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Love, Honesty & Tales Of The Unexpected

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a bit about the other characters

Jack & Martha

they are both busy organising the wedding. they love each other but are both nervous about the upcoming wedding. neither wants to disappoint the other. jack tells his dad his concerns martha tells her grandad, alf stuart, about how she is feeling.

jacks dad, tony, and martha's grandad decide to organise a meal for the couple.

Chapter 5

'where are we going?' jack and martha both ask.

'you are going to our house jack and are going to sit down eat a meal and talk to each other about what is on your mind. you shouldn't start your marriage with secrets.' tony says.

both jack and martha start to worry they think that the other has a big secret.they finally arrive.

the house is beautifully decorated with rose petals. the table has candles and a meal set out.

they both stare in surprise.

'we will leave you to it' tony says.

'thankyou' they say in union.

they both start to wonder how to tell the other how they feel.

martha decides to start.

'jack i need to tell you something'

'me too, but you first' replies jack.

'well erm... its about the wedding. im scared incase things change or if we end uo getting divore. or even worse if we fall out of love and end up ahting each other. im sorry ive let you down. i just didn't know how to tell you. i want to have a longer engagement and get married when the time feels right rather than out of convieniance.' she explains.

'im sorry jack i never meant to like lead you on i just didn't want to hurt you, please say something' the panic in her voice is obvious'.

'martha its ok, that is exactly what i was going to tell you'.

they sit their and it sinks in marha gets up and sits on jack's lap.

'jack promise me something'


'from now on we are going to be completely staright wit each other. honesty at all times even when we know it may cause hurt or upset'

'of course we will martha'

they decide to move to the sofa. they sit for hours deciding on what they want to do with thei lives...

in this case honesty really was teh best policy.

Kim & Rachel

Kim has just found out that he is infertile just as him and Rachel were talking about children.

he is stck in a dilemma as to whether or not to tell rachel or to just end their relationship and let her find someone who can give her what she wants.

The thing that kim doesn't know is that rachel is pregnant with his child. she has done a hoem pregnancy test and been to her doctor who has confirmed that she is indeed pregnant.

Kim's P.O.V

'rach are you here?' i shout as i come through the dooor. i have to let her go and find someone who can give her the children she wants.

'yes i 'll be out in a minute' she replies.

i have to just tell her.

she comes out. 'rach sit down please'.

she instantly looks worried, i don't know what else to do i have to finish with her let her get the lif she wants don't i?. why is life so hard ?

'what is it kim' she iquires.

'rach i'm sorry but we can't be together anymore, i...i don't love you anymore, so we can't be together' i say. the pain in her eyes breaks my heart but i have to do it it is for her own good.

'i..i don't understand why, i gave up everything to be with you and now your saying you don't love me, it's not fair kim it's just not fair!!. she gets up and walks out.

i sit alone in a deserted house and cry. what else could i do.

Rachel's P.O.V

How could he do that. i walk back to the hospital.i need something to take my mind off him. the baby what am i going to do? can i have a baby with a man who doesn't love me? will i get another chance. to have a child maybe i should just move away.

to hours later. im walking home to pack my stuff. im going to stay with my brother in queensland, then i don't know what i am going to do. i jsut know that i can't stay here. my phone ings it's kim. i can't deal with him. so i just ignore it. it rings and rings. i get hoem and luckily he is not there. i pack my stuff and ring the taxi.

jsut as im about to get in the car. kim coms back. he runs upto me.

'rach please coem inside i need to talk to you, to exlpain' he pleads.

'no kim im going to queensland to move on with my life i suggest you do the same' i reply.

'no i won't let you go please just 5 minutes of your time!!'

i can't be doing with arguing so i agree and we go inside.

Kim's P.O.V

'look the reason i had to end things was because... was because i am infertile and i cant give you the one thing in thsi wold that you want'

'im sorry i know i shouldn't have ended things but it was the only way i could see that would allow you to have children, i thought you could forget about me and find someone to have a family with'

'i could never stop loving you rach you are the girl for me but i will not stop you from having a family'

'so why tell me now?' she asked

'well when i heard you were leaving i just had to tell you so you didn't think that i didn't love you'

Rachel's P.O.V

'You should have just been honest kim, surely you should know by now that i would have stuck by you. i risked my career for you does that not show that i would do anything for you'.

