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I Hate Drew Club

Guest Cerise

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Yeah..Sure you can..Lol..give it all you got

Are you sure you want me to go that far? :wink:

I liked Drew for a while, but of late; arghhhhh i can't stand him. He really bugs me. He just seems like a really selfish person and can be so smug at times.

I hate him even more now that he's back with Belle. I like Belle, but not when she's with Drew. I'd prefer to see them with other people. Like maybe Drew wiht Cassie.

But yeah; Drew. I'm not liking him.

You certainly found the right place to share your Drew hatred! Welcome! :)

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I think I might consider joining here.

I used to like Drew, but lately he has just been so extremely annoying.

The same goes for Belle, they'r just two whiny, extremely annoying people.

And Drew was hotter in 2006. Waaaay hotter!

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