umm I think I am free at about 12.30, so if you want to, we will meet at the diner."

" Sounds good. See you then."

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Nice start! :D

We need some more JnM fics.

But didnt you start another combined one with someone awhile back (was it with Kacie? :unsure: oh I dont know. lol), whatever happend to that one anyway! :P

Jack’s isn’t that bad. Well now it isn’t seeing as I was the one who got him into the habit of using deodorant. NO! I shouldn’t let my mind wander like this.


Jack would never smell bad! He would always use deodorant!

He's too perfect to smell bad! :P

More please

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Chapter 2

I wish we were going to talk about something other than getting divorced. I have been putting it off for as long as possible for this very reason. I am not even close to being ready to move on. I should be trying to but I just can’t.

He is late. Wait here he is now. Thank God. She is not with him.


“Hey Martha.”

“How are things since we last spoke, let me see… 5 hours ago?”

“ Things have been fine. I just dropped Rory off at nippers. How about you?”

“ I went to work, served some drinks and now I am here.”

“ Well now that we have greetings out of the way, lets get right down to business shall we?”

“ I suppose so. What do you want to start with?”

“ Well it might be nice to begin with how we go about getting divorced quickly. How does that sound for you?”

“ Sounds absolutely wonderful.” I couldn’t help but throw a tone of sarcasm in there.

“ Alright then. How do we get divorced, pronto?”

“ Umm, I am just guessing here but, how about starting with signing some papers. That just might work.”

“ Ha Ha. Before we get to that I believe we have to take a visit to the solicitors office.”

“ Well if you really want to. When are you free in the next week?”

“ What’s today? Sunday! Well Tuesday sounds good for me. How does that sound for you?”

“ Yep. Fine with me. What time?”

“ 11am? Not too early but not disrupting the day too much.”

“ I have work. But seeing as my grandfather is my boss I can probably squeeze my way out of it.”

“ Well you were always got at squeezing weren’t you?”

“ You would know wouldn’t you.”

“Alright, well I shall see you on Tuesday 11am, Here? And I can take you.”

“ Yeah sure. But how do you think Sam is going to react to it?”

“She doesn’t need to know.”

“ If you say so.”

“ I’ve got to be on my way now. Ohh and don’t forget to bring a pen. We can’t have THESE papers unsigned this time around can we?”

“ I will try. Bye Jack!”

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