'i know and im sorry but it's bad enough knowing that i am never going to be a father but you are so good with children and you deserve to be a mother i know what you want' how selfless he is, thinking about my happiness before mine. i really need to tell him now its breaking my heart.

'kim come here' he walks owards me and pulls me towards him. i wake a deep breathe.

'we are going to get through this. i have soem news that will become a shock for you and may change things for us'.

'what ?' kim asks.

'well you are going to become a father kim im two and a half months pregnant, i didn't know how to tell you i went to the doctors last week and got the results this morning i was going to tell you but then everything happened'

'say something' kim is frozen, i don't think he knows what ive just sa... just then he picks me up and swings me around. he puts me down and holds me close to him, he starts to cry.

'this is incredible, i want you to completely rest nothing is going to happen this is a miricale rach you know that.'

rach this really is a tale to tell the grandkids, its a tale of the unespected.

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Chapter 6 -back to mattie & Luc

the morning after the night before

quick recap- mattie and luc finally get together.

Luc's P.O.V

i wake up and feel a surge of happiness filter through my body as i think about mattie and last night. a sudden surge of doubt surroudns me maybe she has changed her mind? oh i hope she has't.

i decide to text her ;do u want to hang out today tb lv lxx

she replies and says that she will be ready at eleven and we are going to the beach with cass and ric.

i get ready and go and knock for her.

she opens the door she lokks absoloutely beautiful. i smile and she smiles back.

she says bye and comes out of the house.

'mattie you don't regret being with me do you?' i ask, worried about her response.

'of course not, luc iv liked you for ages'

'me too' i reply, being honest.

i grab her hands and pull her in for a kiss, she tastes so good and feels so right. we stop and walk to the beach. we meet up with ric and cassie, who are already there. me and ric decide to go for a surf. we leave the girls to gossip.

Mattie's P.O.V

iv just finished telling cassie all about yesterday when the boys coem back. luc looks so cute, his sandy hair is all wet and curly. he looks amazing his tned pecs glistening in the sunlight. he is my boyfriend, mine!! things like this don't happen to me. he sis down next to me and pulls me to him i squeal he is all wet. he laughs and kisses me.

ric and cassie are too busy with each other to notice that me and luc have started walking waya from them. im more private i don't really want to be all over luc in front of them. we decide to go to the park.

luc pushes me on the swings and then has the cheek to stop pushing me and pull to a stand still.

'what was that for' i ask pretending to be annoyed.

'so that i can do this' he comes around the front of the swing kisses me then pulls me off and pulls to behind the big tree in the corner.

we start kissing and its getting more and more intense it feels amazing. we finally stop and i sit in between his legs looking out over the bay. then he asks me how much experiance i have. i clam up and get really embarassed. he must ahve sensed how i elt because he turned me round and pulled my face upto face his.

'tell me please' he asks

i take a deep breath 'well before you all i had done is kiss a boy on the cheek. pathetic i know.' i feel ashamed.

'mattie that is not pathetic at all. i think its incredible. most girls are so easy at our age.'

i giggle. 'what... what about you' i ask not really wanting to know. he has probably slept with a girl by now, he is really gorgeous.

'he clams up... well you are my first girlfriend mattie i hadn't done anything before i met...you'

'ow' i am so surprised by his revelation i thought he would be really experianced. i have to tell him how i feel.

'well i think your incredible luc. you are smart, funny and i ... i think im falling in love with you' o god he must think im pathetic. i don't want to look at his face, but he pulls my head up to his he kisses me, well i at least i haven't frightened him off, 'me too mattie. im falling in love with you. i knew you were special when we first met'.

omg he just said it back. when i said it i just didnt want him to freak out never mind or him to say it bakc. i kiss him with all the passion i have. he responds. this feeling is amazing i never want to stop feeling like this.

Luc's P.O.V

Mattie is beautiful and when she kisses me it is incredible i never want to stop feeling like this.

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there was a fire at summer bay high which is why luc, mattie, ric & cassie haven't been to skool but the school has now been cleared and they are allowed back into school. this next chapter starts on sunday, the last chapter was on the saturday night. iwhen they go back to school there is 2 months of school letf and there prom is in a 6 weeks. anything can happen!!

Chapter 7

Sunday Morning

mattie and luc have both been up for about an hour they have just arranged to go to the beach. luc knocks at the door.

