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Thanks guys! ^_^

Teaser for an upcoming fic called Missing, about how Eve and Laura met and what exactly their 'relationship' was...

She glared at her reflection in the mirror of the dead girl's dresser. Her neutral green dress reminiscent of who she was pretending to be back in Summer Bay, her uncontrolled mound of blonde curls let loose to bounce with each movement she made. Smiling back at her was that taunting gaze she tried to escape.

A voice emanating from amidst the doorway called to her, giving her no choice but to turn around and see who the intruder was.

"Who are you?"

Part 2 of ITC entitled Corruption will be up next Monday. :ph34r:

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First off, loved the teaser and can't wait for the fic. :D

Now, back to topic:

It was awesome, Andy. Tracey's rather sharp for someone who'd been drinking. :P Loved the interaction between Xavier and her. They're so cute in some ways.

Beautifully written, Andy. :D

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This is coming along slower than expected, so here's a teaser:

"So what are you going to do?"

Tracey and Eve rounded the table, setting their cups of coffee on the glass, as they sat opposite each other inside Starbucks. Tracey sighed and ran her hand threw her hair. "I don't know. I should be turning you in."

"Is that what you're going to do?" Eve took a sip from her coffee. Not because she was thirsty but to hide the nervousness that made her swallow hardly. Her freedom was in this woman's hands.

"I don't know." She looked up at the sociopath and examined her face carefully - every detail. She didn't look like a threat or as if she was dangerous, but she knew about her from what she had read, from the stories Peter and Claire told when they returned from Summer Bay. The bottom line was that Eve is dangerous. The question is; if she's capable of so many awful things, why hasn't she killed her to protect her identity? "Yet."

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ITC will be updated on Monday, I'm working on a scene inspired by Hard Candy now:

Eve looked around the café to avoid eye contact which would only turn into awkwardness between the two. Her eyes widened when she caught a glimpse of a missing persons poster on the wall; it was Laura McPherson.

"Is there a problem?" Tracey followed Eve's attentive stare.

"Do you know about her?" Eve asked blankly, her eyes fixed to the photograph of the supposedly missing woman. "I mean, at HQ, have you been told about her?"

Tracey looked on in concern. "Yeah, I was assigned on her case the day we met. Why, do you know her?"

... :ph34r:

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