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In line with a suggestion made by angelrose we are constructing the Northern District Library, where all complted fan fics will be archived and where they can be read by all members.

If you have a completed fan fic please notify the librarians by PM so that we can move it to the library .

thank you.

In order to keep the new library and the fan fic section in order there are now some librarians. Please PM the links for your fics so that they can move them to the library.

The librarians are:

Angel Rose


Gypsy & Will Fan



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Please let the librarians know which fics are completed already and PM them with the link...the link will save them time...:P Thanks.

Frankie - or anyone else who knows - how do you do links? :blink:

You find your fic and then cut and paste the link from your browser bar...the http:// one at the top.....

.....or use the hyperlink feature whcih is the one next to the big A in the tool bar of your post....cutting and pasting is easier...but the hyperlink is neater as you can then type in MY FIC....

for example...here is the link to one of my favourites..... in both formats



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Summary Thread now open. :)

BC Summaries: Drew, maybe you could split the story into parts like Jem said, and have summaries for each. Like Chaps 1-8 called BC: The Beginning and Chaps 9-5 called BC: Whatever You Like and the recent bits BC: Bigger, Darker, Better as you put it. :P I'll help moving which chapters to where if you decide to go ahead with it.

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For those who don't already know we now have a catalog of stories in the Northern Districts Library.

Click me.

Stories are catalogued alphabetically by title. Each catalog contains the following information.







The idea behind the catalog is that people who know what they're looking for can find stories easily and also to give a brief overview of each story contained in the library.

If you are an author who has a story already in the library we need you to fill out a catalog entry for your story and PM it to a librarian. If you want a story moving from the main forum to the library then you also need to PM us a catalog entry when you request your story to be moved.

More information for filling out the catalog including the Library's ratings guide can be found in the catalog thread (see link above).

Thanks for everyone's help with this.

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All topics that were pinned at the top of this forum have now been posted into one thread in order to tidy up the forum. Links to the individual threads can be found in the first post.

The topic contains:

Fanfiction discussion

Summary Thread

Proof Reading

Fanfic Challenge

Fanfic Challenge: Poll

Writers assistance

Request thread

Advertise your story

We're asking for everyone to give us their opinion on the new system by replying to the thread. Thanks.

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Every story in the library should now contain a link to its comments thread.

If you come across a story that does not have this please PM myself or emmasi.


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Please could members refrain from posting one line "please update soon" posts over and over again. A number of authors have complained about it...its a bit like nagging...and it puts them off their creative flow... :P ..it is also considered to be spamming...and we don't like spam. Persistent spammers will be dealt with...Soooooo..... Be warned. :P

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Despite the request to desist from spamming some people are continuing to do so.

Please do not continue to make one or two word posts as part of a conversation...the place for that is on MSN ...NOT...on a discussion forum.

We all make the odd one word and short post from time to time...it can be an effective way of making a point...BUT ... it is the exception rather than the rule...for some it seems to the other way around. A number of people have been asked not to do this and have said "OK,,sorry...wont't do it again..."..but they do! It is not fair on other members who have to plough through this to get to the discussion posts.

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