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You're really ace, Sharni

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You're really ace, Sharni

The Advertiser

20 November 2006

OH dear. Just what was Sharni Vinson thinking?

The Home and Away starlet was among the celebs playing in Saturday night's tennis tournament at the Entertainment Centre, but it was when Anthony Callea performed at the end of the night that things took a major nose dive.

The actress joined a bunch of ball boys who were dancing and mucking around on the court in the middle of the arena. But she then put on a bizarre ballet performance, spinning, jumping and eventually ending up on the ground in a dramatic, crumpled mess.

She dragged Gary Sweet out to dance with her, but after a few botched steps, Gary was out of there, quick smart. It was all just a bit embarrassing.

Who knows, maybe she's auditioning for the next series of Dancing with the Stars?

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