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My Love

Guest HeavenForbid

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Story Title: My Love

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Jack & Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Jack had just moved to the Bay with his dad and brother. He meets Martha and falls head over heels in love with her. However, she has a boyfriend


- Lucas and Jack are twins and are 16

- Beth has three kids – Martha, Becky and Tasha. They are 16 as well.

Chapter 1

“Dad! Is this the box you are looking for?” Jack Holden shouted

“Yeah! Mate. That is it!” his father, Tony said

“Dad. I can’t find it!” Lucas, Jack’s twin brother shouted

“Find what?” Tony asked

“My ipod” Lucas said

“Sorry! I had it!” Jack laughed

It was their first day in Summer Bay. Tony Holden moved from the city with his twin boys, Jack and Lucas. Tony, wife pasted away three months before and it was very hard for the boys to live in the house without her. Tony decided to move to Summer Bay for a fresh start.

“I am going out” Jack said

“Where?” Tony asked

“Beach.” Jack said

“Ok mate be careful!” Tony said

Jack walked down to the beach. He sat on the beach for a while. He looked up and saw a beautiful girl come out of the sea. She had dark brown hair and had an amazing figure. Jack watched as she walked up to her clothes. She walked off into the diner. Who was that girl? Jack asked himself.

Preview: Who is the girl?

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Chapter 2

Jack walked up the beach and into the diner. He looked around and saw the girl sitting by herself. He sat at an angle so he could still look at her. He stood up and was about to walk over to her when someone walked pasted him and over to her. He kissed her. They walked up to the cash desk and she paid for her drink.

“Young love!” Colleen said “It is a beautiful thing”

“Thanks Colleen. We have to go. Come on, Shane” she said grabbing his arm.

Jack got up and walked out of the diner. He looked around to find the girl but she was gone. He headed home. Lucas and Tony were still unpacking. Jack helped but he couldn’t stop thinking about the girl he saw. There was a knock on the door. Lucas answered it. There were three girls standing on front of him.

“Hello. I am Beth. This is Tasha and that is Martha” she said

“Lucas. Nice to meet you” he replied

“Oh hello! Come on in.” Tony said looking at them

Beth and the other girls walked into the house. Jack came out. He saw the girls and noticed that one of them was the girl he had seen earlier.

“I am Tony and these are my sons, Jack and Lucas” Tony said

“Boys take the girls up to your room” Tony said

Jack and Lucas took the girls up to Jack’s bedroom.

“I am Martha and that is Tasha” she said

Martha! What a beautiful name! Jack thought,

“I am Jack and this is Lucas” he replied.

They talked for a little while. Martha and Tasha left along with Beth. For the rest of the day all Jack could think about was Martha.

Preview: Jack meets Martha’s boyfriend.

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Chapter 3

Lucas and Jack got up the next day and went down to the beach. On the beach there was a group of seven or eight year old girls learning to surf. They were being taught by Martha. The boys sat on the beach watching her.

“She is beautiful isn’t she” Lucas said

Jack turned and looked at his brother.

“Sorry! Did I say that out loud?” Lucas laughed

“Yeah you did!” Jack replied

“Well she is! Do you think?” Lucas asked

“No…not really! She is nothing special.” Jack said getting up.

“Where are you going?” Lucas asked

“To the diner. Do you want a drink?” Jack asked

“Nah ” Lucas replied

Jack walked up to the diner and saw the guy Martha was with. However he didn’t see Jack and bumped into him.

“Sorry about that” he said

“It is ok!” Jack replied

“You are new in town right? I am Shane” he said

“Yes…I moved here with my dad and brother. I am Jack” he said

“Well it is great to meet you! I must go. Girlfriend is waiting for me” Shane said and walked off.

Jack watched as Martha ran up to him and he grabbed and kissed her. Shane seemed great but Jack wished she was with him. Jack walked in the diner and got a drink. He then headed home.

Preview: Jack meets Becky, Martha and Tasha other sister

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Chapter 4

Jack walked into the house and sitting there was Tasha and another girl.

“This is Becky.” Lucas said “And you remember Tasha?”

“Hi. Nice to meet you!” Jack said “What are you guys doing?”

“Watching a movie” Lucas answered

“It is 10 things I hate about you!” Tasha said

“Well I will get some popcorn? Do anyone want some?” Jack asked

“Yeah please” Tasha answered as well as Lucas

Jack went into the kitchen. Becky followed him

“So what do you think of the Bay so far?” she asked

“It is great!” Jack said

“Do you miss where you used to live?” Becky asked

“Yeah…I do. I miss my friends, my old house, old school and ……Amy.” Jack said

“Who is Amy?” Becky asked

“My girlfriend. Well my ex. I am not to sure if we are dating or not” Jack explained

“Oh right. Martha, my other sister, is the only one of us that is dating someone.” Becky said

“Yeah….I met him earlier. He seems great.” Jack said

“Yeah…he is wonderful!” Becky said sarcastically

“Is he not? When I saw them, they seemed very happy” Jack said

“Oh they are happy. But he treats Martha like sh*t!” Becky replied

Jack took the popcorn out of the microwave. He poured it in a bowl. Becky and Jack walked back into the sitting room and sat down. Jack couldn’t stop thinking about Martha. She deserved to be with someone way better. Someone that wouldn’t treat her like dirt. Someone like me! Jack thought. They watched the movie and Tasha and Becky went home.

