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Forbidden Attractions

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Story Title: Forbidden Attractions

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Peter, Amanda, Belle, Drew, Rocco + new character Jen

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: V/D SC L

Summary: Set around Peter and Amanda, it shows th difficulties of their lives and their loved ones.

Chapter 1

Peter looked at her girlfriend, Amanda sleeping. That soft sweet smell of her perfume was lovely. He was in love with her. He never felt like this before. Peter Baker got out of the bed. He went downstairs. It was such a lovely morning out. He thought. He made his way out the back garden. The sun was shining and Peter sat by the pool drinking a cup of coffee. Suddenly, Amanda appeared and put her arms around him. Amanda Vale, with her sexy figure and long blonde hair would be able to seduce any man alive. She took of her dressing grown and walked into the pool in her bikini. Peter took off his dressing grown leaving him in his boxers. While in the pool, they started to kiss very passionately. Peter pushed Amanda up against the side of the pool. They quickly parted as they saw Amanda’s 17-year-old daughter Belle come into the kitchen. Amanda and Peter got out of the pool and went into the kitchen where Belle was. Belle Taylor was making herself some breakfast when Amanda and Peter came in.

“Hello, Belle” Amanda said with a big grin on her face looking at Peter.

“Morning mum. Peter” Belle said grumpily.

“Oh! Someone isn’t a happy bunny this morning.” laughed Amanda. “What is the matter honey?”

“I just have nothing to do and I have only been on summer holidays for three days and I am already bored stiff!” complained Belle.

“Well! How don’t you get a job?” Peter suggested

Belle nearly chocked on her cereal. “Ha! Me work! Funny!”

“That is a good idea Peter!” smiled Amanda.

“Are you serious?” Belle asked

“Yes! I think you should!” Amanda said.

Belle muttered something under her breath.

“What was that?” Amanda said.

“I said no f*cking way am I getting a job!” Belle replied annoyed. She got up and left the kitchen

“Teenagers!” Peter said laughing.


Drew called over to the Vale residences. He knocked on the door. There was no answer. He went around the back. He saw Amanda in the pool. He hide behind some bushes. She got out and Drew began to watch her dry herself off. She stopped and Drew quickly went back around the front of the house. He knocked on the door. Maybe I will get a glance of her in that bikini! He thought. Amanda opened the door. She stood there smiling as she noticed him checking her out. She loved getting attention from guys…..especially from younger ones!

“Drew?” she said still smiling.

“Oh! Yeah…Belle?” Drew said as he came back to reality.

“Upstairs.” Amanda said

“Oh! Thanks.” Drew said and without realising there a box on the ground, he fell over it and banged his head.

“Drew!” Amanda screamed. “Are you ok?”

“Yes I am fine” He said and hopped up. He quickly ran up the stairs and Amanda went into the kitchen

“That son of yours! He came be every clumsy at times” Amanda said to Peter.


Drew went upstairs. Get her out of you head! He kept saying to himself. Belle was in her room. She was lying on her bed watching telly.

“Hey!” Drew said giving her kiss.

“Hey” she smiled as she turned the telly off.

“What are you up to today?” Drew asked

“Nothing!” Belle moaned.

“Same here! Can’t believe it has only been three days and we are bored stiff!” said Drew.

“Oh and guess what your dad suggested! That I get a job!” Belle laughed.

“Funny!” Drew laughed.

“So what to reckon will happen this summer?” Belle asked.

“Nothing! More than likely! This town is so boring” Drew replied.

“Come on!” Belle said grabbing him

“Where are we going?” Drew asked.

“Pool! Where else! There is nothing else to do.” Belle said


Amanda had gone back up to bed. She was very tired. Peter went in and had a shower. When he came out, he only had a towel around him. Amanda had awoke by now and pulled the towel off. She stared at his manhood for ages. God! I am so lucky! She thought. Suddenly he jumped on her.

“Peter! NO! ” she screamed.

“Why not!?!” Peter said as she kissed her neck

“The kids are down stairs!” Amanda as she tired to fight Peter off her.

“Fine I will sort that problem out! Where is my towel?” he said as he looked around the bedroom “Ah! There is it!”. He grabbed his wallet off the bedside locker and opened the bedroom door.

