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Love, Honesty & Tales Of The Unexpected

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Story Title: Love, Honesty and Tales of the Unexpected

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Cassie, Ric, Belle, Tony, Beth, Alf, Jack, Kim and Rachel

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Expect the unexpected...


Briefly what has happened :

Mattie was in love with Ric but he is in love with cassie, mattie's best friend. Mattie has been dating losers, she is still a virgin and has only ever kissed a boy on the cheek.

Cassie loves Ric, Ric loves Cassie they have been together for a while. They have a loving relationship but are they both ready to take it o the next level?

Jack & Martha are engaged and are planning their wedding, but they are both nervous and need reassurance, will they be able to tell each other how they feel?

Kim & Rachel have just moved in together. Kim has just found out he can never have kids! How can he tell the woman he loves that he can never give her the one thing that she desires?

Jack's dad, Tony, and brother, Lucus, are just moving to the bay. Can they find happiness. They have brought the house next to the matilda's.

Chapter 1

Matilda's point of view

'Mum have you met the new neighbours?' i ask. she doesn't reply, does she ever listen to me?

'MUM!!!!' i shout.

'what sweets', she replies.

'have you met the new neighbours yet?' i ask.

'yes they seem very nice why?'

'i was just wondering' i reply.

'ok got to go sweets see you later'

'BYE!!' i shout but before i finish she is out of the door.

i decide to sit down and watch tv. its a load of crap when we broke up from school i thought it was going to be fun and interestin not dull and borin like it is now.me and cass were supposed to go shopping today but as usual she has made other plans with ric

shud i really be surprised? she is always doing it. Well she doesn't really do it all the time its just well she always seems to get the good guys, whereas me i always pick the bad ones they always seem to treat me like crap.sometimes i wonder whether i will ever find sum one who loves me for being me.

my phone vibrating in my pocket interrupts me thoughts.

30 mins later.

this is actually quite fun, me & cass jus sunbathin.

then i turn my head and see him!!

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Chapter 2

Mattie's P.O.V

There he is walking towards me n cassie with ric. 'hi cass, mattie this is luc...'. ric says.

i dont hear the rest of his words all i can focus on is luc. his sandy hair, his toned physique, his beautiful crystal blue eyes and his smile o how his smile seems to melt my heart.

'Mattie snap out of it' i hear cassie say, she hits me then i really am back in the real world. Luc lucks straight at me, i look away immediately. i can still feel his eyes on me...

later that day

there's only me and luc here sitting on the beach ric and cass left about 5 minutes ago. the silence is killing me.

'so how do you like the bay' i ask him. he smiles and responds...

within about half an hour i feel like ive known him forever. i feel like i can just be myself, i dont feel like i have to impress him, he is such a nice guy. then he asks me the one question i wish he hadn't.

'have you got a boyfriend mattie?' he asks.

'no do you have a girlfriend?' i reply going red.

'no, i don't have much luck when it comes to girls'.

'me neither...i mean with boys not girls obviously because i am not you know.. a lesbian' oh god he must think im a right fool, i look to the ground trying to hide my embarassment. he pulls my head back up 'don't be embarassed, i knew what you meant'. this guy is incredible, his touch sent tingles down my spine, even when i act like a fool he still makes me feel good.

his phone goes, he has to go home. i decide to go home as well.

'so where do you live i?' i ask.

'oh iv just moved here me and my dad moved into our house yesterday, we live...'

i cut him off 'you live up there?' i ask pointing to the house next to mine, he must be my new neighbour.

'yes i do, why?''well thats my house' i say a little too excitedly.

'oh so we are neighbours kool' he says.

we reach our front doors, we say goodnight. iv got to ring cass i think to myself.

Luc's P.O.V

Mattie seems great, they all seem so friendly, she is so beautiful, clever, pretty, amazing. my mind casts back to her face when she was embarassed it was so sweet. i really like her and ive only known her for a few hours.

Mattie P.O.V

Luc is perfect. he is gorgeous, friendly, easy to talk to and genuine. ive only known him a few hours.

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a month has passsed since luc and mattie first talked to each other. they are inserparable and the best of friends. everybody around them thinks they are together. mattie is falling in love with luc. luc is falling in love with mattie. will they finally admit how they really feel?

Chapter 3

it's seven o'clock at night luc and mattie have been at the beach with ric n cassie all day. ric and cassie have just left. they sit alone .

Mattie's P.O.V

he looks so goergeous. i wish i could just sit in his lap with his arms wrapped around me and look out to sea. he catches me staring at him. he smiles, his eyes hold me in a trance i can hardly breathe. our heads move closer and closer. then our lips touch. the feel so good. he pulls back.

'mattie we can't, i don't want you to...' i get up and run away. how could he? i really thought he liked me. oh how could i be so stupid. i fall in a heap on the floor. suddenly i feel a hand over my mouth, someone got me from behind, they come aruond the front of me and push me backwards. he mumbles something and starts to pull my shorts down. i bite him, he removes his hand from my mouth and then pins me to the floor. i wiggle about trying to free myself buts its not working. why is this happening to me? i close my eyes.

