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Forbidden Attractions

Guest HeavenForbid

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Chapter 41

Belle ran over to Rocco. Cam was laughing. Out of rage she turned around and punched him. He fell to the ground. She kicked him. Peter put handcuffs on him as well as the two other men. Amanda called an ambulance. After a few minutes, the ambulance arrived and Belle and Amanda went into the ambulance with Rocco and Rachel. They arrived at the hospital. Belle was so worried. Amanda tried to calm her down. They waited and waited for news. Meanwhile, Peter and Jack were arresting Cam and the others men. The other men where sent off to the city. Peter was talking to Cam

“Right, A want a story.” Peter said

“About?” asked Cam

“Don’t give me that crap!” Peter shouted “Tell me why you are here on there side”

“This town screwed me over, years ago…” Cam started

“And?” Jack said

“Well…I wanted revenge like everyone else. You see, Three years ago when this whole thing with Zoë started. I loved her. We were together. But the she “died” in that fire.” Cam said

“But she was with Kevin then” Peter said

“Yes I know that…But see I don’t mind sharing. We all had some get fun nights, if you know what I am saying” laughed Cam

"Get on with the story" Peter said annoyed

“So anyway…When I found out that she was alive…I found her and we all planned to get revenge on this town” Cam said

“I don’t need to hear anymore of this. You are under arrest” Peter said

Back at the hospital, Rachel came out. She walked up to them

“I am so sorry…” she started

“Oh my god!” Belle screamed. She fell on the floor and started too wept. Then her tears turned into anger.

“He is in a coma” Rachel said

“What?” Belle said

“So he could live?” Amanda asked

“Well, yes and no. He may never wake up” Rachel said

Preview: Last chapter

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Chapter 42

Belle couldn’t control her anger. She was so annoyed. Belle and Amanda stayed at the hospital. Peter was still at the police station. He was so tied. It was one hell of a night and he still had to fill out paper work. Peter took Cam into the cop car. He was taken to the city. After a few hours, Peter was finally able to go home. Instead in went to the hospital. Belle was asleep on the chair beside Rocco’s bed and Amanda was sitting outside the room. Peter walked up to her and hugged her.

“How is he?” Peter asked

“He is in a coma” Amanda answered

“What about Belle?” Peter asked

“She is devastated. I really hope that he wakes up” Amanda said worried

“He will don’t worry. He is a fighter.” Peter smiled

“I know. It must have been so hard so him to stand up to Johnny.” Amanda said

“Yeah…It really must have been hard.” Peter said

The both watched Rocco lying in the bed and Belle asleep on the chair.

“What about Cam?” Amanda asked

“He has been arrested. Gone to the city along with Zoë” Peter said

“So will she be able to escape?” Amanda asked

“No! There is no way, she will be able to” smiled Peter

“Thank god for that!” Amanda said and started crying

“It is ok! I am here with you, Amanda” Peter said looking into her eyes.

“Thank you Peter” Amanda smiled.

They looked into the room. Rocco was stirring. Amanda called a doctor. Rachel came running in. Belle woke up. She, Amanda and Peter waited outside the room for a while. Rachel came out

“What is happening?” Belle asked

“He is awake and stable.” Rachel smiled

“Oh! Thank you so much, Rachel” Belle smiled

“That is ok. It is what I am here for” Rachel said

“Can I go in and see him?” belle asked

“Yeah, of course!” Rachel answered

Peter and Amanda smiled. Belle went into the room. Rocco smiled. Belle started to cry. She ran up to him and hugged him.

“Oh my god! I thought I lost you” she sobbed

“Hey! Hey, Belle I am ok. You haven’t lost me.” Rocco said

“You don’t know how happy you make me, Rocco.” Belle said

“I think I do! You make me feel the same” Rocco smiled

Belle looked into Rocco’s eyes. They smiled and hugged each other again. Amanda and Peter walked into the room.

“Hey, Rocco” Amanda said

“Hello Amanda, Peter. I am so sorry. This is my entire fault” Rocco said

“No! It is not, Rocco. Johnny, Kevin, Zoë and Cam are all just sick and twisted people” Peter said

“I am so sorry, Belle” Rocco said to her

“It is ok. Nothing bad came out of it” she smiled

“Sweetheart, I am sorry as well.” Amanda said to her

“I know, mum. I know” Belle said

“And Peter, I love you so much! I will never hurt anyone ever again” Amanda said

“I love you too” Peter said

"Oh, we have news" Amanda smiled

"What kind of news?" Rocco asked

"The wedding is et for december" Peter answered

"And we have bought a new house." Amanda said

The last few months for theirs lives had been so hard. First with Drew killing himself and them everything that led up to that night. They all knew, that they had another chance at life. A better one. A happier one. Meanwhile, somewhere in the city. Zoë was sitting in her cell.

“I will get my revenge on Summer Bay one day” she laughed


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