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Life In Summer Bay

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The start may be a bit boring but please keep reading. Each chapter will be like one episode. The idea is to keep this going as long as I can. Each chapter may be quite long, i'm not sure


Chapter 1: The Return

Macca was running, running to Amanda's house with Cassie. the two had thought Alf saw them and the only place they thought to go was Amanda's house where they thought they would be safe.

"Hey Amanda!" Macca says puffing.

"What are you two doing here?" Amanda asks quizzically.

"We think Alf saw us!" Macca replies

Changing the subjest Cassie asks quickly 'May I use your bathroom.' Amanda replies with a 'sure.'

As Cassie goes to the bathroom Macca and Amanda head for the kitchen for a glass of water. Amanda accidentally knocks a glass over and the two automatically go down to the ground and try to clear the mess. Suddenly their heads meet and the two are passionately kissing.

Cassie comes down the stairs and sees Macca and Amanda. Shocked she runs out only to find Drew at Amanda's door.

"Hi Turner, what's going on?"

"Oh nothing much, just Macca and Amanda kissing!" She replies

"Are you serious?" Drew asks.

"Totally serious. See for yourself!"


Beth and Tony are having some afternoon tea, when Tony is called to work at the gym. Leaving immidiately, Tony forgets his wallet. Beth notices it sitting on the coffee table. She picks it up and rushes to the door but Tony has already left. Suddenly Beth, drops it, only to find a picture of a young lady that had come out of it.

'Oh My God! Who is this?' Beth asks herself. 'It definately isn't Katie, i've seen all the pictures of her Tony has when we met.'

Just as she finishes tidying the mess up there is a knock on the door. Scott and Hayley have returned but with some shocking news. They now have 4 kids Noah and Becky, James and Lucy the triplets.


Next episode

-Jack and Martha's life

-Who is taken from Summer Bay High?

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Chapter 2: Summer Bay High


It is 9:00am on Tuesday morning and all the teens of Summer Bay are at school, except the waggers. Cassie, Mattie, Lucas and a whole other bunch of kids head for English class. At 9:15am something strange happens. Someone with a beanie over their head has a gun and orders Cassie Turner, Matilda Hunter, Lucas Holden, Amy Simms and Dylan O'Rourke to come with them.

"Where are you taking them?" The teacher asks.

"Just don't call the cops or follow us or the kids die." The kidnapper replies.

All the students know who it is, Eve Jacobson.

As the 5 hostages are loaded into a van with their legs and arms tied, several of the remaining students call the police.

At 10:am, all the parents of the missig kids are at the school.

"Where is my son?!" Mr. O'Rourke asks loudly

"How could this happen?" Beth asks crying

"Don't worry mum. I'll make sure they are found." Scott says calmly.

As Jack tries to asks McGrath and Fitzgerald whats going on, he breaks down in tears at the fact he can't help the investigation cause he is family. Martha is there to comfort him and their relationship gets stronger.


The Search.

Members of the community are scavanging through bushland in hope they will find ther where-a-bouts of the school kids.


Next episode:

-Who else is taken?

-Who may leave the Bay, for good?

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This is great please if it Beth that leaves please give her a heartfelt farewell to Summer Bay and don't break Beth and Tony as I see heaps of people do that and in one of them Tony dies and it was horrible :( but yeh I hope Beth and Tony can work things out :) I am so loving this fic.

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I have stuck my claws in. Whatever that means, I'm scaring myself. My point is, I'm hooked. Keep up the updates. Incase anyone cares, here are my fics:

New fic, feedback wanted


the liar, the lies, and more lies

Check it out if you want!!

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Great start. So Jack and Martha are seperated in this since you said that they get closer. But yeh, loving it so far. Poor Cassie and them. Evil Eve. Whats with all the school hostage takings happening in this world :lol::(

Please update soon :D

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