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In my opinion the couples of today are no where as good as the old couples that graced the screens in from the early 90's until Sally & Flynn I'll say.

When I first started watching Home & Away with my mum, sister and brother, we were all gripped by one couple, Angel and Shane. From the first time they met over the concert tickets and the fact they thought they hated each other until the time Shane tragically died on the rock. They gripped us and when they got married there wasn't a dry eye in the house, well my brother would say something different, but I saw the tears :lol:

Another couple I was gripped with, not so much my mum or sister but I certianly was Gypsy and Will, from the moment they met I could see the chemistry oozing from them. I screamed at the TV when they broke up, cried when something bad happened, got annoyed when they got new partners which I immediately hated. As my mum can vouch for when Gypsy got pregnant, there I was at six with out fail shouting at the TV telling Gypsy to tell him. Dancing with happiness when they got back together. Tears when he proposed. You needed a bucket for each eye for when they got married I was a wreck, then they were gone, not a couple since has gripped my attention. They had everything sex appeal, (who can forget episode 3000 with the car scene), comedy moments, sweet moments, friendship and sometimes they annoyed the hell out of you. But thats what made them so great.

Sally and Flynn, Vinnie and Leah we're couples I liked too. We had seen Sally grown into a woman in front of our eyes, we we're with her all through the rottens she went out with. Then she clapped her eyes on Flynn and she was laughing again, having fun, rock climbing, baked bean dates. Not even Shaunas admission that she had falled for Flynn could scurper them. They went through Sallys cancer ordeal, her not being able to have kids. Leah and Flynns secret kiss. But nothing could stop these too, not even a runaway horse and downpour of rain and they said I do. Then they added Pippa, Ric and Cassie to their family and you'd thought for a moment, Sallys dreams had come true that Sally had her dream man and famly. But this is H&A and their happiness didn't last wrong with Flynn being diagnosed with cancer. I refuse to believe there was a dry eye anywhere who watched the two episodes dedicated to him. I was an emotional wreck, and another of my favourte couples had hit the dust again.

Vinnie and Leah were like chalk and cheese but somehow they just worked, Vinnie was like a ki d who had to many sweets and was hyper and Leah was shy and hard working. But they had chemistry, they had love, they had laughs. They just made you go awww, when ever they were together. And when Vinnie was imprisioned and then presumed dead, another of my fav couples hit the dust.

Todays couples just don't do that too me, they don't hold me in their grasp, they go over my head. Some couples are OK like Ric and Matilda, Drew and Belle, Sally and Brad. But even they don't make me want scream and shout at the TV like a mad woman. I don't like the fact couples are thrown down our throats as if to say you must like them, I like my couples to be brought in gently and then suddenly wham bam you love them i.e Barry and Irene (but I'm still bitter about them, so I won't mention them anymore).

Sorry about this long post, didn't realise I typed so much, must be hormanes and the nostolgia coming back to me.

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For some reason I just don't get MAttie and Ric but when the had their flirtation a year or so ago I was gunning for them. Not sure what has changed.

I think Amanda and Peter are great together :wub: wish they didn't have to leave....

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To me the most realistic couple is Belle and Drew.

They have so much chemistry and are fun to watch.

They probably have more kissing and flirting scenes together than any other couple, isnt that what couples are suppose to do and they also argue a lot, which is healthy for a relationship.

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