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Forbidden Attractions

Guest HeavenForbid

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Chapter 31

Back in Summer Bay, the night settled in great. Amanda was sitting down watching the TV when Rocco and Belle came home. Belle went straight up to the bathroom and took out a home pregnancy kit. She refused to look at it. She put it in her drawer and went down the stairs. Belle sat Amanda down to tell her what had happened when, someone broke in wearing a balaclava. The person tied up Amanda, Rocco and Belle. Now, four hours later. They were still tied up together and were filled in, in what was happening in the city.

“Who are you?” Amanda asked

“Would you like to know” the person laughed

“Yes! I would” snapped Amanda

“This will all be over soon” the masked person replied

“When? Why? What is going to happen?” Amanda shouted

“Listen here, b*tch” the man said and slapped Amanda across the face. “Don’t get cheeky with me!”

Tear rolled down Amanda face. It was only about six hours ago when she and Peter arranged the Christmas wedding. She looked at Belle who looked so scared. First I was raped, now being held hostage, what else could happen. Belle looked at Rocco. He was still shocked over what happened to Belle.


Back in the city, Peter repeated his question.

“Who? By who! You mother f*cking b*tch” Peter yelled

“Oh….Language Mr Baker” Zoë laughed

“Listen! Just tell me who, or else!” Peter threatened

“Or else what? You can’t do anything!” Zoë smiled

“LISTEN HERE! F*CKING LET ME TALK TO AMANDA!” Peter yelled at the top of his voice.

Zoë got annoyed. She took out the knife and walked over to him. Like what she done with Jen, she placed the knife at his neck.

“Peter! If you don’t co-operative…you, Jen and your while family will be dead. Just like Drew! To bad he is dead now. Zoë said

“Don’t hurt them” Peter begged

“Don’t you dare beg me!” Zoë spat in her face

Kevin walked back down to the basement. He turned to Zoë and said

“Plan, has work! Police are gone. Now let’s go celebrate” Kevin smiled

“Where?” Zoë asked “We can’t leave the house”

“I know, I was thinking about the bedroom.” He said and stroked her arm. They both ran up the stairs. Peter could here Kevin putting on all the locks so they couldn’t get out.

“Jen? Are you ok?” Peter asked

“I am so scared, Peter” Jen said

“It is ok. I am here. Nothing is going to happen” Peter said putting his arm around her.

“Thanks Peter.” Jen said

“For what?” Peter asked

“For coming and trying to save me. I felt all alone here. I really didn’t want to leave Summer Bay. But I had to.” Jen said

“It is ok. Listen how did you manage to call me?” Peter asked

“Oh, well, Kevin only put those locks on the door a while before you came. He put them on because this morning I ran up and grabbed a phone while he was sleeping. The first person I could think of to call was you” Jen explained

“Ah…I see.. I just hope everything is ok at home. I am so worried about Amanda, Belle and Rocco” Peter said

“They will be fine.” Jen assured him

“I don’t know. I mean, I don’t even know how has them. Do you? Did you hear any name being mentioned?” peter asked

“No….Oh Wait…I heard someone mention Johnny, but that could -”

Peter had stopped listening. Johnny Cooper had his family. How did he get involved? Back in Summer Bay, just as Peter found out it was Johnny who had them, so did Amanda, Belle and Rocco. Johnny had just taken off his mask. Everyone gasped. It was very shocking for them all.

“Did you like those pictures, Amanda?” Johnny smiled

Preview: Why is Johnny back?

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Chapter 32

Amanda heart sank. Johnny sent the pictures to Peter. Johnny knew about the affair.

“What pictures?” snapped Belle

“Oh…Yeah….Your mum here was sleeping with your ex, Drew. I think that is what he was called. He is dead now. Shame. Was a great guy. Especially if he scored with you, sexy” Johnny grinned at Amanda

“You were sleeping with Drew?” Belle asked

“What the f*ck are you doing here, Johnny. What do you want?” Rocco yelled

Amanda was trying to explain to Belle what had happened meanwhile, Rocco and Johnny were having shouting match. Johnny took out his gun and fired it at a picture on the wall. The picture fall and broke with cause everyone to go silent.

“Now, listen. I don’t give a flying f*ck about this whole family thing. Sort it out when this is all over and if you are all alive” Johnny laughed pointing the gun at Rocco.


