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One Thing Leads To Another...

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Story Title: One Thing Leads To Another

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: K/R/K at first. Entire Cast.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: Yes

Any warnings: None

Summary: Like it's title, everything seems to lead to something else. Summer bay's gone crazy, with people dying to people coming back to life. With every resident doing something crazy, like going to the moon, it;s never boring.

Hi everyone,

This is the sequel to "New fanfic, feedback wanted" but you don't have to read it first, unless you want to. It is basically about Kim, Kit and Rachel, with a few other characters wedged in, like Beth and Tony, etc. This is the sort of summary thing, whatever:

Kit came to the bay pregnant, to tell Kim that he was the father, but couldn't go through with it and lied. Unfortunately, it slipped out to Kim he was the father, and they got into a big fight (aswell as Rachel) Kit ended up going into labour a bit later, and decided she would give the baby to Kim and Rachel, as she didn't want it, and they couldn't have kids....it was the perfect solution. Or not.

This is the banner of the fanfic:


The cliffhanger of the last chapter of the fanfic:

Will Kit give the baby to Iim and Rachel?

Will Kit, Kim and Rachel's fight begin again, worse than ever?

Will Kim and Rachel break up, and for what reason?

PLease review, enjoy!

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thanks guys! Okay, here's the update:


* Kit tells Kim and Rachel that she is giving the baby to them, they are ecstatic

* Kit isn't sure she can give up the baby, and pours her heart out to Beth

Chapter 1: _______________ I'll name later

As Kit was pouring her heart out to her mother, Kim and Rachel burst through the door after hearing every word from outside. They had come back that morning to see Kit and the baby, but also because they had come up with a name for her. They had gone to the hospital as fast as they could, excited by their plans. They had spent the night discussing plans for their child, names, etc. Rachel had even planned to go shopping before the baby came home, so they'd have supplies. They didn't know that their plans and happiness would be ruined.

Of course, they were both angry, particularly Kim. "Kit, for christ sake! Stop stuffing us around!" Kim yelled at her, and again, tears began to form in Kit's shiny brown eyes, but she fought them back. Didn't they understand this was hard for her too? This was no game, that was for sure. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She exploded "I don't believe you! You come in here, after eavesdropping, and tell me I'm stuffing you around, like I'm the one doing everything wrong. Newsflash! It's not just my fault of what happened in the bush, it was you aswell, Kim. But it seems that Ï'M the one going through this alone until I came to Summer Bay, I'm the one who has to be pregnant, and I'M the one being blamed for EVERYTHING! Just get out! Get lost, leave me alone!" she shouted, loud enough so people from outside looked in, but she didn't care. She just didn't care.

Kim and Rachel had left, and Kit told even her own mother to go, she wanted to be alone. Kit cried, and the tears rolled off her cheeks, some landing on her hospital gown, the others on the bed. She was sick of Kim, of Rachel, of her own family, even of the beautiful Summer Bay! She needed to scream, to run, to jump off the edge of a cliff, to let her emotions set free anywhere, but she couldn't do that in Summer Bay.

Meanwhile, Kim and Rachel had gone for a walk to the rocks and cliffs near the beach. "Do you think...maybe....we were too hard on her?" Rachel asked cautiously, knowing it was a touchy subject with Kim. "I dunno Rach. I just don't know" Kim replied as he sighed.

"I mean, I know we had a future planned for it, but that wasn't fair on our part. Giving up a baby is always hard, Kim. And, we can still use the name, and plans, with Kit. She'll need help, Kim. She can't do this alone" Rachel said, as deep down, although she was angry, she really felt sorry for Kit.

Kim thought for a moment, before nodding. "We need to talk to her. We always have needed to talk...we just have bad timing"

Kit held her little girl, just staring at the beautiful face. "How was I supposed to give you up, hey? You're just too beautiful" she murmured to the baby. Kit's head turned around quickly as the door to her hospital room opened, to reveal Kim and Rachel standing there. "We need to talk" Kim said as he and Rachel both pulled up chairs beside Kit's hospital bed.

Will they finally sort their problems out?

ETC, you can dream about the rest!

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