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Why Me? Why Us?

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Because i had not updated in a while my fic disappeared so now here it is all again!!!!!!!!

Why me? Why us?

Chapter one

Jack looked down as his beautiful fiancée. She was sleeping and he admired her as he did every morning only this morning was a special morning it was the day before he and Martha were due to marry.

He then thought back to the way they had met the 1st time he look in her eyes on her he knew she was the one to tame him. But they got off to a rocky romance as both of them were too stubborn to admit there feelings for one and other. She then finally told how she felt but only after a spider incident that was one of the things he wanted to forget about.

They admitted they had feelings for one and other when Martha was prepared to jump off a cliff to get back in his good books after that they became inseparable

Martha suddenly started to wake up but when is did and saw Jack looking at her she was terrified.

What is her secrete for looking at jack like that!?

Chapter Two. Sorry it’s so short I will post more tomorrow.

Martha looked at Jack, he looked at her face and instantly new what was wrong. He did push her he just simply wrapped his two big strong arms around her he told her that he loved and he would protect his princess from anyone who tried to tear them apart.

Jack had now been in the shower and gotten ready for work. Martha asked him “Stay with me please I am so scared Jack I really need you to stay” and with this she collapsed in to a crying heap on the living room floor Jack just looked at her this woman he was marrying tomorrow was now a complete and utter mess because of one phone call last night.

Jack picked her up and sat her down on his knee on the sofa. He asked Martha a question he asked was she still going to marry him tomorrow. Martha looked at him and said I really don’t know. Is this what she deserved a life time of misery and too scared to leave the house alone because this one time she stormed out Jacks. That was the day her life became a mess.

Chapter Three.

It had been a few hours since Jack had comforted Martha now he was ready to ask Martha how she really felt when she received that phone call at 3am that morning. Jack Spoke softly “Martha” he asked Martha replied quite teary “yes” how do you really feel now that Steven is getting out.

Steven was Martha’s ex boyfriend from the city who had made he life a living hell when they were together he beat on her everyday and told her if she ever left she would be dead but this is when she found the courage to go and stay with her grandfather and with that she met the love of her life who she was marrying tomorrow. But when she thought her life could get any better a year ago he had turned up in the bay bent on revenge for Martha walking out on him.

He would watch Jack and Martha’s every move but was careful he would not be seen but this one day Jack and Martha had a huge row and she left in such a state that she just collapsed on the beach in floods of tears when she had seen him. Before she got the chance to get away from him he was already pulling her into the bush this is where he then beat and raped her and now he was getting tomorrow on her wedding day of all days he had only served a year of his 3 year sentence because off good behaviour.

How turns up and try’s to ruin their wedding day and why does Jack get arrested so to speak!?

Chapter 4

Jack had left for work when Martha went over to her bag and pulled out a home pregnancy testing kit.

Jack got to the station but was told to go home by peter so he could get a head start on his buck’s night. Martha just sat at the table staring at this kit oblivious to her jack was on his way home. She sat there for what seemed like hours looking this box when Jack walked in. she tried to hide but Jack had already seen it. He looked at Martha and went to speak but Martha got in there first “I am so sorry I forgot to take the pill this one day and” she was cut off by a what felt like a rainfall of water down her cheeks she then replied “please don’t leave me” he went over and gave her a reassuring hug and told her to take the test. She came out of the bathroom and waited the two minutes when the two minutes where up she asked Jack to look he turned round look at it then turned back around and then said “congratulations mummy!” Martha looked at him horrified.

Jack knew he needed to get to the bottom of the way she was looking at him “Martha what’s the matter” he asked her “ I’m not ready for another baby just yet” Jack looked at Martha………

Chapter 5

this is dedi for everyone that has replied so far!!!! thank you all so much xxx

Jack looked at Martha with a look of total shock Martha knew she had to tell him so she began:

"When I was 15 I slept with my high school boyfriend I didt want to but he told me that he would never leave and that he loved me however I soon realised I didt want to do but he made me and then a month later I found out I was pregnant my parents were no help at all they told me to have an abortion her voice trailed of but I could so my parents are know raising my daughter Laura as my little 4 year old sister!" Jack just looked at her and said "why" "why what" she asked.

She then told him of how she would always take Laura to the shops or the park before her parents got home and would imagine what life would be like if she was her mum! Then all of a sudden it dawned on Jack why she had been so reluctant to have Laura as a bridesmaid. "Martha I am so sorry for pushing you to ask you parents to let Laura be a bridesmaid I should have just left it to you".

Martha just looked at Jack and said "so I suppose the wedding off now IV told you all this" "of course not Jack replied we will figure out what to do next after the wedding!



It was twelve o'clock the next day and time to get married and Martha whispered into Jacks ear "I’m going to keep this baby and we can be a proper family" Just as they were about to tell all the guests about the little Holden arrival peter burst in to the church and said to Jack " I am so sorry to have to do this mate but empty ya pockets, three bags of cocaine im sorry mate Jack Holden im arresting you with possession of a class A drug with intent to supply" Martha yelled at Peter as he was leading jack off to the police car. It then dawned on both Jack and Martha what was happening!