It was nearly one o clock in the morning now. Jen and Peter were still in the basement. Zoë and Kevin never came back down. Peter was so worried. What about the cops? What happened to them? Why did they leave? Jen looked up at Peter. She leaned in and kissed him. After a few minutes, Peter broke from the kiss. He stood up.

“What is wrong?” Jen asked

“I am sorry. That shouldn’t have happened” Peter said

“Why?” Jen asked “There is an attraction between us”

“Jen, please. I am sorry. But what about Amanda?” Peter asked

“You know what Peter. If you gave a sh*t about you she wouldn’t of being sleeping with -”

“What?” Peter asked confused “Sleeping? What?”

“Sorry. It…I shouldn’t of mentioned anything” Jen replied

“I want to know” Peter damned

“I heard Kevin saying something about Amanda and Drew. That they were sleeping together of something” Jen told him

“What? Amanda? NO! She wouldn’t!” Peter said

“Well, when you guys first met, wasn’t she married to your brother, Dan?” Jen asked and stood up.

“Yeah…But…She has changed” Peter replied

“Listen, I like Amanda. She is a wonderful mother and person but -”

Peter ran over to her and kissed her. They fell on the floor and kissed even more passionately. Peter unbuttoned Jen shirt and she took of the rest of her clothes. Peter didn’t care anymore. Amanda had hurt him. If he ever came home, she would have a lot of explaining to do.

Preview: The killings being. Who will be the first one to be killed

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Chapter 33

An hour later, Zoë and Kevin came back down to the basement. Jen and Peter were fast sleep with a blanket around them. Kevin went over and kicked them

“Get up!!” he shouted

Jen and Peter woke up

“Get you clothes back on each other.” Kevin said

“Hurry up” Zoë shouted “It is time to go”

“Go where?” Peter asked

“Shut up! Get f*cking dressed” Kevin shouted and walked up the stairs

Zoë, Jen and Peter could here him saying “F*cking h*rny little b*stards”. After a few minutes Zoë walked up the stairs with Peter and Jen. Kevin pulled Jen by the hair and dragged her out to the car, while Zoë grabbed Peter arms and threw him into the car.

“Where are we going?” Jen asked

“Summer Bay” Zoë replied excitedly

The car sped down the road. 10 minutes later, about twenty cop cars drove down the road. They were armed and ready to fire. About thirty cops surrounded the property unknown to the fact that nobody was there. After a few minutes of searching the house, an officer came out and said

“Empty! Nobody is there”


Zoë and Kevin drove into Summer Bay and about an hour after they left the city, they reached Summer Bay. They drove up to Amanda house. Zoë got Jen and Peter out if the car while, Kevin got Johnny to open the door. When, Peter and Jen were brought into the house, Amanda screamed


Kevin got Jen and through her against a wall. Kevin started slapping her and kicking her. He was laughing. Peter was pushed on the floor.

“Why are you doing this?” Amanda asked

“There a number of reasons!” Johnny smiled

“Like?” Rocco spat

“My reason is that you would do what I told you. I told you that day on the beach I would get my payback” Johnny said

“Well, I just hate Summer Bay and Peter Baker! So I just want to join this. I thought it would be fun and by God! It had been” laughed Zoë

“And what about Kevin?” Belle asked

“I hate this whole family! You all took Jen away from me! ALL OF YOU” Kevin snarled

“Johnny, Kevin. Come here.” Zoë said

The two men walked over to Zoë. She took of her gun and fired it at Kevin. He fell to the ground. He was dead. Everyone screamed including Johnny.


Silence swept the room. Nobody made a sound.

“Why did you do that?” Johnny asked

“I was bored.” Zoë smiled

“You killed him because you were bored!” Jen yelled

“SHUT UP!” Johnny shouted at her,

“Take her upstairs, now! She is annoying me!” Zoë snarled

Johnny grabbed Jen. He dragged her up the stairs. Zoë picked up the house phone and threw it at Peter.

“Ring you brother. Tell him I want $100,000 by six o clock in this morning” Zoë said

“What?” Peter said confused

“Brother…. $100,000…. By six” Zoë laughed

“I am not going to do that” Peter said

“Do it or else, you all die” she laughed

Peter picked up the phone. It went straight to voicemail.

