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Summer Bay In The Future

Guest Zetti

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Story Title: Summer Bay in the Future

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: N/A

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: SC L

Summary: A new family joins with a secret and is determined to ruin a popular couple's life who have already split up.They plan to push them together and then dive them apart and turning them totally against each other.

There probably also will be a few new characters to stir things up.

A one off! unless u want more?

Summer Bay in the Future

She sat in the car, feeling numb, her hands gripping the wheel, pupils dilated, legs shaking. Tears were streaming down her face; it had only just hit her that there were going to be serious consequences of her actions.

"I didn't mean to do it," she said. "They forced me," a pause "they kept going on and on at me to do it, I didn't mean to do it, I wasn't my fault."

"It wasn't my fault," "it wasn't my fault," "it wasn't my fault" she kept on repeating. She was rocking backwards and forwards. Someone knocked on her window. She jumped, it was a young man, she furiously wiped her tears away, put on her 'normal' face, rolled the windows down and smiled at him.

He had the most amazing face, high cheekbones with the darkest green eyes she'd ever seen, they gave the illusion of being emeralds. His shoulder length golden hair was tied up in a messy ponytail, he reached up and took the bobble out so that his hair fell around his face. This simple action made her stop and stare he reminded her of 'him.' Her smile, which just a minute ago was warm and inviting, was now cold and hostile. He had to be 'disposed' of.

"How can I help," she asked sweetly.

"Your car is blocking the entrance to the park," he told her.

"I'll move it right away," she said, followed by another fake butter- wouldn't- melt smile.

"Thank you"

She was alone once again, she now had two options, one; she could go home and forget the golden hair guy or two; she could follow him and 'dispose' of him. The first was never an option in her mind. All men who even resembled 'Him' had to be 'disposed' of.

Who is this woman?

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i will add the rest of the cast later

the status of people in summer bay


He has a masters degree and works as the secret partner to Amanda in the gym in return for a exit out of jail. Tasha died when Ella was 3.

Ella Hunter:

She is now 15 and a very different person than her mother. She is a very fast forward type of person and is currently single.

Jack Holden:

He is single and living with his dad again in the house that Beth lived in before she moved away to England.

Martha McKenzie

She is going out with the new trainer Adam and she is engaged to be married. She has a restraining order out against Jack.

Rachel Hyde

She is married to Kim and they adopted a girl and a boy. She is a psychiatrist as the hospital lifted the ban after she helped Tasha get through her dilemma of having cancer.

Kim Hyde

He is married to Rachel and is now the manger of the gym and the best personal trainer there.

Amanda Vale:

She is going out with Macca in a surprise relationship, but things are not as they seem.

Morag Bellingham:

She is engaged to colleen’s brother Wilf and they are currently living in the city.

Alfred Stewart:

Is a successful businessman in a nursing home?

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He has a hidden agenda and is somehow connected to the fiasco that will happen in the fanfic

Nicole Lepton

A new character who is keeping a secret from her son.

Joe Lepton

He is an outgoing person and fall in love but already has a girlfriend.

Karen Welis

She is a person that is connected to someone who has left the bay.

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chapter one

Chapter 1

The journey to summer bay!

In the city, Nicole was on the phone ranting and raging about something or other. Her mother was downstairs packing up all the kitchen items.

Karen was in the car while her mind was working overtime, her hands were sweating, she tightened her grip on the steering wheel, and she had so many questions running through her mind the biggest was why? She needed to talk to her then maybe it would be all right

She always thought that she could live with her ‘gift’ but the older she grew the more it haunted her, until she finally realised that unless she tackled her problem, head on they would always haunt her.

The door bell rang in an eerie way and Josephine jumped, despite the doorbell going Nicole was still ranting and raving about the move. Jo opened the door and let the person in. She had a detailed conversation in which all that time Karen was very edgy about something.

Later on that day, Josephine was trying to persuade Nicole to be more lenient on the move.

