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Twisted Short Tails

Guest JosieTash

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Thanks, the Librarians.

These latest tales will loosely pick up the stories from where we left off in Reborn …. but the plan is to have short (like 1 paragraph or so) tails … so new chapters should appear more frequently that way !!!!

Anyway, here goes ….


Tilly had just received a telepathic message from Ric – he, Rachelena, Sue and Winchester boys Sam & Dean are in a deadly fight for their lives against some particularly battle hungry members of the dino people species. Tilly is making her way to the surf club, to sound the SES alarm, when she encounters Mumma Pippa.

Posh Josh is viewing the encounter with interest – but the not that high off ground tree branch that he is on BREAKS, and he falls to the ground. Posh Josh just survives the fall, but when a single ant JUST touches Posh Josh’s finger, every bone in the loser’s body shatters and he dies.

The alien cult leader knows that Tilly is (unbeknownst to Tilly) Belle’s mum. As Beth has ignored Mumma Pippa’s blackmails, Mumma Pippa is about to tell Tilly the shocking news when ……..

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And here it is ...


The Winchester boys shoot every battle-hungry dino person in sight, thus freeing themselves, Sue, Ric and Rachelena from that warmongering faction of the dino species. Hopefully, the rest of the dino people tribe will be understanding about this tiny massacre!!

In the Bay, Mad Martha the Jedi comes speeding around the corner in her Ute and accidentally runs over Mumma Pippa (who was about to blab to Tilly). Mumma Pippa is taken to hospital where she lies in a coma, and Martha is arrested – by her hubby Trigger-Happy Jack – who feels obliged to do his duty, despite the fact that doing so kills any hope he had of a nice smoochy evening with his missus. Meanwhile, Martha’s protégé Silly Scott wonders how to use his new-found Jedi skills to get Martha off the hook.

Beth is relieved that Tilly’s secret is safe (for now!) and she pops off to Noah’s Bar for a swift celebratory G&T … or several. While she’s busy getting inebriated, she accidentally spills a drink over Josh. The alcohol dissolves Josh’s fragile body and he dies. Beth gets out a cloth and wipes up the bubbling mess that was once Josh, and she pushes the revolting Josh-stained cloth under the table. As she looks up …

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Cooooooooooooooooooool Posh Josh death .... and LOVE that Mad Martha & Trigger Happy Jack are back in the mix !!!!! .....

and now time to put on my thinking cap (i initialluy typed CAT ... shame on me) on !!!!

Oh, and Willz, as you'll see killing Josh is a bit of a running gag througout these tales .... usually the stupider the better, so Beth ceratinly won't be in trouble will the law (or anyone). btw, we've been killingh Josh in various versions of Twisted (see Clasic Twisted & Twisted Tales Reborn) !!! waaaaaaaaaaaay long before that actally kill him on on H&A !!!

i must say through, in the now V lost version of Twieted (when Bttb crashed one time) we were killing Kimmy - who was a plank of wodd who was Robbie's (imaginery) best friend - all the time

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