“Peter! What are you doing?” Amanda laughed.

“Just watch! Drew! Belle!” he called.

“Try the back garden!” Amanda said.

He opened the balcony door and looked over it. He saw Belle and Drew jumping into the pool.

“Kids! Here! Take as much money as you like and go out!” Peter said as he through his wallet over the balcony!

“Thanks!” they both said as they looked into the wallet.

He closed the baloney doors and turned around to Amanda and said “Problem solved”

Amanda smiled and he said to her “So….where were we? Oh yes I remember” and he jumped on the bed and started to kiss her neck again.

Preview: Belle meets the new guy in town, Rocco Cooper

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Chapter 2

After a couple of hours, Drew and Belle came home. They ended up spending for 500 dollars. When the came home, Amanda and Peter were in the kitchen. Drew and Belle walked him. Belle was listening to her new ipod.

“Where did you get that?” Amanda asked her.

“Well, when Peter through the wallet down, he didn’t say that there was a limit to how much we could spend” Belle said

Peter was smiling the whole day until that point!

“You have got to be kidding? Come on!” he said as he grabbed Belle by the arm.

“Where are we going? Wait! Let go of me!” Belle shouted at him.

“We are going back to the shop that you got that from!” Peter replied

"It took me ages to put all my songs onto ot!" Belle said

“Well…How are you?” Amanda asked rubbing his head

“I…I am fine!” Drew replied.

“Oh well that is good! Would you like anything?” Amanda asked

“You!” he said in his head. “No thank you!”.

“Ok! I think I should get dressed! What to do reckon? I mean it is nearly 4 o‘clock in the afternoon and I am here in only a dressing grown.” Amanda said as she sat down on the chair and up her legs on the other chair. Drew looked at her drinking her coffee. He looked so sexy with only that dressing grown on. And those legs! She has legs like a supermodel, long, tan, gorgeous. Again, for the second time that day, Amanda noticed him checking her out. She found it very funny. But she did like it. Drew eventually came back to reality, and answered her question.

“I think you look fine! I have to go now” Drew said and ran out the door.


“I can’t believe you made me bring it back!” Belle complained to Peter on the way back to the Bay.

“God! You complain a lot!” Peter said to her.

“Shut up, Peter!” Belle said to him.

“You really are grumpy! What the hell is wrong with you?” Peter asked laughing. He was once a teenager but he could not remember being a snappy and grumpy as Belle.

“I told you this morning! Nothing f*cking to do!” Belle snapped

At that moment, Peter pulled the car over. “Out!”

“What?” Belle said confused.

“I will not have to talk to me like that! Now get out of my car!” Peter said to her.

“Peter - ”

“OUT!” he shouted.

Belle got out of the car. Peter drove off letting a lot of sand go in her face. He drove off laughing. It was a joke. He did not think she would actually get out of the car. Belle looked at the sign’. It read, “Summer Bay 4 miles.” . That d*ckhead! She thought to herself. She did not have her mobile. “Well I guess I should start to walk.” she said to herself.


Peter reached Amanda’s home. He went into the house.

“Where is Belle?” Amanda asked.

“Oh I dropped her off at the side of the road!” Peter said as he opened the fridge

“PETER!” Amanda shouted. “Why?”

“I didn’t like the way she was speaking to me!” Peter said as he grabbed the ham

“PETER!” Amanda shouted again

“What? Don’t you find it funny?” Peter asked laughing and smiling. He looked at Amanda. And turn around and whispered to himself “Obviously not!”

“Where is she?” Amanda asked grabbing the keys to the car.

“Oh about 3 maybe 2 miles form here. Depends if she is a quick walker or not.” Peter smirked.

“I cant believe you!” Amanda said and slammed the front door.

“Jesus! Women! They are always so moody! It was a joke. I though it was funny!” Peter said laughing to himself.


He hands slide up her back. He opened her bra and kissed her neck. She lay on the bed as he took of her shirt. They were both giggling. She rapped her long, soft legs around his body and said “Come here solider!”. He lay beside her. She said to him “I love you, Drew”. He replied “I love you Amanda.”

“Earth to Drew, Drew come in!” Leah said

“Oh! What sorry! What did you say? I wasn’t paying attention” Drew said coming back to reality.

