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Tour de France

Guest Liska

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I Love Cycling and I used to cycle about 15-20 miles a day when I was younger.

I used to love the sport in the late 90's, when Pantani, Virenque and Ulrich were around.

Sadly though, I haven't watched the tour for the last couple of years, TBH (all the drug scandals made the sport more about who had the best chemist - rather than who was the best rider, IMO). However, with Armstrong's come back and Bradley Wiggins surprise strong performances, I've been following some of the action again. I'll defo watch the stages in the Alps and Mont Ventoux.

Don't mind who wins, TBH.

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i love cycling, i've done the great victorian bike ride the past 4 years, the first when i was in ear 8 and it's amazing, the Tour De france is always on in our house, my dad, sister and i watch it before school and dad fills us in when we get home.. :D

funny story about that actually, me and Annie (my sister) were at school talking about it, when another friend came up and (she has a habit of being a bit of a lier) and said "oh, the tour de france, my Uncle came home from that last night and he came like 156th!"

... Annie and I figured it would be too much effort to pull her up on it, so we laughed and tried to change the topic :P

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Devon- Jan Ulrich was one of my original favourites too.

I totally agree about the doping comment though, Rasmussen was another favourite until he got done for missing tests and not telling the truth about his whereabouts (+ the whole scandal around it).

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