Martha’s goes home alone on he wedding night, only she’s not alone as she thinks!???

Chapter 6

Martha went home alone after all that. She went to take her dress off but was interrupted by a knock on the door. Martha opened the door to see Steven standing there before she knew it a cloth was being place over he mouth and nose and with the drugs that were on collapsed onto the floor.

Jack was explaining to Peter that he’s been set up and Martha’s in danger as today was Stevens release day. Peter new all the history as he was the one that arrested him in the first place.

Martha eventually woke up and was then face to face with Steven. She asked him why he was doing this to her and he explained simply you stole a year of my life I take a year of you life away from that precious lover boy of hers when then he noticed the wedding ring on her finger then he explained why he set Jack up “its simple really ya see all I had to do was watch I wait till you and him were out of the house then I went in put the drugs in his pocket then made a tip off to the cops”. Jack got home and was searching the house for Martha when he noticed a bullet case lying on the floor next to the bedroom were on the wall was a little bit of blood from this Jack assumed the worst and began to break down wondering if he would ever she his wife again.

Meanwhile at the abandoned shed Steven went to the bay and pretended that he hadn’t even seen Martha since he was back Jack was furious by this. Peter had Steven under surveillance and told Jack that it was only a matter of time before they find Martha alive and well.

Two days later.

“Peter” Lara called “the blood it matches Martha.

Martha who was at the abandoned shed was nursing a sore head were she had fell and hit the side board.

Jack overheard this news that the blood was Martha’s and was completely unaware of were he was broke down sobbing into his hands then revealing that Martha was pregnant.

Chapter 7

“So Steve” Martha said as if she were just talking to a friend this made Steven angry as he knew that she wasn’t afraid of him and then he answered Martha with a “ WHAT” she didn’t even flinch Steven walked out! This is when Martha felt something digging her leg, she lifted up her dress and revealed a mobile phone she had out it the in her garter or leg thingy as Martha called it. She called Jack it began to ring.

Back at the station

Peter its Martha “Martha are you okay where are you he asked her” but all Jack could hear was her crying and shouting his name then the line went dead!!!!!! Could you trace it?? Asked Jack “Yes she’s near the lake”

Back at the shed

Come on girly me and you are going for a drive. Martha asked were they were going he just looked at her and said “Are place, remember when we were together and we went to the headland and I proposed and you turned me down he said becoming angry he then put Martha in the back of his van and began on his journey. Martha text Jack and told him they were headed towards the city and told him of the lake pointers lake! As soon as Jack got the text before Peter could stop him he was in the squad car heading towards the city.


What will happen to Jack?

Chapter 8 Here is a little preview!!!!

Jack pulled up where he heard Martha and Steven arguing, Peter warned Jack that one wrong move could place Martha in danger.

Martha had somehow got hold of the gun when Steven he left the room, got in his car and drove away. Jack and Peter Ran in the abandoned shed and Martha heard someone coming she thought it was Steven so she held the gun and pointed it towards the door and when the door opened she aimed it at the persons leg and Bang before she knew it she had pulled the trigger.


Who has Martha shot!?

“Martha Jack yelled as he heard the gunshot when he finally got to the room all he could see was some man laying on the floor by the door he then realised Martha had shot one of the men that was helping Steven.

“Jack” Martha yelled and ran to him Jack just out his arms around her and told her everything would be alright he was just so relieved that his wife was okay!

At the hospital Jack asked Rachel if the baby was alright all Rachel could reply “lets wait and see what drugs are ion her body and then we will make an informed decision”. Constable Holden please can you wait outside he heard a voice behind him he turned round to be greeted with McGrath “sure” Jack replied “You be okay” he asked Martha “I will be fine she replied”.

Im sorry I have to do this Martha but Mrs. Martha Holden im arresting you on suspicion of murder you do not have anything but it may harm your defence and anything you do say may be given in evidence he said while handcuffing on hand to the bed.

Meanwhile outside

“I’m so sorry Jack the baby didt survive” Rachel said.

Jack heard all of what McGrath had said and stormed in screaming and shouting at his superior to get out he needed to talk to his wife “im sorry Jack you now that someone needs to stay with her at all times McGrath said “its not like im going anywhere is it and pointed to the handcuffs” replied Martha “fine 5 Minutes alone Holden that’s it”

Jack just held Martha in his arms and started to tell her about the baby.

Martha just lay there in silence not knowing what to say or what to do. Finally breaking the silence she replied “this is my entire fault, I should have fought hard enough the first time Steven grabbed me then we wouldt be in this mess.


Will Martha be found guilty or not?

When Jack catches up with Steven will he be held accountable for his actions against him!

