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Why Can't Life Be Perfect?

Guest ~Angel~

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I'm writing another fic, Why can't life be perfect. It'll be updated soon(I hope).

Matilda and Lucas are married and they have one daughter, melissa who is 2 years old. Martha and Jack are married, obviously, they have 2 kids. Jodi, 5 and Aaron, 3.

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Here's the first chapter, please read and review:

Chapter 1

It was 11:30 p.m. Martha was sitting at home waiting for Jack to come home from work. The door opened after 15 minutes and Jack walked in.

"So, you've finally decided to come home," Martha said, speaking as calmly as she could manage.

"i'm sorry, i got held back a few hours," said Jack.

"Jack you're always working, do me and the kids mean anything to you!" said Martha.

"Of course you do," said Jack.

"Yeah whatever," siad martha. Martha stomped into their bedroom. she changed into her pyjamas and lay down on the very edge of the bed. Jack walked in.

"I'm sorry," he said queitly. Martha ignored him. He changed into his pyjamas and lay down on the bed.


Jack woke up and looked around. Martha wasn't in bed. he got out of bed and went into the kitchen. she wasn't there either.

"Mummy I don't want to wear that!" he heard Jodi say. he walked into her bedroom.

"Good morning," he said.

"Morning!" she said. Martha didn't say anyhting, she handed jodi a skirt and a top.

"Wear these Jodi," she said.

"Okay," Jodi sighed. Martha walked out of Jodi's room. Jack followed her.

"Why are you avoiding me?" Jack asked.

"I'm not avoiding you," said Martha, flatly.

"Yes you are, you won't look at me, you won't talk to me," said Jack.

"You love your work morew than your family," shouted Martha.

"No I don't!" Jack shouted back.

"Yes you do..." Martha shouted.

"Why are you fighting?" Jodi asked queitly.

"Oh honey," said Martha. "We're not fighting,"

"Then why are you shouting at eachother?" Jodi asked.

"It happens Jodi but it doesn't mean anything," said Jack.

"Yes it does, it means that you don't love eachother anymore," said Jodi.

"We do love eachother," said Jack. Martha's eyes met Jack's.

"Yes Jodi, we do," said Martha. The words escaped from her mouth. Jodi walked back into her bedroom.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you like that, i was being an idiot," Martha said.

"It's okay, I understand you're anger towards me," said Jack.

"I'm not angry with you, I just feel Lonely," said Martha.

"I'm soryy, I really am," said Jack. He kissed her.

"I'll go wake Aaron up," said Jack. he walked into Aaron's room. Martha smiled.

There will be Matilda and Lucas in the next chapter.

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