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2000 episodes on FiveLife: Favourite character

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As most of you already know, Fivelife is airing episodes of the 2000 season. Who, out of the characters we have seen so far, is your favourite? I didn't add the characters that are still on the show, to make room for most of the other characters.

I can't decide, when I first watched these episodes, Jade and Nick were my favourite boy and girl. Now, as I'm older I'm starting to appreciate Dani and Harry more. As far as adults go, Shelley is my favourite too. I like them all, except for three, so I won't vote yet. So who are your favourites? :D

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Will and Dani (obvious i know). I just love them together so much. Also, Jade, Nick, Shelley, Rhys, Harry, Shauna and Vinnie. In fact almost every character except Gypsy :angry: and Kirsty. This era was so good as the characters just seemed more interesting and exciting and like a little community.

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