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  1. I would stay and chat but I am going now Bye!
  2. How are you? What are you up to?
  3. Your welcome If you use it anywhere host and credit
  4. They are great, Kat. I like the first and fourth best. The drelle one is amazing too I made a little something..
  5. You make much better artwork than me so YOU shouldn't be scared :P

  6. I have come across something, that I didn't think was worth starting a thread for. Which is that the new side feature (around your avatar, member title.. etc) that it only comes up on the actualy forum, not when you PM someone. Is this meant to happen, or does anyone else think it should be changed? I personally think the 'new side feature' should also be put on when you PM, because it looks rather silly without, and it would be nice for the actualy forum post and PM's to both have this feature.
  7. I think that it would be a good idea to be allowed to post non-haa caps in your thread. I mean if you are allowed to post non-haa artwork, why can't you post non-haa caps?
  8. Just at the top of the page, you will see 'options' just change it to 'standard'
  9. I normally click last post but sometimes it takes me to the page before, and I reply to something and it turns out it has already been dealt with (just like now, which is why i am editing this post ) does this happen to anyone else?..
  10. Well, let's not waste a post Is anyone else here?
  11. I will make some when I find some pics I never knew your name until just now I should make a mental note to read other peoples signature
  12. Haven't got any pics of them at the moment. Got too many others
  13. I am fine, thanks Yeah, my day has been pretty good I am just find fonts to download and making graphics Although, they don't seem to turn out right!
  14. I am here Sounds like you're not too happy Sam
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