Joe walked in and said” mum……”

“Yessssssssss…….” knowing something was going to come up.

“I want to go to boarding school in Melbourne so I don’t have to go to summer bay” He said with pleading eyes.

Joe wasn’t a big fan of ‘SUMMER BAY’ what kind of deprived place has a name like that he thought with bitterness.

His mum looked at him “Joe no I am not a fan on going to summer bay either but we have to grin and bear it.”

“Hallelujah she gives in!” but Nicole gave her mum that look that said don’t interfere and she backed off. Joe was a sensitive area to get involved with.

They got in the car while Nicole was lugging all the bags belonging to Joanna her sister as well as her twin Karen.

Ten minutes later

Joe was in the car and the car was just starting and it was in Joe’s opinion it was the end of an era that he didn’t want to end. He tried to prep him up for an enjoyable time and he failed miserably.

They arrived in summer bay after a long long drive!

Joe stepped out and saw somewhere which was bit weird in his opinion: the surf club being demonstrated on.

It was a protest to stop the surf club from being turned into a casino.

Joe said to his mum that he was going to check the surf out.

“Okey but be careful”

He walked to the beach and as he was walking, he saw a girl she had the most amazing face, high cheekbones with the darkest green eyes she’d ever seen, they gave the illusion of being emeralds and her hair lay beneath her shoulders and waved around like a wave lapping up all the ocean as if it was the only thing it could to live.

“Joe, Joe, Joe……?” Nicole prodded him about a million times. Joe jerked himself back to life.

“Oh sorry I am not myself today” he said

He thought I think I am going to like it her in Summer Bay and he walked home with a spring in his step.

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Chapter 2

Joe was in the diner watching the people fade in and out of the doorway. He was wishing for a miracle and that she the gorgeous temptress would walk through the door.

Meanwhile at the Lepton House, Josephine was trying to transform the house to look liveable.

There was a knock on the door and when Josephine went to open it, she was grabbed and took to a van while the other person wrote a note on computer in the corner,


Joe arrived home and saw the note and assumed Jo had gone for a food buy. The doorbell rang and Joe shouted “its open”

“Hi, I am Martha and I came to say hi” she spoke in a quiet voice

He jumped up when he saw her as she seemed really familiar to him but he couldn’t place where he has seen her in.

“Come in”


“Are u ok” after seeing the look on her face.

She slowly stuttered out “yyyes”

Then she suddenly exploded with “I need to get out of here”

Walking along the beach with Kim was Rachel as they were reminding themselves of how hard it was to persuade Lee to give them baby Joe.

“Lee was a very promising student” Rachel went on to say

Kim nodded “But promising enough?” he enquired

“I don’t know” Rachel whispered truthfully.

Rachel was in her trail of thought about whether Lee should be accepted to be an assistant psychiatrist.

The debate was between whether she could be trusted and would take the opportunity seriously or if Rachel felt up to it. She shook herself up and a shark in the sea and was shocked to see that Joe was swimming near it.

“KIM Joe is swimming near the shark, help him”

Kim took his shirt off and ran towards the water shouting back to Rachel

“Tell the lifeguard now!”

Rachel ran to the surf club after telling Kel to stay put and a couple of minutes later the lifeguard came out.

They both ran up to Kim with Joe and Joe was unconscious

Adam the new trainer came up and said “I rang ambulance and they are on way”

The ambulance came and Joe went with them along with Rachel, Kim following behind with Kel

will Joe pull through?


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Chapter 3 Part 1 of 2

Kim barged into the hospital area where Rach was wearing the floor down worrying about Joe.

“Rach how is he?” Kim said in a very serious tone.

“I don’t know they won’t tell me, just that they are doing their best.” Sobbed Rachel

“Heyy he’ll be fine have faith in the doctor.”

Rachel was just sitting down thinking, “Why did this have to happen to Joe? It’s not fair. He doesn’t deserve what is happening to him. He is only 12 years old.