Chapter nine

Two months after Martha was kidnapped and charged with murder she found out she was having another baby only this time she was happy about it. Jack had seen Steven two days after Martha had been released and then Jack had been arrested because of police brutality but Peter had replied there was no police brutality on Constable Holden’s part even though Peter had witnessed him beating him up Peters attitude was he deserved it.

Eight months later

“You ready babe” Jack asked Martha “as ready as ill ever be” she replied because today was the start of her trial. Martha was first on the stand and she was going be asked questions by the police lawyer first this is what there were;

Lawyer: Mrs Holden why did you shoot Mr Simons

Martha: you ever been kidnapped sir

Lawyer: of course not

Martha: well there you go then, I shot Mr Simons before he got the chance to shoot me.

Lawyer: yes but surly he wasn’t going to kill you Mrs Holden

Martha: once Steven had told him what to do was kill me I knew I had to get there 1st or I would be the one dead

Lawyer: no further questions your Lord

Judge: Mrs Holden you my step down. Wit all the evidence you have seen today I want you all to make a decision which you all agree on based on these answers did Mrs. Holden shoot Mr John Simons in cold blood or was it simply an act of self defence I will see you back here @ 10am tomorrow morning.

It was almost 7pm before Martha and Jack got home and it was around this time every night that Martha would be so uncomftable with being 6 months pregnant an all. She was laying on the couch in Jacks arms when she looked up at him and said “Jack if I’m found Guilty I want you to divorce me and take are baby when he/she is born and never ever contact me again” Martha said all this with tears in her eyes “But why” Jack asked “because can you imagine it young constables wife sent down for murder I don’t want my child to have to come and visit its mother in prison every week” he looked at here and said “No way” she looked at him and said “if you ever come and visit me I will refuse to see you”

Jack just held her in his arms all night after that and before he knew it he was driving to the city court with his wife who he may never see after today.

Judge: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury have you reached your verdict which of you all agree on?

Head jury person: We have your Lord, we the members of the jury find the defendant Mrs. Martha Holden…………..

Chapter 10

Judge: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury have you reached your verdict which of you all agrees on?

Head jury person: We have your Lord, we the members of the jury find the defendant Mrs. Martha Holden…………..

Martha stood there shaking and she then realised that this could determine whether her, husband and the unborn child could be a family or not?

Head jury person: We have your Lord, we the members of the jury find the defendant Mrs. Martha Holden………….. Not Guilty!!!

Jack looked over a relieved Martha and said so does this mean im not going to get served with divorce papers! Martha looked at him smiled and said “I’ll see how I like married live first ill get back to ya in a few years on that matter” with that Jack walked over to her and held her in is arms before saying “lets go home Mrs Holden” Jack had been dying to say that ever since they were married but it never seemed the right time.

Two and half months later!

“Come on Martha you nearly there” yelled Rachel “just one more big push babe” yelled Jack Martha looked at Jack and said “if it looks so simple to you why don’t we swap places” “alright you two we don’t need you too arguing” replied Rachel. Martha gave one more big push and Rachel said “congratulations mummy and daddy you have a son” ok you aint got much time to rest the other baby will be along any minute now

“WHAT” Martha yelled “Martha I told you were having twins” replied Rachel. Jack looked up and said “what no you didt” Rachel realised that she had been called out and never got round to mentioning It again!

“Oh my god I called away didt I” well can you please get back to me im having another child here” Well with that Martha gave one final push and Rachel said “ you will have your work cut out for you” Jack said “what do you mean by that” “ I mean there both boys” replied Rachel.

Martha was so happy they named them Charlie and Thomas!

Two weeks later

“The babies were awake all night Jack we were you?” Martha asked Jack all Jack could reply was “working were do you think” “that’s all you ever seem to do these days” she replied “what do you want from Martha” Jack yelled “for you take some time off to spend with your children and you wife she yelled just as loud as Jack “fine I’ll in for sometime off” he said and then pulled Martha in to hug he knew how tired she must be “go to bed” he said “and ill take the twins out for a walk ok” “ok thank you!”

Martha was fast asleep by the time Jack got back and so were the twins so he put the twins down and he fell fast asleep next Martha!!! It was the perfect life until the twins started to cry!!!!!!


What’s in store for Martha!!!!!!!!???????????

Chapter 10

Jack had no idea how he had got his Dad, Beth, Luc and Maddie to mind the twins for a whole week while he took Martha on a surprise honeymoon seen as they never got one.

“Martha darling” Jack called up the stairs Martha knew he was being funny and answered him with a “what do you want Jack” “Pack you bags for a week and do the twins one to were going on our honeymoon” Jack smiled as he said it Martha’s reply was “oh great a honeymoon with two screaming babies just what we need” “oh but the babies aint coming there staying with Dad and Beth so hurry we have to drop them off.

Martha and Jack kissed there sons and were on the road when Martha finally asked Jack weir they were going! Jack had rented a little cottage in the middle of nowhere but close to home in case the twins were sick or something like that.

