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BTTB 2007 Calender

Guest Ryan

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So that you can have your favourite Home and Away characters on your wall and know what day it is, I am hoping to have a Home and Away calender to be downloadable of the website by mid-December. Because of two things 1) As my avatars have shown I'm crap at art and 2) You lot seem better. The calender will be available to print off the website.

Anyway, it will require twelve pictures, one for each month. You can enter as many times as you want, though you will only get one and at the very most two in the calender (if there's a lack of entries).

1) The judging will be done by me and a panel of people chosen by me.

2) Post the picture in this thread - the decisions will not be made according to who made it.

3) You will be credited on the back of the calender

4) This is completely different from Flutterby's fortnightly competition.

5) The page shouldn't have the actual calender or the month on it.

The calender can have any well known Home and Away character on it.

Post any submittals in this thread please.

Thanks, Ryan.

Any questions?

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Elise: I'd say mid-November as a sort of fuzzy date at the moment. I've not really got a solid date in mind at te moment, but there's no rush.

Valk: Well as one of the few that haven't post my picture at any point on any website, I wouldn't have been up for it and would therefore have not expected others to be either.

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Can the pictures be of Home and Away people at socail events and can there be more than one person in each month like can we do couples?

You said not to include the actuall dats so it is basically just a pic and the dates will be included later is that right?

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The calender will effectively be A4 sheets with the picture on one and the calendery bit on another sheet of A4 or if you want to get technical with your printing, the back of the following month.

You can do couples, as long as they are plausible couples (Jack/Martha, Will/Gypsy) and not Colleen and Travis together.

It can be the cast at social events (though it's preferrable that they aren't wearing stupid hats or such).

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