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Vinnie's a film star now.

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]Bay's Vinnie away in LA

Sydney Confidential

October 21, 2006 12:00

THE V-Man has come a long way.

A few of years ago Ryan Kwanten _ better known as Vinnie on Home and Away _ was hanging out at the Summer Bay diner with Alf.

Yesterday, he was the star of the Hollywood red carpet and rocked up with a glamour girl on his arm to boot _ Texan actress Taylor Cole.

Kwanten, 29, who looks like he has had the Hollywood makeover since making a name for himself as the token Aussie surf rat on US teen drama Summerland, took centre stage at the premiere of his new movie Flicka.

Girlfriend Cole wasn't the only chick keen on the V-Man _ he scored some homegrown support from another Aussie soap product, Holly Valance, who also spruiked herself on the LA premiere red carpet.


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Isla Fisher didn't date Heath Ledger - I think Jess means Naomi Watts? Isla is definitely worth a mention though! When you think about it, Aussie soap stars don't do so badly. People slag them off for casting pretty people rather than good actors, but it seems to me that the Aussies have more success internationally than British soap actors do.

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