Mattie's P.O.V

Someone knocks at the door, i get up from the sofa to answer it. nobody else is home. i hope its luc. i open the door and yes it is luc, my boyfriend. no matter how many times i say it, it still doesn't seem real. he looks so gorgeous. i can't help but want to kiss him, so i do. oh how sweet his lips taste on mine. he really is perfect.after a while we break off.

'so what do you want to do then, we can go to the beach like we planned it's upto you mattie' oh he is so conciderate.'i don't mind i say, no one is in my house we can just chill around here if thats ok with you' i say.

'of course thats fine'.

it feels perfect, we are sitting on the sofa all cuddled up. his scent is so over powering, he smells fantastic.

we have sat here for hours just happy and contented.

the front door opens and mum bursts through with sum grocery bags. luc jumps and offers to help, he is so sweet. we both end up helping mum bring in the shopping. he stays for dinner and then he has to go.

i lie on my bed and i can still taste his sweet lips and can still smell his aftershave. he is so amazing. i never thought i would find anyone. somethings got to go wrong.

my phone beeps its luc ;i had a great time today, i will call for you tomorrow morning and we can wlk to school together goodnite lv lxx. aww so cute.

mattie drifts off to sleep thinking about luc.

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belle taylor is teh school whore but is also queen bee, any man she wants she gets. she has seen luc around the bay. she wants him. can luc resist her advances. how will mattie deal, with the queen bee wanting her man. can life ever just be simple?

chapter 8

the first week back at the newly decorated school goes quickly. belle has made it clear to everyone, that she wants luc. upto now he has turned her down. there is a party tonight. what has belle got up her sleeve?

Luc's P.O.V

Summer bay seems really kool. everyone is so laid back. me and mattie are growing stronger. life is just great right now. best part is im off to a party. im meetin mattie there.

the short walk to the surf club is pleasant with a beautiful view.

i get inside and i look for mattie but she dooesn't seem to be here. unfortunately belle is. she keeps trying to like seduce me or something. i don't even like her and im completely committed to mattie i love mattie!

oh no belle is walking towards i walk in a differen direction but she catches me.

she starts to talk to me about how 'hot' i look, i can't be dealing with this, i wish mattie was here.

'look belle will you just shut up' i walk off.

Belle's P.O.V

how dare lucus holden speak to me like that. im gonna get him into bed whether he likes it or not. all though it might not be a bed more like the toilets as long as i shag him i don't care. that will wipe that happy look off lil miss hunter's face. that boy is going to regret talking to me like that. he doesn't realise i have 'ghd' he won't no what is going. mattie will though. when she tries to find him. god im good, people think im evil but i think im misguided.

five minutes later and i can' find luc. ahh there he is stiiting on his own.

'hey luc im sorry, i will not try anything on with you let me buy you a drink to say sorry' i say nicely.

'em.. ok, i'll have a oj please' he replies.

'ok wait here' now im gonna teach him a lesson.

i put the 'ghd' in his oj and swirl it round, now we will see if he resists me.

i watch him drink his oj and you can already see the effect it has. he tries to stand up but wobbles i hold him up and take him into the ladies toilets. i start to kiss him and he responds...

Mattie's P.O.V

Oh no im late for the party. im supposed to be meeting luc there. i better hurry.

i enter the surf club and look for luc. i can't find him anywhere. im bursting for the loo. i open the ladies loo door and see luc with his shirt off and belle with her her top off as well.

'luc how could you!!!!' i shout, my heart is breaking but i am not going to let them know that.

'mattie, mattie...i'

'no luc just shut up and leave me alone. i don't ever want to see hear of speak to you again!!' i need to get out of here. i run to the beach and begin to cry. i really thought he was special. i see luc cum out of the surf club. he looks drunk, he can hardly walk. i didnt think luc even liked alcohol. i watch as he tries to make his way up the road. he shuffles past a group of boys, they shout stuff and he shouts back. they then start to hit him. i have to go and help him i can't let him get beaten up.

i cross the road and luc is on the floor the boys are all kicking lumps out of him.

'get off of him' they look at me then just laugh and walk away.

luc looks really bad he, he can't open his left eye and he seems to be holding his ribs but he manages to stand up.

