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Sharni Vinson caught pashing a mystery man

Guest Leah

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22 June 2007

Soap star's Dirty Dancing

The Daily Telegraph

JODI Gordon isn't the only Home and Away glamour getting some flirty attention from society men about town.

The co-star of Ryan Stokes' gal pal – Sharni Vinson _ was the object of plenty of affection from former Secret Life Of Us actor Damien De Montemas at the Ed Hardy store opening after-party on Wednesday night.

The pair could have been auditioning for a new production of Dirty Dancing say Confidential bar spies after witnessing the Fringe Bar party flirtfest between the two TV stars.

"It looked on. He put his hand out to ask her to dance and she just leapt up and away they went.

"They put on quite a show," one source said yesterday.

I have photo's of the Ed Hardy store opening but I will upload them tomorrow.

Sharni Vinson caught pashing a mystery man known as "Kevin" at the Unicorn Hotel in Sydney on June 21.




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