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Through Glass

Guest [.jessa-belle.]

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Ok before you read this it has nothing what so ever to do with the current Aussie storylines. They havent been married and never were going out. After Coreys thing came they never got back together at Hayley and Scotts farwell party.

Chapter One

How do you feel? Thats the question, but I forget you don't expect an easy answer.

3 years before

Sitting, Sit

Thinking, think

Crying, cry

Remembering , Remember?

Memories, the memory?

Does it matter? No

Does anyone care? No

Will they ever forgive her? Who knows?

Will he? Who knows?

What a terrible thing he thinks she has done. While he was suppressed with a stabbing pain. She was out there doing god knows what. She didn’t know all she knew was a terrible guilt coming from her soul.

Standing, Still

Walking, Walk

She walked into the water, feels it slosh across her feet. It was refreshing.

She then sank to the ground. The are filled with painful sobbing from her heart.



You can't expect a bit of hope So while you're outside looking in describing what you see Remember what you're staring at is me



Smashing of glass and slurs came from the house across.

Screams of sorrow and pain screeched through the air

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the person yelled and then another sound of breaking glass came through the door.

He through framed pictures at the wall. One after another. Until none of her where left in the house.

He then crashed onto the floor.

Then the sound of the door bell rang through the house.

**** off he said as he drank another gulp of beer

The door belle rang, and then the door opened.

He turned around and saw her face

Get out of my house he said in a low cold tone.

Jack I just want to talk, it wasnt what you think

Bull **** Martha he said throwing a bottle at her.

She jumped back and took a step back.

Just **** off why dont you. Why dont you go ruin someone else life for once Jack slurred

You have to talk to me Martha said walking forward

No Martha no I dont, I dont have to sit hear and listen to you he said getting up.

You dont how much you have hurt me Martha he said before he pushed her out the door and slammed it straight in her face.

Martha stood in his doorway crying.

He would never know the truth

She ran all the way back to her apartment

Martha your back her grandfather said How did it go

Now Luck she said But grandad I have made my decision, I cant live here anymore, always seeing jack and being reminded of all my mistakes. I am leaving. Tonight



How much is real, so much to question an epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything We thought came from the heart



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That is really good Jess. Nicely written as well. Jack is such a jerk. But his drunk, thats hot :wub: Poor Martha. But i dont get whats happening, Why is Jack peeved off at her??

Please update soon :D

lol "but he's drunk, thats hot" jack4martha your soo funny :lol:

i love the fic jess. pls carry on soon!!

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