“I said. Would you like anything in the shops. Dan and I are going shopping now.” Leah said

“Oh…no thanks.” Drew said as he continued his daydream. “I am going to leave Peter for you!” Amanda said. “When?”. Drew asked. Amanda picked up his mobile phone. She dialled in Peter’s number. “Hi. Peter! It is over!” Amanda said to him. She didn’t allow him to reply. She hung up straight away and herself and Drew laughed. “I cant believe I ever loved that fool!” Amanda said.


Belle looked up at the sign. “Summer Bay 2 miles”. She walked and walked. The heat was so hot. Belle become very thirsty. She needed water. She saw a young man only a little bit ahead of her. She walked faster and faster to catch up with him.

“Excuse me!” she called to him.

The young man turned about. “Yes?” he said

“I was wondering do you have any water” she asked.

“Yes…here you go!” said the stranger handing the bottle of water to her.

“Thank you!” she said to him.

“Where are you going?” Belle asked

“A town called…Summer Bay” He replied

“That is where I live!” She smiled “We can walk together If you want!”

“Sure” he said “Oh and by the way I am Rocco….Rocco Cooper.”

“Belle Taylor! Nice to meet you!” she smiled

Preview: Why did Rocco come to the bay? Drew attraction to Amanda grows.

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Chapter 3

Rocco and Belle continued walking. They looked up at the next sign. Only one more mile to go! They thought. Belle stopped. She noticed a car coming down the road. She saw her mum in it.

“Thank God!” she said.

“What?” Rocco said confused.

“That is my mum!” Belle smiled.

Amanda drove up to Belle and said “Belle! I am so sorry! I will kill Peter when I get him!”

“It is ok! Mum” Belle said getting into the car.

“Well goodbye, Belle” Rocco said.

“Wait! Do you want a lift?” Belle asked.

“If you don’t mind.” replied Rocco.

“No! Get in.” Amanda said.

Rocco smiled. This was the nicest anyone that been to him before. They drove into the Bay.

“So, Rocco, Where are you staying?” Amanda asked.

“Oh! Em. I don’t know yet.” Rocco said.

“Well! I have a big house with a lot of room! You can stay there if you like.” Amanda offered.

“Do you mind?” Rocco said.

“Of course not!” Amanda said as she drove the car up to the driveway.

They got out of the car. Belle and Rocco went upstairs but not before Belle gave Peter a dirty look. Belle showed Rocco the spare bedroom and helped him get settled in. Peter was still eating when the came home. He went into the kitchen.

“Who is the kid?” He asked.

“Jesus! Can you not clean up after yourself!” Amanda said as she put the cutlery into the dishwasher.

“Sorry!” Peter said with a smirk on his face. “So. Who is the kid?”

“Oh! Belle and him were walking into the town. I offered him a lift…and he took it” Amanda said.

“Ok…why is here?” Peter asked putting the plate on the table.

“Jesus!” Amanda said grabbing the plate.

“You love me for it!” Peter said grabbing and kissing her.


“Ok. Well you have your own bathroom, through there and there is the remote from the telly.” Belle said pointing out where everything was.

“Thanks Belle” Rocco smiled.

“So what made you come to Summer Bay! Is it not all that exciting. Nothing ever happens here” Belle laughed,

Rocco stood up. He turned around and said “Needed a new start, I guess”

“From?” Belle said

“My parents spilt when I was 12. My mum remarried a horrible guy and I never liked him. He was an alcoholic and would often hit me. My mum never knew anything about it. I didn’t tell her either. I need to escape so I started to hang around with the wrong crowd at school. I became a typical rebel teenager. I would stay out all night drinking and doing drugs. When he found out he was furious. That day kicked me so hard one day that I said coughing up blood. I never told my mum. She loved him. That was last year. Then, my mum was diagnosed with cancer few weeks after that. She died two weeks ago. It was heartbreaking. I had to live with my step dad, but I hate him so much and one day I packed my bags and left and ended up here”

Belle could see a tear falling down Rocco’s face. She got him a tissue.

“Thanks! I am sorry. It was just I loved my mum so much!” Rocco said.

