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Bec Hewitt's new look

Guest Leah

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I think it suits her and makes her look more mature (not old). Maybe she did it just to escape the stigma of being hayley - she played her for almost 8 years and i am sure a person who is not a big fan (as we are) saw her down a street they would say look its hayley from haa. she just wants to be known as bec now!! i think...

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30 May 2007

Brunette Bec part of a trend

The Daily Telegraph


WHO knows precisely what Bec Cartwright got up to in the hours before husband Lleyton Hewitt's first-round match at the French Open.

Perhaps she may have managed to catch some of Miss Universe on cable from her presumably swish Paris hotel room.

If so, it would have provided further proof that her recent decision to ditch the look that sold millions of women's mags was the right one.

It appears to be the first time that the natural blonde has had brown hair - at least since she rose to fame on Seven’s soapie Home & Away.

And who could blame her?

It’s clearly the colour to be at the moment, as evidenced by the finals of Miss Universe, where the entire top 10 were black or brown-haired beauties. What am I talking about? Click here to see what I mean.

What do you think of Bec’s new look? Should Lleyton do likewise?

Ladies, have you gone from blonde to brunette? Did it change the way people reacted to you?

Brunettes, have you tried being blonde? Is it true they have more fun?

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