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Basically, this thread is for people who have thought of an idea for a fic but don't know whether people will like it for example instead of posting numerous new topics which are new fics and you see no one reading them just post your fan fic ideas in here so you can find out whether people will like your idea or not.

I must admit when i start a new fic, sometimes i don't feel too sure about making a new topic for it incase people don't read it or like the sound of it.

I'm sure there are probably other people out there that think this once in a while when they are just about to start a new fic, at least this way with this topic you don't have to commit to making a new topic for a new fic that no one is going to read you can just get people's views on your ideas here. :)

I hope people like this idea. :D

You may also talk about your favourite fics in this thread and why you like them if you want :wink: as it is a discussion thread.

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