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Tammin Sursok has a New Job

Guest MarcJ

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Hi Guys

Read this morning online ... and noticed that it isnt mentioned anywhere (that I could find) on the H&A Forum

If you go to www.tvguide.com ... (the USA tv guide site) ...

Then click the 'New & Views' tab at the top ... it will drop a menu that has 'Soaps' in it ... theres a photo of her and everything

Incidently ... theres another ex-H&A Cast member currently in the Y&R Cast ... his playing Jill's biological son ( the real Phillip) ...

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Article as per above

Earlier today, I reported on Adrianne Leon's sad revelation that she was abruptly fired from her role as Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless.

Well, the CBS sudser has just issued a recast announcement:

Tammin Sursok is the new Colleen. Sursok's first tape date is Tuesday, June 26. She will first air on Monday, July 30.

The 23-year-old Sursok is a native of South Africa, but was raised in Australia. She is best known as Dani Sutherland on the long-running Aussie soap Home and Away, for which she won Australian TV Week's Logie Award for best new female talent in 2001.

She left Home and Away in 2004 to pursue a pop-star career Down Under. Sursok moved here to the States in 2005 and has since been working in films, including last year's Aquamarine.

The Y&R folks seem fond of casting Aussie suds stars these days. FYI, Daniel Goddard (Cane) is also a former Home and Away castmember.

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I'll have to watch it on W :P Is Australia still six months behind?

Yes we are behind

Maybe even alittle bit more then 6 mths behind

The charactor of Cane/Phillip hasnt come into it yet (he's the other Aussie) ... he ends up with a great storyline with Katherine, Jill and Amber (Adrienne Frantz reprises her Bold & the Beautiful role in Y&R) ... that story has been playing our for ages in USA

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When it said "Tammin Sursok is the new Colleen", I thought she was now starting comedy. :lol:

It's great to be able to see her continue in her career. I will definately start watching. I always loved her as Dani Sutherland and I'm sure I will love her just as much in Y&R.

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