Once they got there they went for a walk and when they came back they sat by the fire and the started to talk about the old times before they were married like their nudie runs, drinking competitions and most of all the fake spider incident which they both came to the conclusion if that haven’t have happened then Jack and Martha may not be together and the twins would be none existent.

The next Martha was on the phone to Beth and then she went in to Jack crying that she missed the twins but Jack soon changed her mind with a long passionate kiss. When Martha eventually woke up she noticed Jack wasn’t beside her. She stood up and then Jack walked into the room and said to her to get dressed up and then come downstairs Martha agreed then got dressed.

She eventually came down and when she did she went weak at the knees as to what Jack had done for her. He had made the living room in to the same way as she had when she had proposed to him and then he got down on bended knee and asked Martha would she like to renew their wedding vows? Martha looked down at him and said “you just had to be the one to propose didt you” he looked up and laughed at her and said “no seriously you are the only person I can imagine spending my life with and I want the whole of the world if you say yes you wont be sorry” Martha looked down and smiled at him and said only “if I can pick were it is” Jack replied I wouldt have it any other way and presented her with another engagement ring only this time it was the one his mother had left to him and he remembered the day she gave him she had said to him “don’t give this ring to just anyone give it to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with” and to jack that person was Martha.


What does Martha have in store for Jack!!

Chapter 11 This is for Sian to get the Jackness back in her and for Laura who sent me a very important eppy!!!!

It was the day of the wedding vows renewal and everyone was o excited only the guests and Martha knew where they were going the plan was she was going to blindfold Jack to get him there. Martha had just nipped out with the twins to drop them off at Tony and Beth’s Tasha noticed this and was heading off in the direction of Martha and Jacks house.

Jack heard a knock on the door and shouted “What have you forgot now?” he opened the door to see Tasha standing there he took one look at here and said “what do you want” Tasha replied “you need to know how I feel before you marry Martha and make the biggest mistake of your live”

Jack looked up at her as she was saying how much she loved him and she wouldt live without him even though nothing had happened she still felt a bond with him Jack took one look at her and simply said “ I LOVE MARTHA” screaming at her now so just go he replied.

Martha now had Jack blindfolded and in the car and on there way. She lead him up to the top of the cliff and took the blindfold off him and he saw all his family and friends at the top of their place and joked “is this really appropriate I mean right here on that part where Lucus is sitting is where are sons were conceived” he laughed Lucus jumped shouting EWWWWWW!!! Anyway the vicar said shall we continue with the service this is what Jack said to Martha: "Martha, from the moment we first met, I couldn't get you out of my mind - mostly because you drove me crazy. But once we got through the drinking competitions, the nudie runs the fake spider in the bed incident… Once we got through all that, I realised you weren't only a babe on the outside, but you were also an incredibly beautiful woman on the inside. The kind of woman who stands up for what she believes in, who stands by her friends when they need her the most. The kind of woman I could love always. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Martha. And I can't imagine my life without you and our beautiful sons”

Martha said to Jack: "It's true - we didn't have the smoothest of beginnings. And I'd just like to say for the record, if I'd known what a wimp you are around spiders, I would never have gone there! But call it destiny...or luck... we did end up in each other's arms. And for that, I am truly grateful. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, or what the journey ahead will be for us. But there is one thing I am certain of: You are the love of my life - and we are meant to be together. Now and forever. We were also lucky to be blessed with two beautiful sons and I can’t imagine life without you, Charlie and Tom in my life”

Everyone starts to head towards the surf club everyone that is except for Tasha she’s standing on the edge of the cliff and is going over the conversation she had with Jack earlier that day abut not loving her but loving Martha it broke her heart and this was it she was going to let them live happily ever after at home she had left letters for Robbie and Martha explaining her decision to end her life and with that before anyone had noticed Tasha wasn’t at the reception she jumped into the water and was never seen again.

When Robbie got home and found the letters she alerted the police and Martha ASAP as there was letter to Martha. Martha rushed over to Robbie with jack at her side Robbie gave her the letter and looked at jack!

Martha went to sit on the couch and read why he best friend ended her life at just 18 years old. “Jack I no what you did” Robbie said looking at jack! Jack looked at him and said what’s that then “well” Robbie began I know how much Tasha fell in love with you and how you ignored it for me and Martha and I just wanted to thank you for it”

Dear Martha,

God how do I explain to my best friend why I chose to end my life well here goes anyway:

When you kidnapped and then charged with the murder of that John person I started to have feeling towards jack but he said from day one that he loved you and nothing was ever going to happen between us this broke my heart in to a million little pieces. When you were not guilty and was then rushed to hospital 2 months later all I wanted to do was be the one in the bed where you were laying just to have jack hold my hand but I knew this was never going to happen as he loved you too much then the twins came along and made it all complicated.

