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BTTB couples poll mentioned on Yahoo!!

Guest jackandmarthaforever!!

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Did anyone know about this being mentioned on Yahoo?

Hot on the heels of a chart depicting Neighbours' best ever characters comes another countdown, this time involving Home and Away.

It's been run by fan website Back to the Bay, and shows the best couples ever to appear on the soap.

Among those making it into the top 10 are Shane and Angel, Noah and Hayley, and Lucas and Matilda.

However, those occupying the last few places, including that coveted number one slot, have yet to be announced.

Keep an eye out at www.backtothebay.net to find out who wins.

Heres the link


Thanks to Yahoo UK and Ireland!![post="http://uk.news.yahoo.com/10022007/344/online-poll-reveals-top-bay-couples.html"]Click on This To See Where I found this

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I was going to say becourse heaven forbid they aren't the only couple to ever be seen on the show but your explanation was a lot nicer Dan!

Well....LOL.... sometimes to read post on the forum..you'd think some people thinks they are the only couple n the history of the entire show. :P ...I actually think that if the poll was done today the order of the top ten would be differnt and a couple of them might not even be there. :o

Dan F Posted Today, 01:54 AM

This week just gets better and better! :P

The news wasn't actually created by Yahoo, it was released from the UK Press Association!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are famous.....all we need now is a two page spread in TV Week!

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