Belle gave him a hug. She had felt so sorry for him. He didn’t have his mum or his biological father. She said to herself that she would make sure from now on Rocco had a great life! They went down to the diner to meet up with Lucas and Mattie


Drew went over to Belle’s house. He knocked on the door. Nobody answered. He opened the front door and walked in.

“Is anyone here?” he said.

He walked into the kitchen and then went upstairs. He went into Amanda’s bedroom. He heard the shower on. He looked in the bathroom! That is the most prefect site ever. He smiled as he watched Amanda in the shower. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

“Amanda?” Peter called.

“I am in the shower!” she shouted.

Drew panicked. He went to run out of the bedroom but saw Peter walk up the hallway. He opened the baloney door and jumped down on the grass. He hurt his leg and limped all the way home. Close call! he said to himself laughing.

“Still have got dressed!” Peter laughed.

“I will in a second!” Amanda said.

“Ok! Well do it quickly! It is nearly 6 o clock in the evening and the dinner reservation is at 7!” Peter said,

“Are you wearing that?” Amanda said to Peter looking at what he was wearing.

“What is wrong with a t-shirt and jeans!” Peter laughed.

Amanda looked at him. “Fine I will get changed!” Peter said.

Amanda was waiting downstairs. Peter was came down in a tuxedo. He looked at Amanda. She was wearing a lovely black dress that he brought her for Christmas the year before. They both went out to the garden where a limo was waiting to take them to the restaurant.


Belle brought Rocco to the Surf Club. Lucas and Mattie went home. They played pool for a while and then were and had a drink.

“Well, like I said earlier. This town is boring and there is never anything to do!” Belle said.

“It looks ok to me.” Rocco replied.

“Well my mum and her boyfriend are not at home! We can go back and watch a movie or something” Belle suggested.

“What movies have you got?” Rocco asked.

“Well, lets see. There is mean girls, dirty dancing, 10 thing I hate about you, How to lose a guy in 10 days - ” she stopped. She looked at the expression on Rocco’s face and said “Maybe we will rent one out!”

They went to the video store and after a half an hour, they picked out Rush Hour. They went home and put it on. They laughed the whole way through. When it ended, they both went to bed. It was a long long day.

Preview: Peter meets new cop in town, Jen.

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Chapter 4

Amanda woke up the next morning with a massive hangover. She hadn’t had one this bad since her new years eve party when she drink over five bottles of wine. It was as if she had a hangover for the next week after as she was sick and couldn’t do anything. Peter came in. He laughed as he saw Amanda wake up. He opened the curtains.

“Rise and shine!” he laughed. “Here! I went down to the shops and got to two packets of paracetamol because I love you!”

“I cant remember anything!” Amanda said “Please tell me that I didn’t embarrass myself or you!”

“Well! You did do one thing that you may be embarrassed about.” Peter smirked.

“What?” Amanda said worried,

“Well, you took of your top and stood up on the table and started to dance! It was very funny!” Peter laughed.

“Oh god! No. Please tell me you are joking!” Amanda begged.

“Yes! I am” Peter laughed.

“PETER!” she shouted

“OW!” he screamed. She slapped him across the head.

“What time did we get in at?” Amanda asked as her took two tablets

“Oh about 5 or 6 this morning!” Peter smirked. He loved messing with Amanda when she had a hangover.

“Oh my god! What time is it now?” Amanda asked pulling the covers over her head.

“Lets see” Peter said looking at his watch “10am”

“Goodnight!” Amanda said lying back on the

“No! Come on you have to get up!” Peter said. He tipped her. She didn’t move. She went back to sleep. Lets see! He thought. What would wake her up. He crept into Belle’s room and grabbed one of her cd’s. He went back in his bedroom and turned on the stereo. Peter turned the volume up full blast. It was so loud that the whole neighbourhood could here it. Amanda jumped up. She kept saying something but Peter couldn’t here. He turned it down.

“What did you say?” Peter asked.

“Turn it down!” Amanda replied.

“Well get up and I will turn it off” Peter smiled

He turned it back up again. Amanda got up.

“Good!” Peter smiled.

“Now! See you later!” Peter said

“Where are you going?” Amanda asked.

“Work!” Peter said

He grabbed his jacket and went out to his car. Amanda went back to bed.


