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Lynne McGranger In HONEY

Guest Frankie

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Lynne McGranger will shortly be appearing on stage at The Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, NSW in a play called Honey written by Lorrae Desmond. The play is loosely based on Smokey Joes Cafe, by Courtney Bryce.

Lynne plays Mum a strong woman who blames Thommo, Honey's Dad, and a Vietnam vet, for her grand daughter Honey's illness, and for anything else that is wrong with the world for that matter.

You can see more details on the main site, and also on this link.


Can any of our members who get to see it post a review please :D

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Apparently the actors are being little or nothing and are doing this play to raise money for leukemia and to raise awareness. That says a lot about them in a profession as precarious as theirs. I am mightily impressed.

So spunkl we shall expect a long review from you then :P.. and if you can get back stage and get pictures... so much the better :P

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It seems Lynne is playing a character far removed from Irene. The Mum character is bad tempered, crotchety, arthritic and in her 60's. Lynne, like Irene is a generally sunny natured person so it will be interesting to see her play an older, and bad tempered character.

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(Huge thanks to Jess at HAAC! :D )

Play's mix something special

25 September 2007

Hills Shire Times

* Honey: will be held on Saturday, October 20 to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

* Tickets: cost $40 or $30 student and concession.

* Venue: The show starts at 8pm at the Riverside Theatres, Church St, Parramatta.

* Bookings: phone Ronia at The Leukaemia Foundation on 9902 2222.

LYNNE McGranger was a teenager when the Vietnam War was dominating the headlines.

It caused barely a ruffle on her horizon but the Hills actor now has a deep appreciation of what the returning veterans had to endure.

She is currently juggling her commitments as Irene the foster mum in the long-running Channel 7 soapie Home and Away with rehearsals for the stage show Honey which opens at the Riverside Theatres next month.

The play centres around a Vietnam vet whose daughter, Honey, is diagnosed with leukemia which is linked to an Agent Orange incident during his Vietnam service.

"It's funny, gut-wrenching and thought provoking,'' McGranger says.

"I am thoroughly enjoying rehearsals. It's fantastic getting back to the theatre.''

McGranger plays the mum in Honey and it's as far removed from her much-loved role of Irene as you can get.

"She's in her `60s, crippled with arthritis and very grumpy,'' McGranger says.

Honey has been a labour of love for Australian legend and Gold Logie winner Lorrae Desmond who has promoted the cause of the ``forgotten diggers'' for 30 years, after five tours of Vietnam.

When she read Bryce Courtenay's book Smoky Joe's Cafe six years ago her idea for Honey started to build.

With Courtenay's blessing she approached Gael Ballantyne (Mamma Mia and La Cage aux Folles) and musicians Charlie Hull, Martine DeCock, Scott Ogier and Doug Parkinson to work on a script and score that would mix mateship, humour and music to create something special.

McGranger says the play achieves just that as Thommo and his mates all Vietnam vets band together to raise money for Honey to have a bone marrow transplant.

"It is amazingly uplifting,'' she promises.

Honey will run at Riverside Theatres Parramatta from October 18 to November 3. For showtimes and bookings, call 8839 3399.

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