Just then i hear someone shouting, i see it is luc he runs towards us, thank god i think i have been so pleased to see anyone in my life. the man pushes me and runs away as fast as he can. i sit up and start crying luc sits next to me and tries to comfort me. i push him off.

'don't luc please just don't' i snap. i get up to home i need to see my mum and get a shower i feel so dirty. luc pulls me back down.

'mattie please please mattie just listen' he pleads.

'listn to what luc you say that we are good friends and thats all you want and you never meeant to kiss me, please just leave me alone' i get up and leave. i start to run home, it may seem harsh to leave luc like that but i just can't deal with his rejection right now.

i get home and start to tell my mum what happened i begin to cry. i miss out the bits with me and luc kissing.

'we are goimg to the police station, noi arguments mattie. i won't let anyone hurt my baby!i swear i won't'.

i don't want to go do i really have a choice?

we arrive home at half past eight. it was horrible having o go over everything. i even had to tell them about luc and what happened, they say that there is not much they can do as i didnt get a clear view of him. right now i just want to forget about what happened and forget about luc.

30 minutes later

the tv is crap. i cant find anything to watch, i sit here in my trackkie b's and a strap top going over and over what happened. luc keeps coming into my head. how could i get somethingso wrong. a knock at the door scares me.

i get up and answer it. i am shocked to see luc standing at my door.can i really deal with this now?

'luc please just go' i plead.

'i will go if you agree to listen to me. can we go for a walk' he asks.

'i don't want to go out the house what if he's still around' i worry.

'mattie i won't let anything happen to you i will die before i see you get hurt again i swear'.

how does he doe that, he makes me feel so safe, his words are so calming and i can see in his eyes that he means it.

i grab my coat and tell mum where i am going. what does he ned ti talk to me about its pretty obvious how he feels so what can be so urgent??

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Chapter 4

Luc's P.O.V

we walk along the sea front how do i tell? what do i say? how to i tell her that im falling in love with her and that im sorry for making her run off and get attcked. i will never forgive myself if mattie gets hurt again because of me.mattie is really quiet, we walk into the park. we both it down on the bench. it's now or never i suppose. 'mattie the reason i brought you here and the reason i pulled away is...'

Mattie's P.O.V

luc is mumbling.

'what luc if you have got something to say please just say it'.

the next thing i know his lips come crashing down onto mine. we stay locked for what seemed like an eternity and then i pull away.

'what does this mean luc, stop messing with my head, one minute your pulling away then your kissing me im so confused' i say.

'mattie im sorry for pulling away earlier its just that i thought you were just caught in the moment and you would regret it and i thought it would ruin our friednship. i need you in my life mattie no matter what' i look into his eyes as he says this, i can tell that he is telling the truth .

'and im sorry you were attacked it was my fault if i hadnt pulled away you wouldn't have run away and you wouldn't have been attacked plesae forgive me...' he is so sincere and thoughtful.

'luc it wasn't your fault i was attacked it was the man that did it you didn't make him do it did you' i say trying to make him realise it wasn't his fault.

'no mattie it was'

'no it wasn't, i promise you it wasn't your fault! Luc what do you want from me?'

'i... i want you to be my...my girlfriend if you want to'

my heart swells did he really say that? i have to check

'are you sure you know what you just said don't you? are you sure you want me luc?'

'positive!!' he shouts, 'sorry i just didn't know how to tell you mattie i thought you wouldn't want me, it's ok if you don't want to be with me i will understand' he is so sweet. i feel a bit stupid how do i tell him i want to without sounding stupid. i just want to kiss him instead. our lips meet and my passion just seems to flow out of me.

'is that a yes then mattie?' he sounds so sweet.

i smile 'of course thats a yes'.

he pulls me close to him, his strong muscular arms wrapped round me like a blanket. the smell of his aftershave is so soothing.

he stands up and pulls me up by the hand.

'lets go to the bench by the sea front' he whispers. who was i to disagree i would go anywhere with him.

our fingers entwine and we walk slowly down to the bench by the beach front.

i hear someone creeping up behind us. 'luc someone is following us' i say worryingly. luc stops, pulls me close and holds me tight, the man behind us walks staright passed us. i sigh and im relieved. i feel a bit stupid now.

'thanks and im sorry luc i just thought... i know i was being stupid'

'hey hey hey, stop talking like that, you are bound to feel a bit nervous. you are not stupid and any time you feel scared just tell me. im not going to let anything happen to you mattie. i promise' the sincerity in his eyes is overwhelming. we kiss and go to the bench. i sit in between luc's legs he puts his arms around my waist and we sit there staring out to sea. it seems so perfect. my phone breaks the moment i jump not realising what it was.

'hi mum'

'yh we are coming home now'

'ok love you too bye'

'luc iv got to go home now'

'well lets go then' he jumps up and grabs my hand.

i slow down as we get closer i don't want this to end, it has been so perfect. he lets go of my hand and puts his arm around my shoulder and pulls me closer to him, he is so sweet.

we get to our front door.

'well i will see you tomorow then luc'

'yes you will'


'mattie' i turn round and he pulls me close and tenderly kisses me, he finally pulls away and i go in. im so happy. what am i going to Tell my mum?

luc's P.O.V

That was incredible, she is incredible. even when she has been through what she did today she still forgave me. i hope she isn't regretting being with me.

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