Preview: Jack gets a phone call.

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Chapter 5

When Jack woke up the next day, in his kitchen was, Tony, Lucas, Beth, Martha, Tasha and Becky. He walked into the kitchen and saw them all. he only had his boxers on. All the women were thinking in theirs head, yummy!

“The dead arose” laughed Tony

“Yeah….I will be back in a second” Jack ran back into his bedroom

“Little shy. Is he?” laughed Beth

“Only when there are females around” Lucas replied

Jack returned to the kitchen with a shirt on. He sat down at the table.

“So do you guys like the Bay?” Beth asked

“Yes” they all said at the same time

“I am looking for work thought. Do you know anywhere?” Tony asked

“The gym is.” Becky said

“That is great dad!” Jack said

“Yeah I used to work in a gym where we used to live” Tony said

They finished up breakfast and the girl's went home. Jack’s phone started to ring. He answered it.

“Hello?” Jack said

“Jack it is Amy” she said

“Amy! Heya! How are you?” Jack smiled

“I am good. Jack. We need to talk though” Amy said

“About?” Jack asked

Preview: What will Amy say to Jack?

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Chapter 6

"Us" Amy said nervously

“I can get a lift up. It only a few hours or so.” Jack said

“No. Don't be silly. I just want to know if we are still well you know…together?” Amy asked

“Well….I would like to be but I think that it may not work. We will hardly see each other” Jack said

“I feel the same way, Jack. I love you. I really do but will it work. Me being here in the city and you being a few hours drive away. And with school starting back up in a few weeks…” Amy said

“Maybe we should call it a day then” Jack said

“Are you sure?” Amy asked

“Well…It was a mutual decision I guess.” Jack said

“Right. Then, so we can date other people and get on with our lives.” Amy said

“Yes. Well I guess we can” Jack replied

“Well I will still keep in touch Jack! You will not get rid of me that easily” laughed Amy

Jack hung up the phone. He went into the kitchen were Tony and Lucas were washing the dishes

“You ok mate?” Tony asked

“Yeah I am fine. Do you want me to take over?” Jack asked

“Yes. I have to go to the gym about the job anyway. See you guys later” Tony said and left the house.

“Who was that on the phone?” Lucas asked

“Amy” Jack replied

“Why was she calling?” Lucas asked

“To see if we are together or not.” Jack answered

“And? Are you guys?” Lucas said

“Nope.” Jack said "I am a single guy now. First time in two years"

Preview: Martha and Jack hang out

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Chapter 7

Jack finished washing the dishes. He went for a walk. On the beach he saw Martha. She walked up to him.

“Hi. Do you remember me?” she asked

“Yeah. Martha right?” Jack said

“Yes that is it” laughed Martha “Would you like to get a drink in the diner?”

“Sure.” Jack smiled

They walked up to the diner and sat down in one of the booths. Colleen came over and they ordered a drink.

“So….What are you interested in?” Jack asked

“Surfing! I teach it every Saturday morning” Martha replied

“You will have to give me a lesson sometime” Jack laughed

“What? Don’t you know how to surf?” Martha asked

“Nah….lived to far away from the beach” Jack replied

“Right well let’s go!” Martha said grabbing Jack's arm

“Wait here comes are drinks” Jack repiled

Martha sat down and drank her drink in one go. Jack looked at her.

“Right I am ready” Martha said

“Well I guess I am too” Jack laughed looking at his full glass of juice

“Great! Lets go” Martha said

They walked back to her house and got two surf boards. They headed back to the beach. Martha was teaching him the basics when Shane turned up.

“Heya babe! What are you guys up to?” Shane asked

“Teaching Jack how to surf” Martha smilied

“Deadly mate! She is a great teacher” Shane replied

“I taught him as well” she whispered

“Yes and I was competing in competitions two months later” Shane said “Well I better go. Love you.”

Martha and Shane kissed and Shane left. After he left, Martha continued on teaching Jack.

“So they are the basic’s really. I will get you out on the water the next time” Martha said

“Thanks. I better go home.” Jack said

“Can I walk with you? After all we do live next door” Martha said

“Sure” Jack smiled.

They walked home together. They laughed and joked the whole way home. They had so much in common.

“Bye Jack” Martha smiled

“Bye Martha” Jack replied.

They walked into each others houses. Martha walked into her house and closed the door. She got butterflies in her stomach.

“Heya dad” Jack said

“Hey mate” Tony replied

“You ok?” Jack asked

“Yeah I am fine” Tony said

“Did you get the job?” Jack asked

“Yeah. I did. Start in two weeks” Tony replied

“Great. Well I am going to bed” Jack said leaving his dad alone

Preview: Tony starts work.

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Chapter 8

Two weeks later…..

