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Kate Ritchie: Don't turn me into Pippa.

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Kate longs to be a copper


July 20, 2007

HOME AND AWAY favourite Kate Ritchie has revealed her ultimate fantasy to The Sun – becoming a policewoman!

Kate, who is in the Guinness Book of Records for her 18 year stint on the Aussie soap, told us that she longs to don the uniform.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a policewoman. I thought I’d leave Home And Away and do that. But my dad, who is a cop, would never let me,†she says.

“So I really want to get on a TV police drama, that way I could live out my fantasy. I’d really like to be on The Bill – that would be great.

“And I wouldn’t have to go to the academy and train.â€

Kate first joined the show as a nine-year-old and has been a fixture ever since – and she is wary of jumping before she has a new job she really wants.

“I’ve got no plans to leave the show. I’m going nowhere,†she laughs. “I love being on the show and I love to act.

“But I am not so passionate about acting that I would starve to death trying to do it. I don’t want to be a jobbing actor.

“I’d rather go and do something else. It would be so frustrating to be out of work.â€

But Kate worries that her sensible nature is leading producers of Home And Away down a dreaded path – turning into her mum.

“Sally had ovarian cancer on the show and can’t have kids. Pippa has given me the caravan park and I am now a foster mum myself,†she says.

“I went to one of the producers and I said to him ‘I know what you’re doing! You’re trying to turn me into Pippa!’

“I am getting old before my time – I tell them I am still young and groovy!â€

Home And Away, Five, weekdays, 6pm (repeat the next day at noon)

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I’m with Kate on this – the writers are trying to make her into Pippa, but it doesn’t work because they’re crap at writing it convincingly. To me sally comes across as so bored with Cassie and Ric living with her anyway, the writers give Sally stuff to say like ‘You are my daughter…etc’ and I just cringe, because its so forced – tis what the producers want us to see Sally as, but they don’t put the effort into making it believable.

Don’t get me wrong, I think its nice having Ric and Cassie there, but I’d prefer the writers make Sally more a big sister type rather than their mum… Let them do the mum thing when Sally's older.

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