“Rach are u all right” said Kim very gently.

Just then Martha came through the door where Joe was being treated and said to Rach and Kim.

“You can go through and see Joe now”

Rach walked in with Kim following her and peered tentatively at Joe while Kim held Rachel’s hand very tightly.

“I have to warn you that he is a critical condition and the next few hours are really critical” Dr young said gently but firmly.

“He will need a liver transplant and he is on the donor list but I have to warn u donor organs are very hard to track down.”

Rachel barely heard all this as she held Joe’s hand and kissed him on the forehead while kim whispered” it will be all right he will pull through look at Jack”

Rachel stayed next to Joe for a long time after what it seemed to be like a n hour Lee came marching in and bellowed” what have u done to my son? You b***ch he was supposed to be safe in your care.”

Rachel was so bewildered that she stood up and said “err it wasn’t my fault it was an unfortunate accident and one I will always hate myself for so don’t bother trying to make me feel guilty any more than I already am.”

Kim who had been looking in and seeing if Joe was showing any signs of consciousness suddenly burst out with” he’s waking up!!”

Dr Young heard Kim’s call and walked into the room and everyone walked out as he checked his obs, he came out with a serious look on his face “

“he has only a few days to live unless he has a donor which is very unlikely.”

“I am very sorry to have to have to break the news to you like this”

Kim walked out saying he needed some fresh air, it was a dark gusty night with a storm brewing.

He walked for miles and he walked back to the hospital, he was walking through the bus he felt a pair of smooth hand seize his throat and he fell with a piercing sound in his ear. All went black

What will be Kim’s fate? Will Jack and Martha finally try to patch up thoer relationship or will they destroy it forever.

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Part 2

Later on that night, Jack was walking through the bush with Fitzgerald as they had received a call from a resident saying they had heard someone moaning.

Jack was nearing the place when he heard a rustle amongst the leaves, he hurried up his pace till he found a body lying in mud.

He found a pen next to it saying “yabbie creek hospital”

He turned the body off and gasped in shock. Fitzgerald looked and went straight for her radio and radioed in with ambulance to the back of the yabbie creek B&B.

10 Minutes Later

Kim was wheeled in and taken straight to the accident and emergency room where he was assessed. After a few minutes his breathing rate went up and the doctor had him rushed up to the theatre.

Rachel was sitting with Joe and had no idea about Kim as he had only been away for a while.

“W...Wherres kimmmm?”

Rachel said in a soothing voice to him” I will find out 4 u”

She had just stepped outside when she saw Kim being wheeled into an adjoining room. She ran towards him and Dr Green said

“He is seriously ill and unfortunately he also needs a liver transplant. He will be waking up in a minute “

Dr Green walked out with a troubled expression

The next day dawned and Rachel was sat by Joe thinking of how she was going to cope when dr green and young walked through the door with a grim expression on their The next day dawned and Rachel was sat by Joe with Kim just opposite to her and when she saw them she knew something was wrong.

“Rachel” Dr Green started but faltered away

“Rachel there is a problem as we have a donor that matches both Kim and Joe but we have to ask your consent on which the liver goes to.” stated Dr Young.

Kim was awake and listening and knew what the decision had to be but persuading Rachel to see it that way was an entirely different matter.


Joe was very tired as he ran after Martha who was nowhere to be seen and now he was on a bench in the midst of the surf club.

He heard someone on the phone and thought nothing of it because he was just casually walking about.

As the guy who seemed to be from the gym walked nearer, Joe was more alert and listening.

“Martha hasn’t been around for a few hours ad she said she would ring me”

Joe was listening and jumped up to say “I saw Martha only a few hours ago when she came to my house”

Adam as it said on his badge went “Where? When?”

“My house about 4pm, she was really upset about something” he said with a air of worry.

Adam listened carefully to Joe and when he finished he went” thanks I will try to find her”

“Let me help I will look around as I feel partially responsible for her disappearance”

“Are u sure? Cos I can do this alone”

No its fine and he went off in the sight of Amanda mansion as he called for Martha.