Lastly I went round to your house this morning and told Jack how I really felt and told him he could call the wedding off he laughed in my face and screamed that he loved you and always will this broke what was left of my heart so I watched him marry and then I decided to jump so you got what you wanted your happily ever after life enjoy it Martha cause you’ll be mad to give Jack up.

All My Love

Tasha xxxxxxxx


Will they live happily ever after?

Chapter 12 I think about 4 more chapters and that will be it!!!!

15 years later

It had been 15years since Martha and Jack had renewed their wedding vows they now had there own little mini Holden clan since the wedding Martha had given birth again to a little girl this time they had decided to call her Katie after Jacks mum. Martha had taken to be quite the little housewife and mother. Charlie and Thomas were 16 and Martha had given birth to a daughter just eleven months after the twins were born and Martha and Jack we still very much in love! He has Peter’s old job and life is great!

It was the night off Katie’s very first formal and she would be taken by the most popular boy in school and jack did not like him one little bit as far as he was concerned no one would ever be good enough for his little princess.

At exactly 6.30pm and Sam Morris had arrived to take her to the formal. Sam Morris was 18 years old and jack didt like that one little bit because of the 3 year age gap but then Martha reminded him that when she was only 18 and he was 23 and they got together Jack had to forget the age difference but he knew there was something that he didt like about him.

2 days later

Martha noticed that Katie had not been her usual self for days and didt no what was up with her every time she asked her if she was ok she would just say yes and even Jack and the boys were beginning to notice this aswel he was becoming increasingly worried about his youngest and made it his mission to get to the bottom of it!

The 3 of the siblings left for school as usual that morning both Martha and Jack had the day off work and were going to do something together as they never really got a chance to do things together but what they didt no is that a revelation was on its way.

Back at summer bay high some news reached Charlie and Thomas that might be some interest to them. The rumour going round was that there darling little sister who they doted on and would protect no matter what had slept with Sam Morris!!

This news then obviously got back to Martha and Jack and they were waiting for their daughter to return from school as soon as she seen the angry looks on her parents faces she knew she would have a lot of explaining to do. “Do you care to explain why your brothers why in a fight in school because of you today” Martha asked Katie looked at her dad and began to cry “oh no young lady don’t be looking at me” added Jack usually Katie could wrap her dad round her little finger but she knew this time would be no different “I’m so sorry daddy and I no iv let you down!” Jack hated seeing his little princess so distraught “ go up to room I think me and your mum need to have a chat” Jack said and with that Katie headed up the stairs grinning from ear to ear only the twins could see it not Martha or Jack! “I don’t know why I even bother with that girl she always seems to wrap you around her little finger Jack when are you going to learn that im the parent aswel” Martha shouted.


What’s the big secret Katie’s keeping from her parents!???????

Chapter 13

Katie looked at the date on her calendar her period was three days late and she thought she knew why! After school she went to the local chemist and she knew she couldt just walk in and buy a pregnancy test as the owner new Martha and Jack she new what she was about to do was wrong but she had no choice she slipped the test in her bag when the security guard had seen her he called the police. “Detective Holden are you” the radio spoke “im buy the local chemist what’s up” he replied” young girl been shoplifting they want you go down there as they no you and you no the girl apparently” replied the radio “on way” replied Jack and made his towards the chemist.

Jack entered the chemist and seen the old lady and asked “what’s the problem Mrs McIntyre you daughter Jack was caught stealing a pregnancy test she’s in the back now Jack had a look of disappointment in his eyes but also a angry look on his face when Katie seen this she new she had to put on a good act! “You home now” Jack told his daughter.

Jack was giving her a lecture when walking up the drive and into the house! “What’s going on, why you shouting at her and whys she crying?” Martha asked “shouting your lucky that’s all she getting, you go to your room now and stay there and I will fill your mother in”

Katie went upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom and pulled the test out of her bag which she had managed to still steal! She waited to minutes and there it was a little blue line that was about to change her entire life.

Back downstairs Martha couldt believe what Jack was saying so she decided to go and talk to Katie and find out what the real truth was.

“Katie can I come in pleas sweetie I think we need to talk” Martha said softly as she knocked on her daughters bedroom door. “Im really disappointed in you” Martha broke the silence “I no mum and im so sorry” finally after what seemed like a lifetime Martha spoke “Kate who was the test for? Was it for you?” “No of course not it’s for a friend” was all Katie could reply and Martha had to take her word for it “well in that case you’re not allowed out for a month” and with that Martha walked downstairs.

Two days later

Martha headed upstairs with some washing for the twins and Katie after she had done that her and jack were going to spend the day together Martha entered the twins room and started to put there clothes away and then made her way into Katie room she was shocked at the state of the room and started to clean up she then opened Katie’s sock drawer and started to put her socks away when noticed a white stick when she picked it up she saw it had a blue line she shouted Jack and he raced straight upstairs to see Martha collapsed on the floor crying he saw what she was holding and assumed Martha was pregnant again!! Jack just gave her a hug and told her that she was a great mum even at 35 Martha looked at Jack and said “im not pregnant, but I think Katie is”


Will Jack and Martha believe Katie’s lies???

