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The Long Days

Guest ~Rosey~

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Story Title: The long days

Type of story: Maybe about 10 ish or a few more chapters

Main Characters: Matilda, Rachel, Paula and Steph

Rating: T? I dunno

Genre: Not really sure...help?

Any Spoilers: No

Any warnings: Not really...

Summary: Matilda is trying to sturrgle with a horrible disease.

Hi all

Decided to write a new fic, as I have been thinking about this ofr awhile. May I just say, the nurses in this fic, well its ovious who Rachel is, but Paula and Steph and previous nurses of All Saints [my all time favourite TV show] The only reason that I deicded to psot tonight is becuase I'm sick. Cold and headache and cant sleep.

So heres the first chapter. Comment if you like and think I should continue


Chapter 1

It was the last day of Semester 1 for Matilda. The 3-week winter break was just about to start. Matilda had changed a lot in a month. After the recent death of her Mum, she couldn’t cope with it anymore.

The clock beside her bed read 6:49am. Matilda of course didn’t know this because she was fast asleep. 11 minutes later, Tony came in to wake her. She grumbled as she got out of bed, but then realized it was the last day of Semester. Which also meant mufti day. Matilda hated anything to do with school. Whether it be the work, the people or the uniform. She had no friends. No one liked her for the person she changed into.

She got out of bed and stumbled over to her wardrobe, opening it and taking a careful pick of what to where. She pulled out her ripped jeans, a My Chemical Romance top, and a fluffy jacket. She yanked the Converses from under her bed. She got dressed and applied the makeup, which in her case was eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. She looked at her self in the mirror and stared up at her hair. It was a complete mess. She found her straighter and began to straighten. Once she was satisfied, she brushed part of her hair over one eye and brushed the rest of her long hair down her back.

She stood up, and left for school. After catching a 143 bus, then a 257, she finally arrived at school, walked into the library, sitting in the corner and turning on her ipod. She scrolled through her songs and finally found “Thanks for the memories – Fall Out Boy” and pressed play. She made sure no one could see her, as they weren’t allowed ipods at school. As much that she didn’t give a stuff about the rules, she just didn’t want to get caught.

The 9am bell rang, and she slowly wondered out of the library and into her first class, which was maths. Dang! She hated that subject so much. The teacher had an odd accent, and the work was crap. She walked into the class, and took her seat up the back. She pulled out a piece of paper and started to draw whatever came to her head, quickly hiding the drawing as the teacher walked around.

After maths, it was Geography. That was the second worst subject. The rest of the day went by a blur.

But considering what Matilda had to put up with right now, the holidays where going to be the worst. 6 months ago, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. This was heartbreaking. She didn’t know how to cope with the news, and after loosing her mother a month ago, it all seemed worse. She wasn’t coping any better then she was when she first found out. She had spent a month in hospital hooked up to IVS, having chemotherapy running though her. It was all hell.

She was released from hospital and spend about 2 months out, then went back for a couple of weeks. She was now going to spend her 2 week holidays stuck in there, being drugged with whatever chemical was in the chemo.

Matilda walked home and started gathering her stuff. She was due to arrive at the hospital at 5, and it was now 4. She got out her suitcase and packed whatever she thought was necessary. Most of the time, she thought, she would be wearing a pink hospital gown, but she packed some extra clothes instead. By the time she had finished packing, it was time to leave. There was no one there to take her as Tony was working and Lucas was spending some time in the city, no that he had finished his HSC. Matilda walked into the lounge room and called for a taxi. She walked outside and a few minutes later, a silver service taxi pulled up. Matilda told the driver where she wanted to go, and before she knew it, they had arrived and she was paying for the fair

“That’s $14.60, thanks” the driver told her

She handed him the money and walked off into the big hospital doors, and went up to Ward 17. There she found the 3 nurses she knew the best; Rachel, Paula and Steph. Rachel saw her and went and hugged her, leading her to her room

“Great. This is my home for the next 2 weeks” Matilda said in her head, rolling her eyes and the thought.

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