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Tony's imaginary storyline

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Tony's storyline  

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I'd get him killing Johnny, the evil piece of work :angry:

But out of those I think it would be a good storyline to get him killing...Dan. They could have a fight over something and Tony losing his temper and hitting Dan with something big and heavy, thus killing him :ph34r:

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Hmm well I've always thought there was some reason Tony was never very affectionate with Beth..sooo.

I think hes like an old best friend of Beths old husband, who promised the husband on his death bed that he wouldnt let Beth ever be with another man..so he set out to find Beth, and then tested her by pretending to be her boyfriend and now hes just biding his time, and is going to kill Beth for falling for another man other than her husband. Hmmm its a bit rubbish :P But o well!

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