Chapter 14 ( ano this fic goes through time fast lol)

Katie walked in from school and Jack and Martha were sitting on the sofa Katie went to walk upstairs when Jack said to her “you sit me and your mother want to talk to you” Katie asked casually “about what dad” replied Katie Martha stood up and walked towards her daughter and showed her the test Katie was in total shock and new she had to get out of it somehow!! “I can explain it’s not mine it’s a mates and she could have it at her house in case her mum found it and freaked out I swear its not mine” Martha and Jack chose to give there daughter the benefit of the doubt this time.

8 weeks later

Martha had been so stressed lately about everything that was happening that she didt even notice that she was 4 weeks late she only realised this yesterday so she went to the doctor and he revealed that she was in fact 4 months pregnant. Martha was so shocked she didt no what to do she told Jack and he was so happy that she could confide in him about how she really felt.

3 months later

Martha had suffered a miscarriage at five and half months she had been heartbroken but she had to move on for her sake and her children.

Katie had woken up that morning feeling like she did every morning but managed to not be sick until she reached school she was now 6 and half months pregnant and it was beyond her how she was managing to keep it a secret from her family. She hardly ever ate and always wore baggie clothes to and out school all Martha and Jack could make out was that their daughter was a teenager.

2 and half months later

Katie went for a walk in the bush as this morning her waters had broken and she knew what she needed to do. At 2pm on Saturday 22nd October a little boy was brought in to the world to a 15 year old girl who was so scared that after she had given birth she gave him a bottle of milk and wrapped him up nice and warm and placed him in a car chair and had left him in the middle of the bush and retuned home to her parents who were already out. Martha and Jack had decided to go for a walk along the beach and through the bush as the had not spend much time together after the miscarriage they were stopped dead in there tracks when they seen this car seat and a small baby boy crying for his mummy. Martha and Jack took him straight to the hospital and Jack informed everyone at the police station to go and see of there was any signs of the child’s mother.

It had been two days since Martha and Jack had found the small baby boy and there was still no sign of the baby’s mother Martha and Jack had gone to the hospital to see if the baby was okay. Back home Katie had just got out of the shower and put her PJs back on when she fell to the ground and blacked out all she could her was her baby crying for her!!!


What’s up with Katie??

Will Martha and Jack find out their grandparents??

Chapter 15

“Were home hunnie”, Martha shouted to Katie as her and Jack walked through the front door.” Katie…”. She didn’t reply. “She had best not have gone out without telling us”, Jack said angrily knowing what his daughter was like.

They both started to unpack the groceries when they heard a loud thump coming from upstairs. “What the….” Jack started but was cut off by Martha who was running up the stairs shouting for Katie. The noise took them to the bathroom where the door was locked. “Katie babe, are you in there?” Martha was getting more worried about her daughter. “What do we do?” she asked Jack who was already trying to bang the door down. When the door finally gave in and fell off its hinges, they saw Katie slumped over in a heap on the floor. She was unconscious and hardly breathing. “Oh my god…. Jack call an ambulance….NOW”. “I can’t leave her you go and phone and I’ll stay with her”.

Martha raced off to the phone and as she dialled 000 her hands were shaking with fear for her daughter.

When Katie was lifted into the ambulance, Martha and Jack were informed that only one of them would be able to travel with them and so the other would have to make their own way to the hospital. Martha jumped into the ambulance with her daughter, before Jack even had time to argue the doors had been shut and the ambulance drove off, leaving him there heart broken.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Katie was taken away from Martha whose pleas to the doctors to let her go with them were ignored.

Chapter 16

Martha and Jack we waiting outside Katie’s room and waiting for Rachel to come out and tell them any news, the twins where at home waiting for news on their baby sister even though she was 15 they always called her there little baby sis and she loved that.

“Katie” Rachel said to her “it seems that you have given birth in the last 72 hours do you no what happened” Katie sat there and asked for her Mum and Dad. Rachel informed Martha and jack they could go while they waited for the test results Jack went in while Martha and Rachel were talking and Katie had asked him to go out and get Martha she needed to talk to them. Martha and Jack were both in the room and Katie began to talk “I no you will be so cross with me for doing this but I had no other choice” Jack and Martha both looked at her and said at the same time “what is it sweetie” “That baby you guys found in the bush was mine” Martha couldt cope with that revelation and left Jack and Katie to talk all Jack could do was hold his baby girl and tell her everything would be okay. Martha went to inform Rachel and the nurses on the nursery ward about the little boy and for the 1st time ever when the nurse asked was she family she replied “yes he’s my grandson”

Meanwhile back down in A&E Rachel went into Jack and Katie and asked Katie did she want Jack in while she spoke to her Katie replied that she wanted him to stay and for her mum to be with her just as Katie said that Martha came in and give her daughter a hug and told her proud she was of her after admitting to them about the baby. Rachel then said that Katie was very lucky you two came home when you did otherwise it would have been a different story Martha asked what the problem was Rachel said “Katie developed a condition called placenta praevia and due to that she had a haemorrhage and she is very lucky” Katie asked her dad to leave so she could talk to Martha alone Jack agreed and went to find his grandson.

