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Belinda Emmett / Rebecca Nash

Guest -Tess-

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Yeah I totally agree with you, Tess.

Belinda was a great actress and I do remember Rebecca Fisher/Nash to be a good character.

I do remember one storyline and that was Rebecca and Travis' wedding. It was a great episode especially since nothing bad happened afterwards (I think) lol!!

R.I.P. Belinda Emmett!!!! You'll be missed!

Jazer (Jarad) :)

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I agree totally!

I don't remember the other actresses that played Rebecca but i'll always remeber when she married Travis on the beach.It was beautiful and i've wanted to get married on the beach ever since.

RIP Belinda. I hope channel7 do a tribute to her, and that it is shown in Australia and the UK, I thought Belinda was a great actress. RIP Belinda.

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Its so sad that she lost her battle to cancer especially at such a young age! She was a fantastic actress! I loved her and Travis especially there beach wedding! She will be sadly missed and i express my deepest sympathys to her family,friends and everyone who knew her! At least the pain is over now! Rest in peace Belinda!

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I always thought that Rebecca and Travis made a good couple. I also thought that Belinda Emmett was a really good actress. I don't remember the other actresses whom played Rebecca, but Belinda made the character a really warm person.

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I remember her well. She was a lovely character and a very good actress, and very beautiful besides.

The storyline I recall the most clearly-besides the aforementioned beach wedding!-was when Rebeccca became temporaliy deaf after an accident. I remember being very impressed by Belinda's acting in that storyline-she did it very movingly. She and Travis had fantastic chemistry as well. An all round good character whom I was very sad to see go.

What a terrible shame that she was taken so young. This news is immensely, immensely sad. My heart goes out to her family.

I do hope she is at peace now.

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Yes, it is a tragedy, I think, instead of Rove Live on channel ten, they should do a tribute for Belinda and Rove, or at least channel seven should do one, does anyone agree?


Belinda Emmett

14-04-1974 – 11-11-06

You Will Never Be Forgotten

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