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Jon Sivewright

Guest Nocturne

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I'm sorry if this has been posted before. I tried to do a proper look. Thought the Tony fans would enjoy this. Have no way of scanning it. Sorry.

There is a nice picture of Jon and a list of his 10 favourite things (Not in any particular order).

1. Children's Artwork: "My kids Argyle, 9, and Otis, 7, made this for me so it's pretty special. They gave it to me about four years ago and I thought it was so cool that I framed it and put it on the wall at my place in Sydney"

(Picture is a heart and kisses and says Otis and Argyle Love Dad)

2. Girlfriend: "My girlfriend Kel is beautiful and a very special person. Itis great when your girlfriend is also one of your best friends."

(Photo of a smiling blonde. Tiny bit like a Dr. Rachel)

3. Fish Bowl: "My objective is to keep my two fish alive."

(Picture of tall vase type container. Hope the two orange things on the bottom are not the dead fish! :)

4. Motorcycle: "My Ducati 600 Pantah is in incredibly good condition for a 1981 model. It's my selfish outlet."

(Lovely red bike seen on Better Homes and Garden episode)

5. Nutcracker: "My Uncle Artie gave this to me. I always had a lot of time for Uncle Artie. He passed away about 10 years ago and was one of the best characters I've ever met. This nutcracker represents some of the greatest times I had as a kid."

(Wooden nutcracker in the shape of a figure with hands on head.)

6. Picture: "I bought this picture of a father and son in Malaysia. It represents my relationship with my Dad, whom I love and admire. Apart from being my Dad, he's also one of my best mates."

(Picure of a cartoonish father and child against the background of the night)

7. Projector: "I'm an avid film water and 'Walk the Line' is my current favourite. My all-time favourite movie is 'The Indian Runner', which was written and directed by Sean Penn. It's so evocative and I always notice something new in it every time that I watch it."

(Picture of projector whith some dvds piled on it. Included are Enemy of the State, Chaplin and Six Feet Under)

8. Flatmate: "Apart from being my castmate, Mark Furze (who plays Ric on Home and Away) is also my landlord. He's a really good bloke and although our storylines don't cross too much on Home and Away, we work really well as flatmates."

(Photo of Mark in blue t-shirt)

9. Paintings: "My ex-wife, Felicity Sivewright, is still a very close friend and important person in my life. She's also my favourite artists and is about to exhibit her work at Emerge Art Space in Perth. Felicity gave me these paintings to remind me of the ocean in WA."

(Two paintings...hard to describe...they look a little like aerial maps..."

10. Guitar: "I play a lot of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan songs on my Fender acoustic guitar."

(Very nice looking guitar!!)

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Thank you very very very very much for posting the article :D

It's great to find out a little more about Jon. I heard a rumour somewhere that he had 2 sons but I wasn't sure because I had hardly seen any interviews with him. Anyway, how come he has an ex wife?? I can't believe anyone could let him go!! :P As I am a very curious (OK nosey!) person I actually did a search for Felicity Sivewright and found this.

By the way, which magazine is this article from? (EDIT: Doh.... try reading the topic title Karen!)

I would be very very very grateful if someone could scan it to see the things he is talking about... and him of course!

Thanks again Nocturne :)

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