“No answer” Peter said

Zoë grabbed the phone and thought it across the room “Well, you will have to wait a while, which means a lot less time to bring me the money.” Zoë said

“I need to use that bathroom” Belle said

“F*ck off!” Zoë said

“Please” Belle begged

“Fine. I will bring you” Zoë said

Zoë walked half way up the stairs. She watched Belle go into the bathroom and also so she could still see Rocco. She walked past a bedroom and heard screams. “No…Please!” Amanda and Peter. Peter was ignoring Amanda.

“Having a lover tiff?” Zoë asked “Why?”

“She slept with my son” Peter snarled.

“What?” Amanda said stunned

“Don’t lie!” Peter shouted

“What is the point on shouting? Sure, you banged that b*tch a few hours ago” Zoë smiled at Peter

“Who?” Amanda asked

“Jen” Zoë laughed

Peter and Amanda started bricking while Zoë and Rocco looked on. Zoë was laughing her head off. Belle came out of the bathroom. She walked pasted the bedroom again and heard “I have had better”. From that moment, Belle knew who raped her. Johnny Cooper had raped her.

Preview: Who is next to die? Will anyone survive the night?

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Chapter 34

Belle walked back down the stairs. Zoë tied her up again and threw her on the floor. It was now nearly half two in the morning. Zoë was having a great time. Johnny came back down the stairs and smiled at Zoë

“Sorted her out” he smiled

“What did you do?” Zoë asked

“Nothing much. Will I get her? She is tied to the bed.” Laughed Johnny

“Yes….Bring her down to me. I have a plan” Zoë smiled

Johnny went back upstairs. He came back down with Jen. Zoë tied her to a chair. She took out her knife.

“Right. It is very simple, Peter. Each hour that pastes by, I will cut Jen’s neck, slightly” Zoë said

“Zoë, don’t do that!” Peter begged

“Why Peter? This town ruined me! I will ruin everyone in their town” she yelled

Zoë got the knife. She slit a small bit of Jen’s neck. “Do you want more?” Zoë asked

“No…No…” Jen sobbed.

“Well, Peter you know what you have to do! Get me my money” Zoë smiled

“How?” Peter asked

“Call your brother” Zoë said

Peter picked up the phone. Again, he got voicemail. He looked at Zoë. She knew nobody answered and started to get frustrated. She was very mad and took out her gun. She looked at Johnny and said “Bye-Bye” and shot him in the heart. He was dead. Everyone was scared. Who knew who the next person would be to be killed?


In the city, all the officers were trying to work out where Peter was. An officer came in.

“Phone call” she said to the head officer

The officer went out and answered it.

“Everyone!” He shouted. “A neighbour called the cops about an hour ago. From Summer Bay. Heard gun shots and shouting. The house is next door to Amanda Vale, girlfriend of Peter. Get everyone together. We are all going to Summer Bay.”

Preview: Will the police get to the house in time before anyone else dies?

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Chapter 35

With, Kevin and Johnny now dead, everyone in the house feared for their lives’ and safely. Would I be next? Everyone thought. Had the police found out where they were? And most importantly, would Peter be able to get to Dan? Zoë sat on a chair eating an apple. She watched everyone and had her gun ready to kill them if they didn't do what she wanted. Jen was sobbing. She was in a lot of pain.

“Shut up, b*tch” she snapped

“I can’t!” Jen sobbed “I am - ”

Zoë shot her in the head. Belle and Amanda started screaming. Zoë walked over to Jen’s dead body and untied her and pushed her to the floor. She shot her again three more times. Once in the heart and twice in the arm. Then she reloaded her gun and sat back on the chair.

“Now, did you all see that? That is what will happen if you don’t do what I say” Zoe laughed

Belle started to cry. Rocco whispered to her to get her to stop.

“What is going on here?” Zoë asked

“Nothing” Belle said

“Well, it better be nothing or else you are next” she smiled

Belle, Rocco, Peter and Amanda feared for their lives. Peter hoped that the police would find them and very soon

“Why do you want money?” Peter asked

“To get out of the country” Zoë answered

“Why? You will never get away with this” Peter said

“Says who? I mean, I have killed three people -” she stopped and started again “…So far. Johnny was sending all of those pictures to you Peter, who I think I saw Amanda burning in the bush. He got away with that. And then there is of course Belle….”

Amanda looked up.

“What do you mean?” she asked

“Well, a little friend, who is dead now, couldn’t keep his pants up. Let’s just leave it at that” Zoë said

“What do you mean?” Amanda asked confused

“Well, you daughter, Belle. Lovely girl. Not! A sl*t in my books! Has been banging a certain man who will remain anonymous” Zoë laughed

“What the f*ck are you talking about, you psycho!” Belle snapped

“I think you know exactly what I am talking about” Zoë snarled

Amanda and Peter were totally confused.