Peter went to work. He walked into the door and was greeted by Lara.

“How was Amanda this morning?” Lara asked.

“Great!” he laughed and went into his office

After a while, a young, red haired women walked into the station. Peter walked out and saw her.

“Can I help you?” he said

“Hello! I am Jen…Jen Harrison. New cop” she said.

“Really? I didn’t here anything about this? ” Peter said

“Yes! I am meant to be working with….” she pulled out and piece of paper and read the name on it “….Peter Baker”

“Well that is me!” Peter smiled.

Lara came out and looked at Peter.

“Well I see you have met our new cop! And she is your partner” Lara said

“Well It is lovely to meet you Peter” Jen said

“And you!” Peter smiled.

“And I have your first case!” Lara said handing them a pile of paper. “A young women was murdered in the city. It is believe that the murderer is in Summer Bay. Good Luck!”

“Ok well come into my office and we will get started” Peter said. Peter was delighted with himself. Not only did he get to live with a sexy women but now her got to work with another one as well.

Preview: Rocco meets Drew

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Chapter 5

Eventually, a hung-over Amanda got out of bed. She went down stairs. Belle and Rocco were in the kitchen. Amanda sat down.

“Want some eggs!” Belle said as she put a plate with eggs in front of Amanda’s face.

“I think I am going to be sick!” Amanda said and ran off.

A few minutes later, Rocco and Belle could here the sounds of Amanda getting sick. Belle closed the kitchen door.

“Now! that is not something I want to here while eating my breakfast.” Belle said to Rocco.

“Same here” he said.

“Oh! You have to meet my boyfriend, Drew” Belle smiled.

“Deadly! Cant wait!” Rocco said.

“Here I will take that” Belle said as she took the plate from Rocco. “You don’t need to wash it” She put it in the dishwasher. Amanda came in and Rocco and Belle left. She sat down on a chair and lay her head on the table.


“So do we have any suspects?” Jen asked

“Yes…this person here. But lets not talk about that!” Peter said.

Peter grabbed Jen and start to kiss her very passionately. He started from the neck and went downwards. Jen had a lovely slim figure just like Amanda. Peter pushed her up against the wall. Lara and others officers were behind that wall but that didn’t worry them, it excited them even more.

“Peter!” Jen shouted.

“Oh! Sorry! What did you say?” Peter said coming out of his daze.

“Do we have any suspects?” Jen asked.

“Oh. Yeah…This guy here. He turned up in the Bay about three weeks ago” Peter said

“What is his name?” Jen asked.

“Ricky Johnson” Peter said

“I think you should pay him a visit” Jen said grabbing her bag.


Rocco and Belle went over to Drew’s house. Belle knocked on the door and Drew answered it.

“Hey babe! This is Rocco” Belle said as she went to kiss him.

“Hi Rocco. Drew” Drew replied shaking his hand

“Come on in!” Drew said. They all went into Drew’s bedroom and talked. Belle noticed Rocco was laughing and smiling. It was great to see him happy. She thought.

“So why are you in the Bay?” Drew asked.

“New start” Rocco replied

“Deadly. what kind of music you into?” Drew asked wanting to get to know the guy that would be living with his girlfriend

“Don’t really listen to music!” Rocco replied.

“What?” Drew was shocked. He went over to the cd collection and handed Rocco a lot of cd’s. “Listen to them!”

“Drew is a music freak!” Belle whispered

“Am not!” Drew laughed.

Rocco and Drew seemed to hit it of. Belle was glad. After a while, Rocco and Belle headed home.


The evening at settled in lovely. Amanda was at home. She went to bed and was watching tv. Belle and Rocco came home but they stay down stairs. A car pulled up the drive way. It was Peter in Jen’s car.

“So…He claims that he is has always lived here.” Jen said

“I don’t believe it from a second!” Peter said.

“Neither do I” Jen replied.

“Well I better go. Thanks for the left! I will have to get the car fixed tomorrow.” Peter said,

“Goodnight Peter” Jen said smiling

“Goodnight Jen” Peter replied also smiling.

Jen’s phone rang. Peter got out of the car.

“Hello!” Jen said answering her phone. “Everything is fine! It had all worked out. He is hasn‘t a clue. Goodbye” Jen hung up the phone and drove off.