'mattie i don't know what happened one minute i was drinking oj and the next im stnding half naked with belle!!mattie i swear i didnt want her.'

he tries to kiss me but i push him away. 'luc please do..' luc starts to be violently sick.

'have you been dinking luc?' he shakes his head.

'belle' i scream, she must have done something.

'luc did she give you any drugs to take? or did you leave your drink unattended? did you buy your own drinks?' he soedn't answer.

'LUC!!!! answer me' i scream.

'mattie i wouldn't take drugs, i only had two drin..ks. i brought one and belle brought one'

'she must have spiked it luc she must have spiked your drink' he starts to be sick again. i have to get him to a hospital.

we get a taxi to the local hospital. luc is currently having tests. i had to explain what had gone on.

a bed is wheeled past its luc. he looks really awful. his face is all cut up and his eye it looks really painful he can't open it and its really bruised and swollen. i just want to hold him and tell him that it will be ok. what happened with belle was not his fault, i know that now. i'm in love with him, i can't imagine being without him.

'mattie...mattie i'm sorry i...' i cut him off

'don't talk luc just rest, i know it wasn't your fault. we will talk properly later i promise but for now you need to rest. iv rang your dad he will be here in about half an hour' i try to reassure him.

luc is wheeled to the end cubicle i sit sown in the chair opposite the bed as soon as the curtains are drawn and we are alone, he begins to cry.

'mattie im sorry i never meant to hurt you, please forgive me' its breaking my heart to watch him like this.

'luc it wasn't your fault.it's ok.' i say trying to sound sincere. it's true though i don't blame luc. i know what a cow belle taylor can be. she will pay.

i go over to his bed and kiss him. maybe he will realise that i don't blame him. i pull away and got to pull the chair closer so i can hold his hand.

'mattie come and lie on the bed with me please' he asks

'ok' i reply. so i get on the bed and try not to touch him as i don't want to hurt him, but he pulls me close to him anyway.

'doesn't hurt?' i ask worryingly.

'yes but i want you close mattie, i need you' he tells me.

'well im not going anywhere don't worry' i say soothingly.

'he pulls me even closer to him and kisses the top of my head.

a short time after his dad comes in the cubicle i jump off the bed.

then the nurse comes in with his results.

'luc i better go you don't need me here now you've got your dad'

'mattie please stay, i want you, i need you please stay' he pleads.

'ok' i say.

he pats his hand on the empty space next to him, its a signal for me to join him. so i walk over but as there is people around i just stand next to his bed and hold his hand. he grabs onto my hand for dear life.

'mr holden, you tests have come back. you have tested positive for the ilegal drug 'ghd' have you taken any drugs tonight mr holden?' the nurse asks

'no i don't even know what it looks like, could someone have put it in my drink without me knowing?'

'well it is comonly used by rapist who go to clubs and spike girls drinks. did you buy your own drinks and did you leave them unattended at anytime?'

'well yes but even belle wouldn't do that would she mattie?'

'yes luc if you are something she wanted she would!!'

'well we will let the police know, if thats ok'

'yeah thats fine thakyou' luc says.

'mr holden i also want to talk to you about you x-rays, im afraid you have a broken upper rib and slight inernal bleeding. you also have a badly bruised eye which will be sore for a few days, just put ice on it. as for your riba nd internal bleeding, we can give you strong painkillers and the bleeding should stop. you can go home now mr holden, if you have any problems please do not hesitate to come back' the nurse tells him.

'i will go and get your painkillers then you can go ok'

'ok thankyou very much' oh luc is always so polite.

half an hour later and we are just about to leave the hospital, luc's dad has gone to get the car and bring it to the exit door of the hospital. i help luc off the bed and help him put his jacket on. he puts his arm around me and we walk out o the hospital. we get in the back of the car. he puts his head on my shoulder i put my arms around him and he leans on my chest. i kiss his head. we sit like that until we reach home, by the time the car stops luc is asleep. i manage to push him back up, he looks so cute. i gently wake him, his dad opens up the house and leaves us to say goodnight. even when he is hurt luc still insists on walking me to my door.

'i am sorry mattie, i will make it upto you i promise'

'luc it is not your fault, go and get some sleep and i will come and see you tomorrow '

ok night'

we kiss and he pulls me gently close to him and whispers 'your amazing mattie. i love you.' i instantly smile 'i love you to luc, night'.

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