“Can someone please, explain this” Peter asked

“Belle has…well…was sleeping with Johnny Cooper” Zoë laughed

“I was not! He f*cking raped me! You f*cking b*tch!” Belle roared

Rocco was stunned. He didn’t know that Johnny raped Belle.

“Oh that was a very bad move!” Zoë said and walked over to her

Preview: What will Zoë do to Belle?

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Chapter 36

Zoë grabbed Belle. She tied her to the chair and put the gun to her head. In the background Amanda was screaming “Don’t hurt her, don’t hurt her.” Zoë was not listening.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again” Zoë spat “Or else you will be next”

Belle froze. So many things were going around in her head. Would she still be alive in an hour? Half an hour? 10 minutes? She didn’t know. She couldn’t control her anger towards Zoë. How dare, Zoë accuse her of cheating on Rocco with Johnny. He had raped her. She was sick and twisted. Zoë united her from the chair and made her sit down on the floor

“You know what? I am getting kinda bored” Zoë said “Why don’t we play a game”

Rocco and Belle looked at each other.

“What kinda game?” Amanda asked

“It is simple. I spy….with a twist” Zoë smiled

“Twist?” Peter asked

“Yeah. I will think of a word in this room. You all have one guess each. If you don’t get the answered you will pick one person to die. Sounds fun!” Zoe laughed

“Are you crazy?” Rocco asked

“Nah…Bored. Right, I will start. C” she said


The police arrived at Summer Bay. The surrounded the Vale residents. Everyone had to be really really quiet. They were three cops at each side of the house as well as cops at the top on the street and the bottom. Everywhere was surrounded. But would the police act in time?

Preview: Will Zoe be stopped before she kills again.

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Chapter 37

Everyone had made a guess expect from Rocco. They hoped that he would get it. The answers were so far chair, couch and Belle’s answer was c*nt. Zoë was not please by her answer. It was a waste of a guess and now someone may die if Rocco did get it right.

“Curtain?” he asked

“Good guess” Zoë smiled “Nobody dies! Isn’t this fun. Right - ”

Suddenly a swarm of police man and women broke into the house. Everywhere Zoë turned police were blocking her. Her gun fell out of her pocket. A police man tackled her. Rocco, Belle, Peter and Amanda were untied. They had a group hug and started sobbing. Belle grabbed Zoë’s gun. Zoë didn’t see this. She grabbed Belle and put the knife to Belle’s neck and started to cut her. Belle started to sob. Everyone ran into the house. Belle got the gun ready and put it at Zoë leg. She looked at Peter who nobbed. Belle shot her. Zoë yelled and fell to the floor. Belle ran over to her mum. Peter walked over to her and said

“Zoë McCalister…you have the right to remain silent….”

Everyone watched as Peter put Zoë into the police car and drove off. Lara walked into the house.

“Peter, we are so sorry…Took a while to figure out -”

“It is ok, Lara” Peter smiled

“Right. I will need the names of the people she murdered” Lara said

“Johnny Cooper. Kevin Nader. And Jen Harrison” Peter answered

“Thanks, Peter” Lara and walked out the door

Amanda had walked off at the Jens name. Peter saw her go into the kitchen. Peter walked into the kitchen. She was looking at a picture if them together. She started to cry. Peter sat down beside her.

“What happened Peter? What happened to us? Yesterday afternoon we were prefect now this…” Amanda sobbed

“Amanda I am sorry. I started to develop feelings for Jen when she came. I never meant for anything for this to happen.” Peter said

“I know you didn’t Peter. I am so sorry about Drew.” She replied

“I really don’t know what to make of that” Peter said and stood up.

Amanda stood up beside him and grabbed his hand and said

“If you love me, you will forgive me. I had never ever felt so guilty about anything in my life.”

“I do forgive you. I have never ever loved anyone the way I love you!” Peter smiled

Peter and Amanda hugged each other

“I can’t believe what happened to Belle.” She said

“I know, but now there is nothing we can do, since he is dead” Peter replied

Peter hugged Amanda again before walking out to the sitting room area where the watched the bodies of Jen, Kevin and Johnny being brought out of the house. Outside Belle was sitting on the grass. Rocco came over and hugged her.