Peter went into the house he saw Belle.

“Hey Belle!” he smirked! “Rocco!”

“Get lost!” Belle said

“What are you going to do about it?” Peter asked laughing.

“Just was out! I will get you back!” Belle said annoyed.

“Yes! Sure!” Peter said messing up her hair.


Peter upstairs to his dying girlfriend.

“That man! He is like a child!” Belle complained

“What are you going to do to him?” Rocco asked

“I don’t know yet! But it will be good!” Belle said smiling.

Peter walked into his bedroom. Amanda was lying on the bed.

“How is the head?” Peter smirked.

“F*ck Off! How was work?” Amanda replied.

“Great!” Peter smiled.

Preview: Is Jen hiding something?

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chapter 6

Two weeks had passed since Jen and Rocco had arrived in the Bay. Jen was well like by her male co-workers and Peter was infatuated with her. He would be always dreaming about her just like the way Drew was with Amanda. Rocco was getting a lot on female attention. He liked it as he didn’t have a girlfriend. Peter woke up and got ready for work.

“I am off!” He said to Amanda

“Ok! See you later!” Amanda said.

Peter leaned down and kissed her.

“Oh! Don’t forget! Dinner reservations at 7! Be back at around 6” Amanda said

“I won’t! See you later.” Peter smiled

“Peter!” Amanda called. Peter walked back into the bedroom “Why don’t you invite that new worker of yours”

“Yeah why not! I will” Peter replied.


“Listen I have to go! I am in the office and the plan is working! I will ring you if anything happens!” Jen said. She hung up the phone and waved to Peter.

“Good morning!” she smiled

“Hello! We should go continue with that case” Peter said

They walked into Peter’s office and shut the door. Hours and hours pasted and they didn't notice. It was coming up to 6. Peter had to go.

“I will see you tomorrow!” Jen said

“Yeah! See you” Peter replied. Jen walked out of the office and got into her car. Peter remembered what Amanda had said. He ran after her. Jen saw him. She was on the phone again.

“Have to go!” Jen said quickly

“I forgot to tell you. I have dinner reservations with my girlfriend, Amanda. She would love to meet you. Would you like to come?” Peter asked

“Sure! I have someone for you to meet” she smiled

Jen drove off and left Peter standing in the parking lot. Damn! She had met someone! He thought. He drove home and Amanda was ready to walk out the door when he came home. He quickly got dressed while Amanda was waiting in the sitting room with Belle and Rocco. After a while, he came down.

“So is Jen coming?” Amanda asked putting on her coat.

“Yes and she has someone for us to meet” Peter said

“Love already? That is a bit soon!” Amanda replied.

“That is what I thought,” Peter replied.

“Wonder who it is? Wonder if we know him or her depending on if she goes out with women or not” Amanda said.

“Well. I think it would be someone from around here. More than likely someone we do know ” Peter said

“Sorry to interrupt. But did she actually saw it was a partner?” Rocco said

“Never even thought of that! Maybe it is just a friend!” Peter said

“Why would you care anyway?” Belle asked smiling

“That is a good question?” Amanda replied

“I don’t! Let’s go!” Peter said pushing Amanda out the door and giving Belle a dirty look.

“Be good!” Amanda shouted to Belle and Rocco

Preview: Who is Jen’s mystery guest?

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This is a really short chapter. Next one should be a little longer......

Chapter 7

Peter and Amanda were waiting at the restaurant when Jen and her mystery guest arrived. He was a well built man with dark brown and blue eyes that would make any woman weak in the knees. He sat down beside Jen.

“This is Jon” she said.

They all greeted one another. The waiter came over and they ordered their meal.

“So Jon! What do you do for a living?” Amanda asked,

“I am a lawyer in the city” Jon replied

“Yes! Jon is one of the best from his firm.” Jen said proudly.

“I don’t really get to see a lot of Jen as work keeps me away” Jon said.

“Well I would move back to the city if I could be work transferred me here” Jen said

“Yes! I know! But all your friends miss you and so do I!” Jon smiled.