Jack was sat at home watching a wildlife programme because since Martha left him, he didn’t want to do anything fun.

The doorbell rang and when jack got up to answer it, Martha was there sobbing her heart out, jack was so speechless but nevertheless he welcomed her in.

“sorry to dump all this on u right now because I felt I had nowhere else to go.

“Remember the time when we had that dare and u stopped me from running off the cliff!”

“yeh I remember, it was so funny” Jack reminisced.

Martha got her cell phone and rang Adam.

The conversation lasted a long time which in jacks eyes meant that Adam and Martha were rock solid.

Martha said “ I am going to get off now”

Jack said “bye”

They both went back to their normal activities but knew that they needed each othe and it gave them both comforts.

What decision will Rachel make? Will Joe realise who Martha is? Ella makes eyes turn but who is she after?

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here is my update

no more for a while

Chapter 4

Martha and Adam house

Martha was lying in bed in Adam’s arms while she was thinking of the night before with Jack. The night before was the most amazing night she ha ever spent. As it was just a peaceful with them talking instead of arguing all the time.

She got up and went to the shower, while in the shower she thought of al the moments she had with jack that led to the restraining order.

She was so mad when he had Adam followed on a harmless business trip that she had a restraining order put on him.

In the diner

Ella was sat at a booth being bored out of her brain thinking of one person. Robbie walks in and orders a coffee while searching around for Ella, when his eyes finally sought after her. He sighed and thought here we go.

“Where did u go missy”

“About” stated Ella

She had been hanging around hoping to catch a glimpse of her new crush because she likes and as he came out of the gym she sent him a call but didn’t do nothing but breathe into the phone.

Later on that day Adam walked into the police and asked to speak to Jack.

Jack led Adam into the interview room “someone has been over the past few weeks ringing me constantly and does nothing but breathe into the phone.”

“How often does this happen?”

“Every time I leave the gym and it is beginning to annoy me”

“Have u annoyed anyone or is there anyone who may hold a grudge against you”

“No, at least I don’t think so”



Joe is everything to me and since Kit left I alone with Kel while she went on a booze rampage really infuriated me. Don’t get me wrong I love Kel more than anything as the same with Joe.

Joe’s life is in so much danger and I cannot and will not sacrifice his life for mine in any way at all so they can give the liver to him but I am not consenting to it.

Rach POV

Kim and Joe mean the world to them and I can’t bear to see them in so much pain but I have a decision to make.

I have no idea what it is to be but all I know is that I don’t want to lose either of them.

Rachel was sitting in the waiting room with Kim’s words ringing in her head” Joe is to have the liver as I wil never live with myself if he doesn’t have it.”

Rachel knew that what Kim said was the right decision to make but it didn’t make it any less easier.

She spotted Dr green and hurried up to him and said “I have made my decision”

Dr Green ushered her into a small room and said “ok who is it”


How will Joe react? Martha realises something…. what is it?

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Chapter 5 thanks to beckyboo for proofing

“Hey what’s up” he asked taking in her appearance

“I’m going to break up with Adam” she told him

“Oh” was all Jack could say but inside he was the happiest person alive maybe him and Martha could work things out.


“Because he is so secretive about everything, he always gets phone calls and he doesn’t tell what happened

Jack felt a pang of guilt because he knew what Adam was being so secretive about and he said “he will tell you in his own time”

He wanted Martha but only if she wanted it not forcefully.

“I know why” Jack told her

“What, why tell me” Martha begged him

Jack told her and by the end, Martha jumped up and sped away

“Martha, don’t please” Jack shouted out after her.

Jack ran after her and when he caught up with her, she was with Adam and they were having a big Talk’

He could see that they were having a long talk; he asked himself

‘Why do I keep chasing Martha when she doesn’t want to be chased, she needs me to leave her alone doesn’t she?’

