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Top 50 aussie Shows ever

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1. Blue Murder, ABC, 1995

Left an indelible impression on the TV landscape. This superb mini-series about corruption in the NSW police force starred Richard Roxburgh and Gary Sweet.

2. Love My Way, Foxtel, 2004-06

Raw relationship drama led by Claudia Karvan and a brilliant ensemble cast. Never has local drama been so emotionally harrowing.

3. In Melbourne Tonight, Channel 9, 1957-70, 1975

Australia's greatest ever variety show. Comedy genius Graham Kennedy wasn't dubbed The King for nothing.

4. Frontline, ABC, 1994-97

From prolific production company Working Dog, this satirical comedy featured Rob Sitch as clueless current affairs anchorman Mike Moore. Frightening that so many plots were inspired by real-life incidents in TV newsrooms.

5. 60 Minutes, Channel 9, 1979-

Has its knockers, but there's no denying the impact the current affairs show has had on local tv.

6. Mother And Son, ABC, 1985-94

Australia has a miserable track record in sitcoms, but this, starring Ruth Cracknell and Gary McDonald remains a classic.

7. The Paul Hogan Show, Channel 9, 1973-81

Hogan has lost the plot in recent years, but his array of comedy characters were sensational.

8. Hey, Hey, It's Saturday, Channel 9, 1971-99

Many still bemoan the demise of this Daryl Somers-hosted variety show.

9. A Town Like Alice, Channel 7, 1981

Bryan Brown & Helen Morse sizzled in this mini-series - a love story about an Englishwoman and Aussie soldier who met as prisoners of the Japanese in WW2.

10. SeaChange, ABC, 1998-2000

Sigrid Thornton revelled in the role of a disillusioned lawyer who left the city for a life by the sea.

11. Kath & Kim, ABC, 2002-05

Jane Turner & Gina Riley enjoyed huge ratings success as the sitcom's 'hornbags from hell'.

12. Neighbours, Channel 7, 1985, Channel 10, 1986-

Aussie super-soap that has launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Guy Pearce.

13. Brides of Christ, ABC, 1991 (mini series)

14. All The Rivers Run, Channel 7, 1983 (mini series)

15. Four Corners, ABC, 1961- (current affairs)

16. Blue Heelers, Channel 7, 1994-2006 (police drama)

17. Burke's Backyard, Channel 9, 1987-2004 (gardening infotainment)

18. Homicide, Channel 7, 1964-76 (police drama)

19. Home And Away, Channel 7, 1988-

Neighbours steals the limelight when it comes to longevity, but don't underestimate the endurance and international success of the soap set in Summer Bay.

20. Power Without Glory, ABC, 1976 (mini series)

21. The Mavis Bramston Show, Channel 7, 1964-68 (comedy revue)

22. Countdown, ABC, 1975-87 (rock & roll reviews)

23. Come In Spinner, ABC, 1990 (mini series)

24. Play School, ABC, 1966- (kids tv)

25. Bandstand, Channel 9, 1958-72 (pop music review)

26. Bangkok Hilton, Channel 10, 1989 (mini series starring Nicole Kidman)

27. The Mike Walsh Show, Channel 9, 1969-98 (daytime talk show)

28. Young Talent Time, Channel 10, 1971-88 (family variety - Tina Arena, Danni Minogue)

29. Australian Story, ABC, 1996- (current affairs)

30. The Sullivans, Channel 9, 1976-82

31. A Country Practice, Channel 7, 1981-93, Channel 10, 1994 (country drama)

32. Fast Forward, Channel 7, 1989-92 (comedy skits)

33. This Is Your Life, Channel 9, 1975-80, 1995-

34. Bellbird, ABC, 1967-77 (country drama)

35. Against The Wind, Channel 7, 1978 (mini series)

36. My Name's McGooley, What's Yours?, Channel 7, 1966-68 (sitcom)

37. Day Of The Roses, Channel 10, 1998 (mini series - Peter O'Brien)

38. The Late Show, ABC, 1992-93 (late night comedy from Working Dog group)

39. This Day Tonight, ABC, 1967-78 (current affairs)

40. The Don Lane Show, Channel 9, 1975-83 (variety show Don Lane & Bert Newton)

41. Prisoner, Channel 10, 1979-86 (prison drama)

42. The Comedy Company, Channel 10, 1988-91 (comedy skits)

43. Anzacs, Channel 9, 1985 (war mini series starring Paul Hogan)

44. Coast to Coast, Channel 9, 1988-90 (comedy current affairs with Graham Kennedy)

45. Blankety Blanks, Channel 10, 1977-80 (game show hosted by Graham Kennedy)

46. Sale of The Century, Channel 9, 1980- (game show)

47. The Last Outlaw, Channel 7, 1980 (mini series about Ned Kelly)

48. Dancing With The Stars, Channel 7, 2004-

49. Cop Shop, Channel 7, 1977-84 (police drama)

50. The Norman Gunston Show, ABC, 1975-76

Courtesy of the Herald Sun

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Ahh so this is that famous article that the person in the neighbours forum was going on about. Too bad it's closed now *is smug* :P

13. Brides of Christ, ABC, 1991 (mini series)

Haha, that made me laugh. I had to watch that in class, great way to catch up on sleep!

Thanks for the list. :)

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You just couldn't talk sensibly with someone like that.

The thing is I'm sure most people would agree that Neighbours is bigger internationally than Home and Away was and at times (1986-1993; 1996-2000) was a very good show.

However there is something about it the now that is distinctly dodgy.

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what about sons and daughters i used to love that lol

Me too! I was disappointed to see that S&D wasn't in the top 50! Channel Seven obviously rate it though, because they are starting daytime repeats of it next week.

Hmm, I wonder how long the repeats last - Seven do have had a tendancy to drop the show during previous encore screenings.

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