Katie asked Martha what she should do about the baby and Martha replied we will support you no matter what you decide!!


What will Katie decide to do??

And will there be complications for her son!!???????

Chapter 17

Jack was at home and was painting the spare room blue because call Martha hopeful she told Jack that their grandson would be coming home with his mother. “How can you be so sure” Jack asked Martha “call it a mothers instinct I no once Katie sees that baby today she will want him”

As soon as Martha went to the hospital she couldt find Katie she weren’t in her room and she wasn’t getting air something called a mothers instinct new were Katie was and she decided to go and see and when she got up to the maternity ward nursery there was her baby girl holding her baby son. Martha knew Katie wasn’t ready to be a mum but she had thought that about herself yes sure she was only 4 years older than Katie was but there was something that she knew Katie would be a terrific mother and she would help her best she can.

“Kate Sweetie” Martha said to her daughter “your dad is painting the nursery as we speak” “but how did you no” asked Katie “im going to tell you something that iv never told anyone but your dad, when I was 15 I had a baby girl and I gave her up for adoption and knew if you held your son you would fall deeply in love with him and by the looks of it im right”

Meanwhile back home

“Everyone’s talking about Katie you know” said Thomas “oh really saying what like” asked Jack “that’s she’s tart and she’d sleep with anyone then leave her own baby in the bush” Thomas told his dad “well I hope you stuck up for her?” the boys looked at their dad with shame on their faces. Jack laid into his sons for the first time in their lives and they could tell their dad was really upset with them and promise to make it right “you better she’s back in school next week and if you don’t look after her I will have you both, you got that boys?” “Yes” the twins replied together.

Martha and Katie were getting ready to leave the hospital Holden” when Rachel came in “so then Kate what’s this little guy’s name!” Katie looked up at Martha and said to her “mum meet your grandson Jack Thomas Charlie do you think dad will mind if we call him Jack?” 2of course not sweetie he will be highly delighted” Martha replied now lets get you two home. “Miss Katie Holden” a woman replied before coming in “yes who wants to no” Martha said. The lady introduced herself as Miss Edwards from social services and she was here for baby Holden. Martha asked the lady why all the lady could say was “we have reason to believe that Katie is an unfit mother at this time” before Martha knew it Katie was sitting on the bed cradling her newborn son and was sobbing and telling the lady to go away she was not getting her baby Martha went straight over to her and cradling her she knew exactly how she felt and she would never want any of her children to suffer the loss of a child and now it looks as if her baby her youngest child was about to.

“Im sorry Miss Holden I really do have to take that child to its foster parents outside” the lady coldly said. Martha could not believe what she was about to do to her child but it had to be done. She had to prise the young infant out of daughter’s arms and give him to a complete stranger once she had done this Katie had run out of hospital and was nowhere to be seen. Martha phoned Jack and told him what had happened so to make sure that no one was at the house in case that’s were she was heading she told jack to stay in case that’s were she was heading. Martha got out of her car at the surf club and went to the top of the beach where she saw what looked like her daughter at the bottom sobbing uncontrollably Martha ran down to where her daughter was and pulled her in to a hug and told her that she and her dad would be there for her no matter what and they would get her son back to her whatever the cost.


Will Katie ever get her son back?

Who is the new and why is she causing problems for the Holden family?

Chapter 17

It was 3 weeks later and jack had to get out the house the constant crying of his daughter was breaking his heart. He was walking along the beach were he seen the boy that had caused his daughter so much pain and he went over to confront him.

“You do realise I could get you arrested any time I want to?” He informed Sam “oh yeah on exactly what charge Constable”? “Taking a minor to a hotel room and sleeping with her” jack replied. Sam just looked and smiled at him and said “go right ahead the little tart wanted it” Martha was walking down the beach and could here the heated exchange between her husband and her grandsons father. Martha only heard Sam call her daughter a tramp and told Jack just to walk away but it was easier said than done as she all of a sudden turned around and punched Sam in the face and then started to hit him Martha had to be physically removed screaming and shouted by jack Martha had never once shown any emotion to the situation they were in but once she realised it was her and jack she became the most vulnerable person in sight and all Jack could do was hold his wife while she broke down in his arms.

Katie was at home just staring at the picture of her son as she did everyday and every night. Martha walked in with Jack and knew that now she had to put on her brave front because her daughter needed it more than anything. Katie eventually went to bed at 10pm and all she could think about was the court date tomorrow which would determine weather she could bring her son home or would she have to sign him away.

This is the new chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 18

Thank you to Emma for helping write this fic well she wrote most of!!!!

