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Opposites Attract

Guest Roccoluver

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Title Opposites attract

Characters Johnny, Sally

BTTB Rating T

Warnings Will be posted

Spoilers No

Summary Does Johnny really love her,or is he just using her?

Another Joint fic between me and Sally_Fletcher cause we are awesome together and Sally can't keep her hands off those Cooper boys :)

Opposites Attract

Sally walked down the street from the diner, her phone vibrated in her purse, as she reached into grabs it, she accidentally bumped someone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry”

She apologizes to the guy

She looked up at the guy; his glasses hiding his brown eyes but not his smirking, if not sexy smile.


‘You should watch where you are going, you don’t know who’s out there” he teased.

She glared at him before continuing off down the street.

“Don’t be like that”

He called after her, she tried to ignore him, after all he was nothing more than trouble, hot, sexy trouble but trouble all the same.

Johnny grinned as Sally carried on down the street, he wasn’t sure why he felt as he did about her, after she was helping Rocco escape from him. He should hate her.

But he didn’t.

Her long black hair he just want to run his hands though, her oh so kissable lips. He shook his head.

Not going there.

Suddenly a thought raced though his mind, he could get to Rocco though Sally….

Hope you like, can't wait to see what my partner in crime comes up with

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Sally can't keep her hands off those Cooper boys


Lol... that can be taken as the character or as the person whose Nickname is Sally_Fletcher...

Yeah, Jane and I love the Coopers! Jane, I'll give you Rocco if I can have Johnny...

lol Liz, Deal poor Brad being replaced with Johnny :)

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Yay! The awesome twosome are back with another fic! :D *gives chocolate to Sally_Fletcher and Roccoluver*

You do realise I'm gonna get so confused now - Sally's after both of them at the same time...in my mind, at least! :P So sorry in advance if you get any confusing reviews. :P

Awesome opening chapter. What is it with Sally and bad boys?! :P

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