As of that moment Jack made a resolution to leave Martha alone and find someone else if he could. He looked at her and said a final goodbye to her for as long as she needed.

Martha was in her apartment packing her bags when she finished, she finished it and sat down and finlly realised summer bay was not the place for her.

She instantly made the decision to leave the bay, and she walked out without telling anyone as she thought that was for the best even though she was aching to tell Jack and ask him to come with her but she thought it was for the best to leave without a trace.

She got into the car and after a while Martha stopped at the end of the road and put a CD in the car stereo. The music was comforting.

She felt happy as though she was invincible. She was finally able to accept herself; she was now looking forward to her life without any distractions.

It was her and her baby all the way going to survive in the big cirty

Jack had gotten into his car also and was now heading towards the city to see old friends.

What will Adam do when he finds out Martha is pregnant? Will Martha return?

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Chapter 6 Thanks to baby_gurl for proofing

It was 2 weeks later and Martha wasn't 100% sure she was pregnant. It had taken all her effort to get her to this moment right there.

She was so nervous if she was pregnant how would she be able spill the news to Adam?

"I really wanted this baby to be Jack's." She thought to herself.

Until she had the proof in front of her, Martha didn't want to believe she was pregnant. Although what more proof did she need? Her bump was already showing.

She took the pregnancy test and went to find out whether she was pregnant or not.

Jack was in the park playing catch with his daughter Katie who was trying to head butt Jack.

She ran towards the roundabout while jack sat down and took in the amazing view of her daughter. He wondered what it would be like if she was Martha's as well as his. It would be perfect.

"Penny for them?"

Jack turned around to see Sam and she sat down "our beautiful girl is growing up."

"Yeah" agreed Jack thinking of Martha

"I have to go to pick Rory up but I will be back later to pick Katie up" Sam said

"Fine, see you then" Jack replied

Morag was in the vicinity and heard the conversation and she knew how much it would hurt Martha to see this as she knew deep down Martha still loved him despite everything. This would destroy their chances of being together any more.

Morag headed home and when she reached there, Martha was sat on the couch crying. She went to her instantly and asked gently "what's wrong?"

"I…I….am Pregnant"

She held her even closer and knew she had to be told the truth about Jack and Sam and their daughter.

Summer Bay

Jack arrived in summer bay after a long drive and headed straight to his apartment. When he got in, he saw someone who annoyed him a lot.

"Hey long time no see"

"You!" seethed Jack

"That's no way to treat a friend"

"Your no friend!" he said

"Get out of my house Corey!"

"Not until I get what I want" stated Corey

"What's that then?" knowing the answer


Jack was so pissed off with him that he went swinging for him and got him in the stomach. Corey got a few punches but Jack managed to throw him out his house and bolt the door.

The City

Martha was in tears as she contemplated her life with a baby she didn't want to have without Jack but she didn't know whether Jack would still be with her if she was pregnant with Adam's baby.

"Darling I have something to tell you and I don't know how you will take it."

"What is it, Auntie Morag?"

"I don't know how to say this but I am going to anyway, I saw Jack earlier"

Martha didn't say anything so Morag continued "he was with Sam and I heard them talking about their daughter.

Martha heart sank and she ran out of the house and headed to her car, she decided to go for a drive to make her feel better.

On the way she stopped at a café and had a cup of tea. Just as she was about to leave, Adam walked in and he saw her and her 'bump'

"Martha? What is going on?" he said but then his eyes fell on the 'bump'.


"I was going to tell you but I never got around to it because I don't want to lead you on into thinking there is a chance for our relationship."

"Ok, what are we going to do about this?"

"I honestly don't know"

"Come back to summer bay with me, we can work this out"


Adam was so frustrated by Martha that he went to the men's room and made a phone call

"We need to act now!"

"Tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yes 2pm" he said and when he got off the phone. He had a very evil grin on his face. "My plan has just began." He thought to himself.

Rate and Review

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