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A Birthday To Remember

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A nurse walked into Ryan's room to see the guy there.

"Who are you" She asked the man

"Ryans father" he replied

"Oh so you must be Dan Baker"She replied

"Ahh, yeah" he answered

"You dont sound so sure, but o.k"

L8r on in the evening

"You can take him home this morning if you want Dan" the nurse said

"Yes o.k I will just get a coffee now o.k" he said walking out

"kk" she replied

While the nurse was walking out a man walked in

"who might you be" she asked

"Dan Baker nice to meet you"The man replied

"Sorry?" she asked

"Dan Baker" he replied

"Sorry but Dan Baker was already in here you dont look like him"

"Here is my I.D"he replied showing his I.D card

They were still talking when the imposter walks in, see's Dan and runs

"Wait, who was he?"the nurse asks

"He was Ryans real dad."

find out what happens next time

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