“Would you ever think about moving back to the city?” Amanda said

“No!” Jen said

The meal arrived and they began to eat. They talked for a little while longer. Amanda seemed very interested in Jon’s line of work. After a while they went to their cars. Jen walked with Peter while Amanda and Jon walked ahead of them

“Jon seems……..nice” Peter said

“Yeah! He is a lovely guy. His is so great with the kids!” Jen said.

“What? You have kids?” Peter said stunned.

“No!” Jen laughed

“Ok! I am so confused!” Peter said “I thought Jon was your boyfriend!”

“Jon is my brother!” Jen laughed

“I feel so stupid” Peter laughed

“I have my eye on someone else” Jen said smiling.

Jen got into the car and was looking at Peter. He smiled back. Amanda and Peter walked to their car and went home. It had been a lovely evening.

Preview: Who turns up at the Bay?

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Chapter 8

The next morning, Rocco went for a morning run. He ran along the beach. He was only thinking about one person – Belle. He really liked her. But she had a boyfriend. He heard a familiar voice.

“Hello, little brother!”

“Johnny?” Rocco said confused. It was 8 years since he had seen Johnny. Rocco was only 9 when he left.

“Yes. Do you have any other older brothers?” Johnny asked laughing

“No. Mate! It is good to see you” Rocco smiled.

“So how have you been getting on here?” Johnny asked.

“Great. A lot better than the city with Richard.” Rocco replied,

“Yes I would say so! I am sorry that I couldn’t go to the funeral” Johnny said

“Why didn’t you come?” Rocco asked

“Richard would be there. I can’t stand the site of him. He treated all of us terribly.” Johnny replied

“Why did you leave?” Rocco asked

“Because of him” Johnny said

“Where are you going to be staying?” Rocco asked

“Caravan park. I have been here for the past week. I couldn’t bring myself to see you” Johnny said “I have something I want to tell you. But it is a secret. Can I trust you?”

“Yes! Of course!” Rocco replied

“Ok. Meet me at the diner in an hour. Tell nobody and bring nobody” Johnny said

“Ok.” Rocco said confused.

Rocco went home. He got changed and went back out to meet up with Johnny.


Drew called over to the house. Belle was changing upstairs. Drew went into the kitchen where Amanda was.

“Have a good night last night?” Drew asked

“Yes…I did” Amanda replied. She took off her dressing grown and shut all the doors. She walked over to Drew and started kissing him very passionately. She couldn’t take it any longer. She was falling for him and falling out of love with Peter. She pushed him onto the table. Belle was upstairs. She could off caught them at any minute. They threw off each others clothes and did it on the kitchen floor. Amanda got up and so did Drew. She continued kissing him. They heard the door open. It was Belle.

“Amanda?” Drew shouted.

“Oh. Sorry. What did you say” she said smiling.

“I asked did you have a good night last night.” Drew repeated

“Oh Yes I did. Thanks for asking. I have to go” Amanda said running upstairs.

Belle came down the stairs.

“What is her problem?” she asked

“I have no idea!” Drew replied


Rocco went to the diner. Johnny was already waiting for him. He sat down.

“So what do you want to tell me?” Rocco asked.

“Well little brother, I am in a gang!” Johnny smiled. “I want to you to be apart of it!”

“Why? What do you guys do?” Rocco asked,

“Because you are my little brother.” Johnny replied,

“I don’t know, Johnny. I have a good life here. I don’t want to start causing trouble.” Rocco said

“Who said anything about trouble?” Johnny said “So will you join or not?”

Preview: Will Johnny join the gang? Will Drew and Amanda give into temptation?

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Chapter 9

“Yes or no” Johnny said

“Johnny. I - ”

“It is very simple. Yes or no! I want an answer now” Johnny said annoyed.

Rocco could see the angrier in his eyes. He wanted an answer now. What would Rocco say? He became scared of Johnny. That evil look in his eyes.

“Well?” Johnny said

“Ok.” Rocco said.

He really didn’t want to though. But he became very scared of Johnny. He walked around the Bay for the rest of the day. Then he went home and went straight to bed. He didn’t want to discuss what was going on with anyone not even Belle. Belle thought she did something wrong. She went up to his bedroom and knocked on the door.

“Rocco?” Belle said “You awake?”

