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When The Sun Shines

Guest Alicia-jade

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Topic Description – Jack, Martha, Ric, Matilda etc

Type of story: undecided

Rating: T

Main Characters: Multiple character

Genre: Drama

Warnings: sexual content, coarse language

Summary: Couples. Especially Jack and Martha and Ric and Matilda

Hey guys. Seen as this is one of my first fan fics, would really like some feedback. Constructive criticism welcome.


Luv A-J x

Part 1

"You realise how exciting this is" Martha said to Jack as they sat waiting to see the Doctor. "We are going to find out the sex of our first baby today" she said, waiting for a more excited reaction.

"That's great, it really is"

"You could show a little more enthusiasm Jack"

"I am excited. I just can't stop thinking about that case at work. Something didn't add up, why didn't they see it?"

"Can you not stop thinking about work for half an hour?" Martha pleaded, holding his hand.

"I'll try" he said squeezing her hand and kissing her forehead.

A little while later, they were sat in with the doctor.

"Are you ready to hear the sex of your baby?" The doctor beamed at them.

"Ready as ever" Jack said holding Martha's hand.

"Now remember, this can never be 100% accurate but it looks to me as if you have a little girl in there" he said as the scan image appeared on the screen.

"A girl" Martha whispered, tears streaming down her face. Jack leaned over and hugged her as the doctor continued to scan Martha.

"All seems healthy. I'll print you off some pictures of your baby" The doctor said wiping the gel off Martha's ever growing stomach.

"We'll have to start thinking of names. How about… Tulip?" Martha laughed knowing Jack would hate such an 'out there' name. She hit him lightly on the chest as he frowned.

"Annabel?" He suggested.

"Hmmm, we'll look at the book when we get home" Martha said accepting the scan pictures off the doctor. "That's assuming you can stop thinking about work for 5 minutes" she said as they left.

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Part 2

“That’s fantastic” Beth said hugging Jack and Martha when they gave her the good news.

“You’re going to be Grandma to another baby girl” Tony said handing Jack a beer from the fridge.

“You can never have too many Grandkids” Beth laughed from the sofa, looking through the ultrasound pictures. Martha was pointing out various body parts.

“We should have a look through that naming book later”

“Um. Yeah, about that” Jack said taking a large sip from his beer as he sat down in the arm chair by the door.

“I may have to go into work”. He winced before Martha even had chance to reply. He knew she would be cross.

“Jack, it’s your day off! Wouldn’t you rather be helping your wife choose a name for your baby?”

“You know I would but there’s this case and I have to make some phone calls”.

Martha’s face seethed with anger.

“Sorry Beth, sorry Tony, I’m gonna have to go” Martha said snatching up her handbag from the table and walking out angrily.

Why did Jack have to care more about his work than her? Surely she was more important than a ‘case’ at work?

“See you later” she said through gritted teeth as she passed Jack.

“ You have been talking about work a lot lately” Tony put in helpfully, watching the door slam shut behind Martha.

“Maybe I should go and see if she is ok?” Beth said getting up. “She left the scan pictures behind”.

“No, I’ll go” Jack said sighing as he took the pictures from Beth.

Why couldn’t Martha understand that his work was important to him. He brought money to the home. She didn’t have a full time Job like he did. They needed the money more than ever now they were expecting a baby. If only he could crack this case, he would get a pay rise for sure.

Jack assumed Martha would go where she always did to let off steam – the beach. As he approached, he saw he was too late. Tasha was already approaching, he’d missed his chance and would have to wait till after his shift to sort it out with her.

“Mac?” Tasha said sitting down beside her on the warm golden sand.

“Hey Tash” she said, her feet stretching out in the sand. She was fiddling with a clip that hung off her lime handbag.

“What’s wrong?” Tasha asked, looking behind her where she saw Robbie walking down the beach with Ella. She signalled for him to wait so Robbie sat down where he was and begun building a sandcastle with his daughter. Ella was 2 ½ now and loved nothing more than being on the beach.

Martha sighed. “Jack and I had a row. We only found out the sex of our baby this morning and all he cares about is work. He’s even going in early today to work on some stupid case”.

“What are you having?” Tasha said, always one to focus on the positives.

“A girl” Martha said opening her bag to pull out the scan pictures.

“That’s great Mac” Tasha said throwing her arms round Martha.

“I would have the scans to show you but I seem to have left them at Beth and Tony’s. I doubt Jack remembered to pick them up seen as this baby is obviously so unimportant to him”

“Maybe his boss is putting pressure on him to get this case finished? “Tasha suggested though she knew nothing much about how the system worked.

“It’s all him Tash. He even said the others didn’t see it” Martha worried, fiddling again with her bag.

“You don’t think he could be seeing someone else do you?” Martha panicked, the idea formulating in her mind.

“He wouldn’t cheat on you Mac. He loves you” Tasha tried to reassure her as she heard Ella’s familiar laugh behind her.

“Mummy” she cried flinging her arms round Tasha’s neck.

“Sorry Tash. Couldn’t keep her away” Robbie said running down the beach.

“Hey Martha” he said sitting down on the sand.

“Hey Rob. Thanks for the chat Tash. I better go and see f Granddad has written the rosta for the surf club” she said getting up and brushing the sand off her.

“I’ll see you guys later” she said giving them a smile as she walked up the beach. A wave of sadness washed over her as she glanced back at the family together on the beach. They were so happy. She hoped her and Jack would be like that with their daughter one day.

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