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The Animal Contest

Guest ~Charlotte~

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I thought I would start this contest, because I thought it would be fun to have a contest just for animals! These animal contest can include any type of animals, including insects.. and any other animal!

The host will provide a picture of an animal to use, which can be made into any type of graphic, which the host will choose.

Would anyone like to see this contest go ahead, if not it doesn't matter. :)

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Animal Contest #1

Topic: Dalmations

You must use This Picture

Make any graphic you want you can have any text, brushes or textures.. etc in your graphic!

- Icon: any graphic (banner, sig avatar or wallpaper)

- You must only use the picture that I posted above!

- PM entries to me by Friday 18th may - 6PM UK TIME

- Voting will go up soon after I have all of the entries


Any questions?

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