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New Neighbours

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you mean no Neighours for 6 months :o What am i going to watch when i get bored at 630 :( Channel 10 better bring in a good replacement, maybe when BB starts, oh wait BL will be finished by then. Hmmmm...tis interesting though.

Why am i complaining though, i dont even like the show, the lame storylines are just entertaining :P

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It's not true.

Although the show *won't* be going off air at all, it is getting a massive revamp this year. Switching to HD film look, new sets to go along with that, new titles and a new theme tune before the year's out. This is to go along with new music tracks from Mushroom (same as H&A) and a big new family moving into number 26 when the Timminses leave mid-year.

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More new characters and sets aren't the way to go to bring in more viewers, it seems more likely to push more away. Is everyone going to be living in new houses without explantions or something?

If they want to bring viewers back, don't make the show so cartoony! No, I'm not talking about the Simpson-Like credits, I'm talking about the show.

From memory, Paul was hardly ever the evil he is now. He's so fake, look at all the stuff that has happened to him since he arrived back a few years ago. Along with Elle, she's as bad as Paul.

No ones actions seem to make sense no more in Neighbours. They just do the twists for the heck of it.

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