Jack went to the diner.

“Heya Jack” Becky said

“Becky!” Jack smiled

“Can I sit here?” she asked

“Sure.” Jack answered

“Back to school on Monday! Very exciting!” Becky said

“Yeah I know.” Jack replied

“Are you going to that party in Shane’s tonight?” she asked

“What party?” Jack said confused

“Oh. Yeah. Well…very year before the summer is over Shane’s folks let him have a party. Do you want to go?”

“Sure!” Jack smiled

“Great! Well I must go. Call over with Lucas, if he wants to come, at around 7. I will be ready with Tasha and Martha. Bye” Becky said and left the diner


Tony arrived at the gym for his first day. He opened up and a women walked into the gym. Tony stared at her. He had seen her before.

“I am looking for a personal trainer” she said

“Sure. I can do that” Tony said “Come here and I will get your details”

“Ok.” The women replied

“Ok. Name?” Tony said

“Sue Williams” she repiled

Tony looked up. It was her. He knew it was from the minute she walked into the gym.

Preview: Who is Sue? Will she remember Tony?

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Chapter 9

Tony contained to stare at her.

“Excuse me! Shouldn’t you be writing that down…” she said looking at his name tag “….Tony?”

“Yeah sure. What days do you want?” he asked

“Evenings. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays” she replied unknown to whom she was speaking to.

“Ok. Let me check that out.” Tony said

“Sure.” She said

“Yeah. I can’t do that. I have someone already on them days. I will get someone else - ”

“I can change the days” she suggested

“Oh! No…I will get…Kim. He can do that. He is free on those evenings” Tony smiled

“Ok.” She said

“Right. Well that is all” Tony said

“What about the rest of my details?” she asked

“Oh. Yes. Sorry. My mind is somewhere else right now” he laughed “Right! Address?”

After a while, Tony was finishing up with the details.

“I am sorry! But have I met you before?” she asked

“No. No. I don’t think so. I only moved here” Tony replied nervously. Would she remember him. Tony thought.

“Ok. Well. I better go. Goodbye” she said and left

She walked out of the gym but not before taking another look at Tony. She turned and walked out. She got her car keys out of her bag. Tony Holden! She remembered him. She couldn’t believe it. It was so many years ago since she seen him.

Preview: The party is on. Who will end up with who?

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Chapter 10

Jack walked out of his house with Lucas. They made their way over to the Hunter’s house to get the girls. Becky answered the door. She looked stunning the boys thought. Martha and Tasha walked out. They all looked amazing. Jack walked with Becky. While, Martha, Tasha and Lucas walked together. They arrived at the party. Shane’s house was amazing! It was so big. And he had a huge swimming area outside with a hot tube near it. Martha saw Shane and ran up to him Tasha and Lucas disappeared as well.

“You wanna drink?” Jack asked

“Sure” smilied Becky

Jack pasted Martha and Shane, who were dancing, and into the kitchen. Becky followed smiling. Someone pulled her though. It was a girl from school, Sam.

“Who was that?” she said impressed

“Jack. He is new. Moved here a few weeks ago” Becky replied

“I like” she laughed “Are you guys….”

“No.” Becky answered

“Well I know who I am going home with tonight anyway!” laughed Sam

Becky stood there. She didn’t know what to say. Would Sam get the guy that she liked? She was starting to get feelings for him. And now that he and his girlfriend, Amy, were over, she thought that she may have had a chance with him. Sam was a well known man-eater. She had more men than Becky had hot dinners. Becky walked into the kitchen. At the corner, she saw Sam looking at them. Sam walked into the kitchen.

“Jack. This is Sam.” Becky said

“Would you like to dance? I love this song” laughed Sam

“I was just about to ask Becky, sorry” Jack replied

“Really?” Becky said amazed

“Yes. Would you like to dance?” Jack asked

“Sure. Hold this Sam. Will you? Thanks” Becky laughed as she handed Sam her glass

Becky and Jack out to go and dance leaving Sam stunned. It was the first time that she had ever gotten rejected. The song changed. It was a slow one. Becky and Jack were dancing when Jack asked

“Town slut?”

“Spot on” laughed Becky

“Ah…I see! Don’t like those type of girls.” replied Jack

“What kind of girls do you like?” Becky asked

“Nice girls” smilied Jack “Like you”

Becky looked at him. He leaned in and kissed her. Becky was in heaven. So was Jack. Over in a corner, Martha watched her sister. She was furious with Becky. Shane walked over to Martha with a drink.

“Is this alcohol?” she asked

“No. Do you want some?” Shane asked

“Vodka” Martha replied

Shane walked away. Martha was very upset. But she had a boyfriend. He was great….most of the time. Her family didn’t like him though. Though he was out of her league. Too rich. And their family was nowhere near rich. Shane walked back to her. She downed the drink.

“Come on!” Martha said grabbing his arm

They walked up to his bedroom and closed the door. She kissed him.

“Are you sure?” Shane asked

“Never been so sure about anything before in my life” Martha said

Preview: Tony bumps into Sue.

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