Rocco closed his eyes very quickly. Belle went and looked at him. He looked so cute lying there. She wished she could have him. She went out of the room and into her bedroom.


Drew called over to Belle’s the next day. He had to do some gardening. He didn’t really want to do it but that meant he wouldn’t see Amanda very often. Drew went out the back where Amanda was sunbathing.

“Hey Amanda” Drew said

“Drew! I was expecting you this early” Amanda smiled.

“Yeah…I wasn’t doing anything so I decided to get it over and done with” Drew replied

“Oh. I see” Amanda replied.

“So where is everyone?” Drew asked as he watered the plants

“Peter is at work and Belle is out with Mattie and I don’t know where Rocco is” Amanda said

“Maybe he is out with them as well.” Drew suggested

“Yeah. Maybe. So any plans for the next couple of days?” Amanda said trying to make conversation.

“I don’t even no what I am going after this let alone the next couple of days!” laughed Drew

“Are you not going out with Belle?” Amanda asked

“Nope. Things haven’t really been too good with us lately.” Drew said.

Drew took of his shirt. It was very hot out. Yummy! Amanda thought to herself

“What has been going on?” Amanda asked

“Oh. We are not spending that much time together lately. She spends most of her time with Rocco. Don’t get me wrong. I like him. But I don’t want him spending so much time with Belle. She is my girlfriend not his!” Drew said

“Well. I can assure you that nothing is going on between them!” Amanda said

“Really? Because I scene an attention between them.” Drew said

“Well I don’t see it.” Amanda lied. She did see it. She had a feeling that there was something between the two off them but had never mentioned it to Belle. Amanda walked over to Drew. She rubbed his back.

“What are you doing?” Drew asked

“What? Don’t you like it?” Amanda said seductively.

“Yes…I mean no! Amanda we can’t! What about Belle and Peter!” Drew said

“Who says that they will ever find out!” Amanda said smiling

Amanda walked into the house and up to her bedroom. Drew thought for a second and ran after her. Once inside, Amanda kissed Drew. She and him headed upstairs to her bedroom.

Preview: Rocco meets the rest of the gang members

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^^^^^^^^^ Could be! :P

Chapter 10

Amanda and Drew quickly got dressed as they heard someone come in the door. The walked down the stairs and Peter was on the phone.

“Yes. Yes. Ok. Thanks. See you later!” he said and hung up

“Hello hun!” Amanda said and kissed him

“Hey. Listen I have to go back out to work.” Peter replied.

He walked out the door and then walked back in.

“What were you guys doing upstairs?” he asked

“Oh. I wanted him to water a plant” Amanda said thinking of the first thing to come into her head.

“We don’t have plants upstairs!” Peter replied

“Yeah! We do. In the spare bedroom” Amanda said “Listen we can talk later you go now!”

“Right. See you later. Bye Drew!” He said

“Bye Dad!” Drew smiled. “I never realised what a fool my dad was!”

“That was a close one” Amanda said relieved


Rocco went to see his brother. He still didn’t tell anyone about him arriving in the Bay. He had to check that Johnny wasn’t a criminal on the run or something. He went to the beach. There was Johnny and two other men.

“This is Rocco. My little brother who is joining us now!” Johnny said “That is Tom and that is Jason”

“Hi guys.” Rocco said

“Now that you are one of us you need this!” Tom said handing Rocco a badge.

“It is the gang’s logo!” smiled Johnny,

“Deadly! Thanks guys!” Rocco said.

“Well meet us tomorrow here so we can get the job done!” Johnny said to Rocco

“What job?” Rocco asked confused.

“Didn’t you tell him, Johnny?” Jason said

“Must have forgotten.” Johnny replied. Johnny explained what they did. It was horrible. They would tie people up in there own houses and rob them. Rocco didn’t want to be apart of that. What had he gotten himself into?

“Are you serious?” A shocked Rocco said

“Yes!” Tom replied.

Rocco went home. He had built up such a great life here and now Johnny had to come along and ruin it for him. He loved Johnny. They were brothers after all, however he didn’t want to be apart of this. He walked into the sitting room and Belle was sitting of the sofa with Drew. Drew gave him a dirty look which mean’t “get lost”. He said hi to them and went upstairs.

Preview: Belle has a confession to make.

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