Martha and Jack and Katie had all left for court that morning and it was now the late afternoon and they were back home all the family was their to welcome little baby Jack Holden.

Katie had taken to motherhood really well and Martha was really surprised at how well she actually handled the demands from Sam’s family that they would have the baby 2 nights a week Katie had said no to this she didt want then anywhere near her or her baby.

Okay this is were Emma started to write

Sam was outraged at what she said. He couldn't believe it that she would just take his little baby away from him. Sam had been speaking to some lawyers about getting full custody of the baby, or at least getting the two nights a week he desperately wanted

If you thought about it, he had a pretty strong case. Kate realised this and also saw that something had to be done about it. Somehow she had to get rid of him.

All around the house beyond the sound of the baby you could feel the tension that was almost attached to Kate. Martha's maternal instinct kicked in and she knew that she had to talk to Kate about the situation that they had put themselves in.


Katie hadn't slept at all last night, and it wasn't due to the baby being awake. When she came downstairs she looked awful. The post had just come, so on her way down the stairs she went to pick them up there was one letter addressed to her. As she was still at school it was a rare sight, so she was deeply intrigued at what it contained, she handed Jack to Martha, so that she could open it.

Unfortunately the letter contained something that she did not want to see. She read the first paragraph before running upstairs in a fit of tears, leaving the piece of paper on the floor where she had dropped it, Jack went over to pick it up and see what was enclosed

Dear Miss Holden,

We are writing to inform you that we will be taking you to court over the custody of your son, Jack Holden. We are currently getting in contact with your lawyers. Jack stared at the letter in disbelief. Horror written all across s face they were just beginning to get their lives back on track.

He only thing he could do was speak to the lawyers.


It was the day of reckoning. The day that would decide the rest of baby Jack's life. Katie clung onto m so tightly that Martha was beginning to get worried that the boy couldn't breathe as they approached the doors, they could see Sam and his family taking their seats. Jack had promised that he would employ the best lawyers in town.

Martha's POV

How my grandson could be taken away from us. Of course Sam's family had to go and apply for full custody of Jack. If they won then they would probably change hi name aswel I just can't let it happen. The hearing has gone pretty quickly, and now the jury have gone off to decide how should look after jack and I can only hope and pray that they will make the right decsion for Jacks sake.

Kate's shaking; I don't know how she is managing to cope with all of this after all she is only 15. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it, that's why I let my parents raise my daughter. She’s a fighter just like the rest of our family and we will get through this together because that’s our job not only for Katie but for our family and our grandson too.

The jury re-assembled, ready to deliver their verdict Katie sat there with a tear running down her cheek. She just couldn't cope. She ran with Jack outside and down the corridor. Martha went after her.

Shall I continue" the judge asked.

Yer, please carry on" Jack replied, he knew that Katie wouldn't be able to hear what they said.

Right well, the jury your verdict please" the judge said.


What is their decision????

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Great new chapters. I hope Katie gets the baby, Sam is evil :P Poor Katie. Oh, and did Martha have a kid when she was 15 as well??? I cant remember, and in that last chapter she said "that's why I let my parents raise my daughter" So that kind of confused me. But the rest was great

Please update soon :D

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Heres a lil teaser for ya!!!!!

Chapter 19

Jack had arrived home to tell the girls the news how was he going to tell his daughter something she was dreading! “Kate sit down” Jack told her as he walked through the door Katie handed baby Jack to Martha and sat down “the court have decided that in Jacks best interest that he goes and sees Sam Friday to Sunday” "What No, they can't let im see her, they can't" with those words Katie started to break down and soon floods of tears cam pouring out of her eyes Jack pulled her into a hug and she just started to sob into her fathers arms Martha had put baby Jack in his pushchair and was walking along the beach when she seen Sam! “Are you happy now that your ruining my daughters life” Martha shouted at him “and hello to you too Mrs Holden” was the reply Sam gave “ don’t get smart with me mate coz I swear you hurt my daughter or my grandson and I will kill you” Martha shouted just as Evan Rice walked past!

Three days later

“Kate are you ready to drop Jack off” Jack asked her but Katie didt answer him he went upstairs and noticed that she had gone out for a walk and leaving baby Jack in the cot.

Two hours later

She returned and told Jack she was ready to take baby Jack to Sam’s they all left and got in the car and drove towards Sam’s house but when they got to Sam’s road there was police cars and ambulances everywhere.

Jack got out and asked Evan what had happened Evan said “Theres been a murder and Sam’s the victim he’s dead Jack!”

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“Theres been a murder and Sam’s the victim he’s dead Jack!”

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, very interesting *strokes chin* very interesting indeed. Looks like we have some phsyco on our hands. Ooh, you know that this has just happened in England coz Barry was revealed as the killer.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what is the motive??????

Hmmmmmmm, its a case of who dunnit??????????

I am intrigued :P

I suggest that you update rather swiftly *said iin voice of Sherlock Holmes* Lol.

Great hun.

Em xx

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