“Are you ok?” he asked

“No…I thought I was going to die” she sobbed

“So much for nothing ever happening in this town” laughed Rocco

“I nearly lost my life” Belle sobbed again

“It is ok! Belle, I am here for you, Peter is and so is your mum” Rocco said

“Do not get me started on her. I can’t believe she was sleeping with Drew” Belle replied annoyed

“But she stopped it because she knew how much it would be” Rocco explained

“I know. I guess I should tell you about Johnny” Belle said

“What about him? He a pr*ck. I am glad he is dead” Rocco said annoyed

“You don’t mean that!” Belle said

“I do!” Rocco snapped

“I have to tell you something…” Belle said

Preview: What will Belle tell Rocco?

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Chapter 38

“Belle?” Rocco said “What is it?”

“I took a pregnancy test” she said

“And? Are you?” Rocco asked

“I don’t know yet.” Belle answered

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Rocco asked confused

“I couldn’t look at it. I put it up in my room” Bell answered

“Well, why don’t we go up and look at it now” Rocco suggested

“Ok.” Belle smiled

Belle and Rocco stood up. They walked into the house. It seemed like thousands of people were in the house. Everywhere you went there was about 10 per room. Belle walked into her bedroom. She hoped and prayed that she wasn’t pregnant. After all,it would be Johnny's child. She certainly didn't want a child to him. He was a monster. They sat on the Belle’s bed and looked at each other. In a few seconds, they would find out if she was pregnant. She reached into the drawer…

Preview: Is Belle pregnant? Is this the end to Zoë?

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Chapter 39

Belle looked at it and then at Rocco.

“What does this mean?” Rocco asked

“It means…” Belle started


Everyone left the house. It was nearly six am now. Belle and Rocco were the only ones left in the house as Amanda and Peter went down to the police station. Peter was called in to talk to Zoë while Amanda was quizzed by another officer. Peter walked into the room. Zoë was sitting there. Jack followed him in.

“Zoë! You will be going down for years. Life even” Jack said

“We will see! How is the wife? Oh…yeah how is the wife?” Zoë smiled “Oh I forgot…She is pole dancing…Rocket Club…Owned by…Cam??”

“Can you give us a minute, Jack” Peter said

“Sure.” Jack replied annoyed and left the room

“So…Do you have anything to say?” Peter asked

“Could have killed you all” she answered

“Well, Looks like you will never. McGrath is coming in now and will take you to the city.” Peter said

Peter stood up. He opened the door.

“Peter, How do you know that there was not more people on my side?” Zoë asked

“What are you talking?” Peter asked

“Nothing” she smiled

Peter was out of the interview room and looked at everyone. Ash…No. Jack…No….Lara…No….Amanda…No. Who could Zoë is talking about. Suddenly it clicked! He thought back to when Jack was in the room. Zoë said something about the Martha and her dancing job. Cameron Reynolds.

Preview: Peter races against time to get to Belle and Rocco before Cam does

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Chapter 40

Twenty minutes after everyone left the house; Cam entered the Vale’s home. Belle and Rocco were upstairs. They were crying with happiness as Belle found out that she was not pregnant. Cam walked up the stairs with a gun and walked into the bedroom where Belle and Rocco were.

“Come with me” he said

“What? Why? Who are you?” Rocco asked

“Cam…Great mate of Johnny and Zoë. Wasn’t to keen on Kevin though” Laughed Cam

Rocco and Belle got up and walked down the stairs. This was really an unbelievable night. Cam forced the two teenagers into the car and drove off. Now, an hour later, Peter and Amanda arrived home. Peter was so annoyed. Cam had gotten there before him. Amanda started to cry. Peter went back to the police station. Everyone started to find Belle and Rocco when they heard gun shots outside. They ran out and at the front door of the police station, Cam was there with Belle and Rocco. Two other men were there holding them.

“Let Zoë go and you can have these too” Cam said

“No way!” Peter said

Peter ran out and Belle screamed. She punched the guy who was holding her and his gun flew out of this hand. Belle ran after if while Peter tried to reason with Cam. Belle got the gun and was about to stand up when the guy jumped on her. He grabbed the gun out of her hand. He got off her and she stood up. Peter had now called more officers. The man grabbed the gun and shot it. But the bullet missed Peter whom he aimed it at. Instead, it got Rocco. He fell to the ground.

Preview: Will Rocco live?

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