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A Birthday To Remember

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Thanks, the librarians.

This is about Ryan and Ella.

I made them the same age, 7.

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray.

It was Ryan Baker's birthday party.

He had gotten lots of birthday presents from family and friends.

But all he cared about was Ella.

He had a crush on her and she had a crush on him, but never admitted it.

Ryan was walking around trying to find Ella.

He found her sitting on a chair near the stairs.

"Hello Ella, How are you today?" Ryan asked the beautiful girl sitting in front of him.

"Very well thank you Ryan, happy birthday by the way" She said quietly

"I have something I need to tell you Ella, It is important and you have to know!" Ryan exclaimed.

"What would that be Ryan" She wondered

"I like you Ella, I like you a lot I know we are young but would you like to be my girlfriend." He blushed

"I like you a lot too Ryan, so yes I would like to be your girlfriend."She answered

The two kids ran quietly up to Ryan's room so no one will see them going up.

Only one person did

They talked and then leaned over and kissed each other

Just the a man in a balaclava walked in to see the lovers kissing.

"You two are going to get hurt."he said

Ryan walked up and kicked the guy, but I didn't effect him.

The man pushed Ryan awayand grabbed Ella, leaving out the window

Ryan was on the floor unconcious and bleeding from his head.

Please read and reveiw

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"Ryan, Ella, come down now." Tasha yelled

No reply

"Kids come down at once" Yelled Amanda

No reply

"V.J, can you go up and get those kids down here I want Ryan to open his gifts"Rachel asked V.J

"Kids" Laughed Martha and Jack

He went up the stairs and into Ryans room

"Aaaaaaaaaargh" V.J screamed when he saw his brother on the floor unconcious.

People down stairs heard V.J scream and ran all the way up to see what then screaming was about.

They looked at the floor to se Ryan lying there unconcious.

"Call the ambulance"Rachel told Tony

He ran out just as Ryan stirred.

"Ryan honey try to stay still O.K"

"Ella"He mumbled

Everyone looked up and wondered where she had gone then they saw the window.

"No Ella"Screamed Robbie

"We will find her honest" Lucas said

Soon Ryan was at the hospital and a search team was trying to find Ella

Ryan woke up and said "A guy got her, and my head hurts."He started crying

"It will be O.K"Rachel siad

Then everyone left Ryan to sleep

A guy walked in and said "Sweet dreams, my baby, sweet dreams"

Who was that.Find out next chapter

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